I do not own Ben 10, Teen Titans, or (sadly) a riding crop.

This story is heavily (as in completely) inspired by the introduction to Wynja's "Delightful Drabbles" in the Teen Titans universe. For those who don't know yet, I occasionally cheat on Bevin with Sladin. (And if you ever want a good Sladin-fic, read her stories. They are AMAZING!)

All you need to know about this drabble-file is that anything goes and there is going to be a lot of sex.

The first thing Ben Tennyson noticed was that he woke up on the floor. The second thing he noticed was that Kevin Levin was next to him. The third and most embarrassing thing he noticed was that Kevin was naked. But that changed when he noticed thing number four: he was naked too.

"Ah, you're finally awake." A smooth and deceivingly friendly voice spoke.

Ben rubbed his face, trying to clear his brain of all the fuzz that somehow seemed to gather there.

"Where… ung… where am I?" His eyes turned to look at a lovely pair of blood-red heels, mile-long legs, a slender body dressed all in black, and finally a pale baby face framed by wispy black hair. "Julie?"

"Hmm, I do look like her, don't I?" the girl asked with a sly smile.

"But your eyes…" Ben sat up and, with a definite blush, covered his naked loins. "Your eyes are green?! Who are you? Are you from the future?"

The girl waved her hand dismissively and chuckled.

Kevin stirred next to him and sat up with a loud groan, "Urrrrrgh… Ben? What's Yamamoto doin' here?"

"She's not Julie," Ben said, casting a suspicious eye.

"And I'm not your and hers future love child, if that's what you're thinking, Ben Tennyson."

"She does kinda' have your eyes," Kevin commented off handedly- and then he glanced down. "Err.. Why am I naked? Oh, crap. Why are you naked?" He turned frantically to the girl, "And why aren't you naked?!"

"And where are we?!" Ben chimed in with a pouty look.

"All very good questions," the girl smiled and motioned to the empty white room. "Currently, you are located inside a universe of my own creation. You are here specifically because I want you here... And you're naked for the same reason."

"A different universe?" Ben rubbed his head again. "And you created it?"

"That's right," she leaned back, for a moment it, looked like she was about to fall. A very elegant antique chair appeared under her and she landed with a sigh. "I can do anything I want here."

"Anything?" Kevin asked with a smirk as he eyed her slight frame.

She put her legs onto an ornate outtoman that appeared next to the chair and smirked. "Anything."

Ben squeaked when Kevin's body was suddenly on top of his. Kevin had a similar reaction except, instead of squeaking, he shrieked at the top of his lungs and squirreled away.

"Relax, Levin." The girl rolled her eyes. "There's no need to hide it from me. I know you want Ben."

"He does?!" Ben exclaimed with surprise and something that might be described as hope in his features.

"I don't!" Kevin protested with an angry blush.

"And Ben wants you."

"I do?" Ben blushed harder.

"I have proof," the girl smiled and a thick stack of folders fell in front of the boys. "Read if you don't believe me."

The two teens hesitantly exchanged glances before reaching forward and selecting a file.

"What's a 'Kawaii-Kuro?' " Kevin asked as he sorted through the files, looking for the smallest one.

"That would be a me," the girl smiled and tilted her head to the side. "It means cute and black."


"Because I'm cute and my hair is black," she answered as though that were a perfectly logical answer- which in that universe, it really was. "You may call me Kuro."

"This one looks short," Kevin said as he pulled the shortest collection of writing from a folder and began reading. " 'Negative One' ?"

"Who's Robin?" Ben asked as his eyes glanced over a fairly good-sized file.

Suddenly, a muffled scream was heard from somewhere off in the distance. Ben and Kevin instantly looked up to Kuro who, for various reasons, was now dressed in black vinyl and holding a riding crop. Her expression announced that she had been caught doing something naughty, "Oops, how did that file get there?"

A door appeared on the white wall behind the girl and, no more than a second later, a very large man with an eye-patch wandered inside holding a coffee mug.

"Would you take care of that, please?" Kuro asked and lightly tapped the rod of the riding-crop in her palm.

"Oh, so he found it?" the man chuckled and sipped at his beverage. "I hid a rubber-ducky in his sock drawer last week."

Kuro laughed sadistically and Ben felt a small twinge of fear run down his spine. This was bad. Very bad. A girl that insane should not be allowed to have that much power.

"I'll shut him up." The man said and strolled- no, strutted out another door that had appeared as quickly as the other.

"Kevin," Ben leaned over to the elder teen with a hint of panic in his voice. "We have to get out of here."

"I'm not talking to you," Kevin growled. "I can't believe what a jerk you become!"

"What?" Ben asked with a puzzled look and Kevin threw 'Negative One' at his face.

"Shouldn't have started with that one," Kuro tsked. "Try 'Pickle Cravings' instead."

Kevin grumbled as he rummaged through the files while Ben began reading the one Kevin had just finished.

"Kev… I'm so sorry! I… I didn't mean!" Ben turned to his elder with a sincerely regretful expression but stopped talking when he saw the huge blush marks on the boy's face. "Wha… why are you looking at me like that?"

Kevin handed the papers over and his blush only worsened as Ben's eyes widened at the text.

"I gave you a blowjob?"

"More than once," Kuro smirked, "But don't worry, you have your share of fun. Read 'Liar, liar' next. People seem to like that one."

Ben peered over Kevin's shoulder as the two read through not only 'Liar, liar' but every story in the pile. By the time they were done, they were both red in the cheeks and breathing a bit more heavily than they wanted to admit.

"Holy fuck," Kevin murmured.

"Please don't say 'fuck.' " Ben turned a brilliant red and began to look terribly woozy.

"Oh no you don't, Mister!" Kuro slapped the crop-whip against Ben's naked rear, "You might pass out every five minutes in your world, but not in mine!"

"I don't faint that often," Ben murmured and made an adorable pouty face. Kuro chuckled, and he protested further. "I don't! Right Kevin… Kevin...?"

Ben turned to the other boy who was staring at all the papers.

"You don't have a single file without sex in it, do you?"

"No." Kuro answered without missing a beat.

"I think I like it." Kevin smirked. "Is that why you brought us here?"

"Of course," she answered. "You don't create a whole universe and fill it with crazy-hot men just to have them not fuck."

"So when do we get started here?" Kevin slung his arm over Ben's shoulder and grinned at the teen's mad blush.

"Soon enough, I suppose." The grip on the riding-crop tightened. "Once I get enough reviews to satisfy me."

"You would hold back on purpose?" Kevin looked horrified.

"I never said I was a benevolent creator of a whole universe filled with crazy-hot men that fuck." Kuro shrugged and stood to her feet. "Now if you'll excuse me, I have to leave the room for a period lasting no less than seven minutes and no more than an hour." She strolled- no, strutted to the same door that the large man had exited from and turned with a smirk, "Have fuuun."

The door closed behind her softly and a short series of heels on tiled floor was heard before a voice interrupted her strides.

"Excuse me, Fancy Unicorn Princess Kuro." It was a different voice entirely that spoke.

Kevin and Ben stared at the door with worried looks. She didn't expect them to call her that… did she? They strained their ears to hear more, inching closer to the door.

"Good boy, Robin, you've finally used my full title. Now, what can I do for you?"

"We'reoutoflube," the voice tried to be discrete but Kuro wouldn't have it.

"Speak up."

"We're out of lube!" he stammered and Kevin and Ben turned to each other with apprehensive and aroused expressions.

"Honestly, boys, what would you do without me?" Kuro chuckled and the heels against the floor began clacking away again.

"Probably be a lot better off." The teen called Robin grumbled and began trudging after her. "Can we have the peach-flavor this time? We're sick of apple."

"I'm sure that could be arranged," Kuro's voice faded away down the hall and Ben's face became even more red.

"I think the apple sounds fine."

Now that was a fine piece of fun! In case you are wondering, the Rubber-Ducky comment is a private joke amongst Wynja-worshipers. You can read her stories if you want to be in the loop.

From now on, all my one-shots, crack-fics, parodies, and randomness will go into this file. Yippie. I've decided not to move my previous one-shots because that would nullify any favorites and comments, possibly confusing and/or bothering my readers. This is also (most likely) going to be the only appearance of characters from a different show. As such, it will not be listed as a Cross-over fic.

And, yes, I really do look a lot like Julie. Maybe I could sneak onto the show, break Ben's heart, steal Gwen away, and then secretly force Ben and Kevin to seek emotional refuge amongst each another. Ha ha!