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Story Set up: This story takes place five years after the end of the series. It is December. It is told mostly from Logan's point of view. It is going to be three chapters long. All three chapters will be out within a week.

Logan lets himself in to his mansion through the garage door. As he walks into the kitchen his housekeeper Mrs. Lemke says, "Mr. Echolls, the delivery man put your parcels in your office."

Logan smiles at her and walks through the kitchen towards his office. He grabs one of her fresh baked cookies on the way. She shakes her head at him and goes back to putting the next batch of cookies into the oven.

Logan bites his cookie as he walks down the hall towards his office. He moans a little in pleasure at the exquisite taste. He swears he would marry her if she was twenty years younger. He swallows and says, "Just heavenly," loudly enough so Mrs. Lemke would hear.

Logan finishing off the cookie walks into his office and stops in surprise at the size of the parcel on the chair in front of his desk. It is approximately 3 feet by 3 feet square. There is another box the same size on the floor beside the desk. Walking over to the boxes Logan thinks about what he may have ordered that would come in boxes this big. He can't think of anything.

He examines the boxes closer. His name and address is typed on each label and there is nothing typed in the area marked sender. There are no postal markings on the boxes and the paper and tape are plain brown.

He frowns and then opens the drawer and gets out the letter opener. He cuts the tape on the box labeled number one and opens it. Logan notes there are a number of boxes wrapped in different Christmas paper inside. There is a typed paper on the top of all the presents.

His curiosity aroused, Logan picks up the paper and looks at it. It is also typed.

It says:

The Twelve Days of Christmas are upon us.

Open a box a day.

Please start with box number 1.

Start today.

Here's hoping you have a very Merry Holiday Season.

Logan reads the instructions one more time and then looks through the wrapped packages. He locates the package marked number one. It is a small box about the size of his hand. It's wrapped in white wrapping paper with brightly colored bells on it. The red ribbon is curled and there is a small red bow on it.

The card says: On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…..

Logan looks at the package and thinks, "This doesn't look big enough to be a partridge in a pear tree."

He carefully unwraps the parcel and opens the box. There is a Spiderman pez dispenser. Logan looks at it in surprise. He wasn't expecting that.

The card inside says: A Superhero Pez dispenser.

Inside the box is a package of pez candies. Logan opens the Spiderman pez dispenser and the yellow package of candies. He puts them in the dispenser and then shuts it. He looks at it for a second and then pulls Spiderman's head back. The yellow pez candy pops out and Logan pulls it out and puts it in his mouth. He smiles at the taste. He used to really like pez candies when he was young.

He puts the pez dispenser on his desk and carries the parcel into the living room. He takes the presents out and puts them under the tree. He takes the empty box and folds it down. He goes back and gets the second box and opens it. He carries it to the living room and unloads the gifts under the tree. The last present he unloads is the largest and is marked number twelve. He folds the box and sets it aside for recycling. He looks at the beautifully decorated tree and smiles a little at all the different colored presents under it.

Logan takes the folded boxes and puts it them in the recycle container by the garage. As he heads up to his room to change before he works out, he wonders who would send him the parcel and who might be his true love.


The next day after work, Logan comes home and says hello to his housekeeper. He smells and says, "Mmmm spaghetti?"

She nods and says, "With garlic toast."

"It smells wonderful!" Logan comments.

Mrs. Lemke smiles and says, "If you're hungry I can start the pasta now."

Logan says, "Great, Charlotte is on her way over. Can we have supper in about half an hour?"

The housekeeper nods.

In the living room, Logan gets down on his knees and looks through the parcels. He locates the smaller ones and finds the one marked number two. Logan picks up parcel and looks at it carefully. The paper is nice with a picture of snow falling over mountains. There is a pretty silver ribbon on it with a silver bow. He looks at the attached card.

It says: On the second day of Christmas My True Love Gave to Me……

Logan opens the parcel and inside finds two smaller parcels. The one labeled number two has two pairs of silk boxers. One is red and the other is green. He opens the packaging on the green pair of boxers and feels how soft they are to the touch. He reads the tag and sees they are from a company in Colorado. He frowns because he doesn't think he has ever heard of it before. He can't think of anyone he knows there.

Logan opens the second box and finds a Wolverine pez dispenser along with a roll of pink pez candies.

The card at the bottom of the box says: Two Silk Boxers and a Superhero Pez Dispenser

Logan shakes his head in puzzlement. He can't think of anyone he knows from Colorado or who knows someone in Colorado that would send him silk boxers and pez dispensers.

He puts the boxes and the paper in the recycle bin and takes the boxers and pez dispenser to his office. He is going to look up the silk company they came from later and see if it means anything to him.

A few minutes later he hears knocking on the front door. He walks over there to let Charlotte in. They have been dating three months. She is tall with dark brown hair and is very beautiful. She works for her father's public relations firm and works long hours. She was born to money and is used to the finer things in life and is not shy about letting people know that. '

She greets Logan with, "Logan why do you insist on opening the door yourself? You have a housekeeper for that."

Logan answers a little sarcastically, "Maybe I was anxious to see you."

"It doesn't look right to be opening your own door," lectures a frustrated Charlotte. They have had this conversation a few times before.

Logan leans in and kisses her. He takes her coat and puts it in the closet and ushers her into the living room. He asks, "Can I fix you a drink?"

Charlotte nods and asks for her usual. Logan heads over to the bar and starts mixing her a martini.

Over dinner he asks her if she knows anyone in Colorado. She frowns a little at him and states quite definitively that she goes to Aspen to ski but she doesn't know anyone there. Logan nods and changes the subject.


Thursday Logan gets home really late. There was so much work at the office to do today. The writers are working on the shows to be shot in January. It is difficult as they are the final shows for the series and the writers really want them to be special. There are guest stars from the past to work in and new guest starts to add. Progress on the scripts is slow. Logan grimaces at how stiff he feels from sitting all day. He called Charlotte and she is working late so he is just going to go home. He'll see her tomorrow night at the party with her friends and then again on Saturday for her work Christmas party.

Logan sighs a little at how boring he finds her friends and co workers. All they care about is work or the new expensive item they bought. None of them seem to have hobbies.

Logan lets himself in the house and smiles a little at the scent of pine coming from the real tree in the living room. He walks in and turns the lights on the tree. He finds package number three and takes it to the couch to open it.

Taking notice Logan sees that the wrapping paper has Christmas trees on it. The ribbon is yellow with a yellow bow.

The card says: On the Third Day of Christmas My True Love Gave To Me….

Logan wonders if the gifts will have a Christmas tree theme. He opens the parcel and takes the box marked three out. Inside there are three paperback novels. He looks and sees they indeed about trees in some way. One is on the history and importance of recycling. The second one is on the tradition of Christmas tree decorating around the world and the third book is on how publishing of books is trending towards books on line.

Logan is an avid reader and not very many people know that. He reads a lot of non fiction as well as fiction. Someone knows him well.

He opens the second parcel. As he anticipated there are two pairs of silk boxers. One has Christmas trees on it and the other has palm trees. They are both from the company in Colorado.

The pez dispenser today is the Green Lantern. There are grape flavored candies.

Logan looks at the note at the bottom of the box.

It says:

Three Paperbacks

Two Silk Boxers

And a Superhero Pez Dispenser.

Logan takes the books and pez dispenser to his office. He turns on his computer and looks up the company in Colorado that made his boxers. It is called Brady's Silks. The company has been there for three years. The owner is Sara McBride. Logan frowns as he doesn't recognize her picture but her name sounds familiar. He thinks but can't place who she is. He reads her biography and it says she started the company and named it after her son Brady.

He puts the pez dispenser and candy in his desk drawer and shuts off his computer after looking at his emails. He takes the boxers upstairs with him. He's going to shower and then head to bed. It's been a long day.

Logan arrives home and looks at his watch. He has about two hours before he has to pick up Charlotte for the get together tonight. They are going to a restaurant for drinks and supper with Charlotte's friends. Logan steels himself for a long night of listening to how hard they all work and how important their jobs are or pretending to be interested in whatever new expensive toy they bought. He hopes that some of their dates have something interesting to say.


Logan walks into the living room and looks under the tree for parcel number four. He locates it and walks over to the couch to open it. The wrapping paper has the Three Wise Men on it. The card says: On the Fourth Day of Christmas My True Love Gave to Me….

Logan opens the wrapping paper wondering if the theme is going to be religious. The parcel marked number 4 is very small. Logan opens it and to his surprise it is a card for him to download songs to his phone, ipod or computer. He sets it aside.

He opens parcel number three and there are three paperbacks. The first is a book about the Christmas Story and the true meaning of Christmas. The second book is a book about Christianity. The third book is a novel about a man who travels back in time and becomes one of the three wise men. Logan sets the books aside.

He picks up the next parcel and wonders what these boxers are going to look like. As he expected one is pictures of the three wise men and the other is covered in stars. He doubts he will ever wear them as he is not sure of the correctness of wearing the Three Wise Men on his private parts.

The pez dispenser is the Human Torch. Logan sees the candies are orange.

At the bottom of the parcel the note says:

Four Chosen Songs

Three Paperbacks

Two Silk Boxers

And a Superhero Pez Dispenser.

He picks up the books, song card and pez dispenser and goes to his office to see what songs were selected for him. He starts up the computer and puts the pez dispenser and books away while he waits. He thinks he is going to have quite an interesting selection of books to choose from by the time he opens all his Christmas parcels.

He sets the songs to play. They are all Christmas carols. One is O Little Town of Bethlehem; the second is We Three Kings of Orient; the third is Away in a Manager; and the fourth is Wise Men by James Blunt.

Logan listens to the songs smiling a little at the final choice for a song. He likes the ingenuity of the gift. Whoever sent him the gifts put a lot of thought into it and seems to know him pretty well.

He sits and thinks for a few minutes and the problem is most of the women he has dated for any length of time would know he likes to read and wears silk boxers. The pez dispensers could just be a gag gift. Most guys liked superheroes when they were younger.

Not getting anywhere with his thinking, Logan decides to go and get ready to go out tonight. He shuts down his computer and then heads upstairs after picking up his boxers from the living room.

That evening Logan tells Charlotte about the gifts he has been getting and she is not impressed. She tells him he should throw out the paperbacks. She says, "Who gives another person a paperback anyways?"

Logan frowns a little at her. He says, "I read paperbacks all the time."

She hushes him and looks around to see that her friends didn't hear. She says, "You can afford to order the hardcover book. Why are you buying paperbacks?"

Logan says, "They are easier to read and carry places."

Charlotte says, "Trust me. You don't want anyone to see paperbacks in your library. Get rid of them."

She adds a few seconds later, "Please tell me you don't collect pez dispensers."

Logan answers, "I think they are meant as a joke."

Charlotte frowns absently at him and says, "Whoever is sending you this stuff has a weird sense of humor." She adds, "I tell Mrs. Lemke to throw the rest of the parcels out."

She turns back to her friends oblivious to Logan's displeasure.


Logan wakes up and gets out of Charlotte's bed without disturbing her. He had managed to find a guy who golfed and they had talked for a while last night. Otherwise the supper was fairly boring.

During the dinner Charlotte had talked to her friends like she understood him. When they asked a question she answered for him. Logan had found it really annoying.

When asked about his hobbies, Logan had talked a little about surfins since he was young. Charlotte had dismissed his love of surfing as a childish hobby he would soon have to quit. Logan had let it go but he had not been impressed.

What she didn't understand is how much surfing meant to him. It was one of his ways of relaxing and surfing had helped him through a lot of bad times in his life.

On the way to Charlotte's apartment, she had asked him if he had bought her Christmas present yet. He told her he hadn't and she had informed him that she had left a gift list at her favorite jewelers for him. He had dryly thanked her. She had totally missed his sarcasm.

On the way home to his mansion, Logan thinks about how little he and Charlotte have connected. They don't really talk about anything important. Logan knows that is mostly his fault. He is not an open person. His life has been interpreted in the tabloids and on television entertainment programs since he was a baby. A lot of people think they know him but in reality very few do.

Logan thinks about his relationship with Charlotte. They are physically compatible but there is no real spark there. She is like dating an 09er from high school. She has led a privileged life. After giving it some though he decides that she is one of those people that hasn't had life teach them what is really important.

Life has taught Logan what is important and what is not really that important. Although he wishes a lot of what happened to him in his past hadn't or he could change it, he does understand that he values his true friends and he wants an open loving relationship some day.

Logan knows he has never opened up to Charlotte at all. She thinks they are close but she doesn't understand most of their conversations have been superficial at best. Talking about places you have travelled, things you want to buy and your jobs is something acquaintances do. After dating Veronica and watching her relationship with her father, Mac and Wallace, Logan knows that there is more. He wants that someday.

Logan thinks that his failed relationship with Veronica although painful did teach him one of the most important lessons he ever learned. He can truly love someone and he wants that in a relationship. He doesn't plan on settling for anything less. If he doesn't find it, he will just never marry. He is not going to have a relationship like his parents, Jake and Celeste Kane or even Keith and Lianne Mars. He wants to be with someone he loves and someone who loves him.

Now Logan thinks he just needs to decide if a close relationship is possible with Charlotte. There is so much about her he likes. She is independent, hard working and cares about her friends. Initially they got along so well and he was attracted to her. Now he knows wonders if she is the one for him.

At home Logan heads up to his bedroom to change so he can work out.

After working out and showering, he heads downstairs for breakfast. He pours himself cereal and eats it while he watches the news. He puts his bowl and spoon in the dishwasher and pours himself some coffee. He heads into the living room to open the next parcel.

He thinks about how Charlotte's apartment is professionally decorated. There doesn't seem to be anything of her in it. He can't help but compare her apartment to the sterile, cold atmosphere at the Kane's mansion and his home in Neptune. Her Christmas decorations were expensive and put up by her housekeeper. She had a housekeeper on call for her and Charlotte never cooked or picked up anything.

Logan thinks he would have been like that except he dated Veronica and she didn't have time for the 'rich' mentality. He thinks that next time he talks to Veronica he will have to remember to tell her she ruined him. She will probably get a kick out of that.

Logan finds parcel number five and carries it over to the couch. The wrapping paper has Santa Claus on it with a gold ribbon and bow.

The card says: On the Fifth Day of Christmas My True Love Gave to Me

Logan opens the parcel and pulls out the box numbered five. He opens it and there are five chocolate Santas. He looks at the back of them and they are from a well known chocolatier in Los Angeles. Logan opens one and takes a bite. It has milk chocolate with various nuts. The contrast of the rich sweet chocolate and crunchy nuts is satisfying. It is really delicious. Logan eats the rest of the Santa and puts the other four aside.

He looks at the small box marked four and guesses he has been given four more songs. He opens the box and takes out the card. He imagines they will be songs about Santa Claus.

He opens the box marked three and wonders what paperbacks he is getting this time. Expecting Santa, he is surprised to find that the theme today is political. Today is three books off the best sellers list. One is unauthorized biography on President Reagan. Another is by an author who has been on the talk show circuits proclaiming that the government knew about the 9-11 terrorist plot ahead of time. The last book is about how big corporations lobby government officials to get them to vote for laws favorable to their needs. Logan looks at the books a little surprised. He has more recently become interested in the political process. In the last election he actually took an interest in the candidates and voted.

He thinks about the true love aspect of the gifts. The only girl he would call a true love would have been Veronica but Veronica would not know he was interested in politics unless she checked him out.

Logan wonders if whoever sent him the gifts thinks they are his true love. The last election was two years ago. Logan thinks about what women he dated at that time. They might know of his interest in politics.

Logan puts the books aside and opens the box containing his next two boxers. He looks and sees one has Santa's on it and the other is red with a fake black belt drawn around the top. It's really cute.

Logan next opens the box containing his what he guesses is a pez dispenser. He is not disappointed and it is Captain America. Logan notices that the pez candies included are multicolored.

The note at the bottom of the final box says:

Five Gourmet Chocolates

Four Chosen Songs

Three Paperbacks

Two Silk Boxers

And a Superhero Pez Dispenser.

He takes his books, song card and pez dispenser to his office. He starts his computer and puts the books and pez dispenser away while he waits for his computer to turn on. Logan using the card downloads the four songs and is not surprised that they are all song about Santa Claus. He smiles as he listens. One is a song sung by Cookie Monster off Sesame Street. He sings about putting cookies out for Santa Claus but of course ends up eating them before Santa gets there. He remembers that he used to pretend to be Cookie Monster when Veronica baked her snicker doodles.

He wonders if it is possible the gifts are from her. The paperbacks are so like her. When Veronica read a book it was well read. She marked pages and the book was well worn as she read parts again and again until she was satisfied she understood the meaning. She read at the beach, in her car on stakeouts, while having a bath and cuddled up in bed. Paperbacks were more convenient for her.

Of course Veronica back then could really only afford paperbacks. When she saw the Echolls' library Logan remembers that she could not understand why someone would buy a hard cover and keep it for the sake of having it. Surely the author would want it read not put on a book shelf to collect dust. Books are meant to be touched and read in her opinion.

Logan goes back to the living room and gets the box and paper for recycling. He takes his new boxers upstairs to his bedroom. He goes into his closet to get ready for the party tonight. It is at the Convention Center. At least the food and liquor will be good and there will be dancing.


Sunday afternoon Logan wakes up with a hangover. He hasn't done that in a while. He had dropped Charlotte off at home; the atmosphere between them had been cold. Well since it is the Christmas season, Logan will call the atmosphere frosty.

If there is something Logan can't stand it is to be analyzed by someone who doesn't even know him. There are so many people who feel like they know him just because so much of his life was in the tabloids.

Charlotte's discussion of his past like she understood him and her dismissal of Lilly's death as unimportant enraged Logan initially but then just saddened him. He had immediately realized that there could never be anything real between them. Their relationship was pretend. She didn't know him and he didn't know her. Her categorization of him as a successful rich young man truly annoyed Logan. Just because he was rich didn't mean he had the same ideas and values as other rich men.

Logan wanted someone who saw him as Logan not as Logan Echolls. If he was going to date someone steady, she had to be a person that could at least see him. Life was too short for him to date someone who only saw and wanted the outward persona.

He sighs as he drinks a bottle of water and takes an aspirin. Today he is going to break it off with Charlotte. It hadn't been working between them for awhile. He just hated to be alone.

Logan heads back to bed. Drinking after he got home was a stupid idea. Now he had the headache and rolling stomach to deal with.


Late Sunday evening Logan returns from his dinner with Charlotte. She had not taken their breakup well. She had accused him of not growing up. She had told him that his past belonged in the past and he was still hanging on to it. Logan had told her she didn't know what she was talking about but it didn't matter because he didn't see a future for them. He had left her at her house and if he were honest he felt a little relieved driving home.

When he got home he walked past the living room and saw the parcels under the tree. He remembered he hadn't opened the parcel for today so he went and searched under the tree for the sixth parcel.

The card said: On the sixth day of Christmas my true love gave to me….

The wrapping paper has reindeer on it. Logan briefly wonders how whoever is sending the gifts can make a reindeer theme.

He opens the parcel and takes out gift number six. It is six camouflage condoms. He looks at them in shock. He wasn't expecting that.

Puzzled and little worried he opens the next package. He looks at the chocolates and happily notes that today's chocolate is five good sized pieces of what is called gingerbread bark. It looks like milk chocolate. Each piece is shaped like bark on a tree. He opens one piece and tries it. He decides it is a unique flavor and he likes it. He breaks off another piece to eat. He looks at the card on the back of one piece of gingerbread bark and reads that it is a company in Virginia. They have been in business for twenty years. He smiles even more sure it is Veronica sending the gifts.

Logan opens the small package that he figures contains four songs. It does. He sets it aside and looks at the next package in surprise.

Normally the three paperbacks come in a small package. This one is bigger and heavier than usual. He opens it and looks at the books carefully. They are three hard covered first editions of VA Marshall's books. He opens the first one and sees that they are signed by the author. Signed books by this author are really difficult to get.

The thing about the three books is that VA Marshall's third book has just recently been published. It is a much anticipated book in the well received detective series. The first book made the New York Best Seller's list and was a big hit with teenagers as well as young and older adults. The two main characters were a teenage boy and a teenage girl who did not get along at school but ended up solving crimes together. Their relationship was full of sarcasm and verbal shots. They both gave as good as they got. At the end of the first book the two main characters had developed a mutual respect underlying their antagonism.

The relationship between the two main characters continued to develop in the second book. Near the end of the second book the tension between them resulted in an intense, passionate, consuming first kiss. The boy ended up saving the girl. There was a moment at the end where it seemed like there might be something more between them but both characters were unsure and the moment passed. Everyone was anticipating that this might be the book the two popular characters get together.

Gant Publishing took a chance on the author and it seems to have paid off for them as the book series has sold amazingly well in a time where teenagers did not seem to like to read. Critics talked about how well written the books were, how entrancing the main characters were and how detailed the story lines were. There were accolades for the fact that teenagers could read the books as well as adults. The main praise was for how the endings to the books were such a surprise even though once you read it, it made perfect sense…. You just never thought about it being that character.

Casey Gant was bound by written agreements with the author not to reveal his or her name. Logan had definitely tried to find out who the author was. Casey had been firm in his decision not to reveal the author even to his closest friends.

In press conferences the publicist for Gant Publishing merely stated that the author valued his/her privacy and that perhaps someday in the future the author would reveal his or herself.

Of course this led to much speculation about who the author was and why he or she did not make any public appearances despite the undoubted popularity of the books. Now a deal was in the works to make the first book into a movie and a screen writer was being sought.

Logan liked the books a lot and was planning on buying the new book when it came out. His 'true love' had beaten him to it though. Logan opened the third book and noticed it too was signed by the author. An envelope fell out of the book when he opened it. He bent down and picked up the envelope. It was plain. He opened it and was surprised to find two tickets to the 'Introduction to the Author' party.

Gant Publishing had recently announced that the identity of the author would be revealed at an exclusive party in a downtown hotel in LA. The public relations director did not reveal why the author had finally agreed to be revealed or what it meant for interviews.

There was of course a lot of speculation that the author was being forced to become known because of agreements for the movie rights but no one really knew why the reclusive author was going to be at the party.

Tickets for the Christmas themed party were a desired commodity and were difficult to get. The proceeds were going to the Second Harvest organization that provided meals and shelter for the homeless. The money raised would help provide Christmas dinner at the shelter.

Logan had been planning on asking Casey for tickets to the party. He wanted to find out who the author was and meet him or her. It appeared he wouldn't have to ask Casey for tickets now. He now had two of the much desired and difficult to get tickets for the author's party in LA next Saturday.

Logan put the book and tickets aside and opened the package containing his silk boxers. One had reindeer on it and the other was camouflage.

The pez dispenser today was The Human Torch and the candy was grape.

The note said:

Six Special Condoms

Five Gourmet Chocolates

Four Chosen Songs

Three Paperbacks

Two Silk Boxers

And a Superhero Pez Dispenser.

Sitting in his office Logan listened to the songs he had been given that day. As he anticipated one song was Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. The other three surprised Logan. They were songs from popular television mystery shows. One was Hawaii Five O; another was Moonlighting and the final one was the theme song from Rockford Files. Logan smiles as he listens. One reindeer song for the reindeer theme and three songs for the mystery theme.


Monday morning Logan thought about his tickets to the party again. Since he broke it off with Charlotte he didn't know who to invite. He finally pulled out his telephone and called his agent.

Denise Longoria immediately took Logan's call. After greeting him she asked what he wanted. Logan asked her about what she knew about the party and author.

Denise immediately told Logan that she had contacted the author's agent about Logan writing the screen play. She had been told that it was not an open audition and that the author had retained full rights to choose the writer of the screen play.

Logan asked if the author of the books was going to write it and Denise told Logan she didn't get that impression but it was entirely possible.

She told Logan that she was trying to get tickets to meet the author at the party but that they were very difficult to come by.

Logan told her he had two tickets. Denise had quickly asked him where he got them and he told her he was given them as a gift from a secret Santa. She had immediately been intrigued.

Logan had asked her if she wanted to come with him to the party. She had quickly and enthusiastically agreed. She and Logan got along well.

Logan said, "Will Charlie let you out for the night without him?"

Denise had laughed and said, "Charlie will be happy not to be dragged out with me."

Laughing with her Logan arranged to pick her up about an hour before the party was scheduled to start.

After agreeing to talk later on in the week, the two friends had signed off.

Logan had hung up and then sat in his office thinking about the party on Saturday. He shook himself out of his thoughts when the door to his office opened and one of his fellow writers poked his head in and said, "Work meeting in ten minutes."

Logan had nodded and then started getting his computer and files ready for the meeting.

He enjoyed writing for the show but he was ready for a new challenge. He had learned a lot writing for the hit sitcom. He had made a name for himself starting out as one of the writers and now being one of the lead writers. It had been satisfying and now that the show was in its final season, he was a little saddened and a little relieved it was going to be over. Soon he could focus on his next challenge. He had a few offers to write pilots for new television shows and a few offers to write the screen plays for movies. He just wasn't sure what he wanted to do.

He was considering the new challenge of writing a movie screenplay. It would be totally different from writing for a weekly show. He just hadn't found a story that challenged him.

Denise had submitted his name to Gant Publishing as screenwriter for VA Marshall's first book. She had been told it wasn't an open tryout. Logan was secretly disappointed because he could actually see himself writing the screenplay for the movie. It was a great book and it would be a challenge to put it to the big screen and do it justice.

Logan was still unsettled about his 'true love'. He had ideas about who it was but he wasn't sure. The only person that really knew him well enough to give him the gifts he was getting was Veronica. He had not seen her for over five years and rarely heard from her.


There are three chapters to this Christmas story. Chapter 2 will be posted very soon.

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