Story so far: Logan opens his twelve days of Christmas gifts and figures out they are from Veronica. He graduated from Hearst College and moved to LA to work as a writer for a TV series. Veronica moved to Virginia after her freshman year in college and became a FBI agent. Logan attends a party to meet a new author and is surprised to find out that Veronica is the author of a very popular mystery book series. They meet after the party and decide to date....

Logan nods for the limo door to open. He steps out amid all the camera flashes. He is easily recognized by the photographers and fans alike although he is not an actor or a man who looks for the spotlight.

As always he looks handsome in the expensive fitted tuxedo. He is taller and more slender than his infamous father but he has the thick wavy brown hair and dimpled cheeks that women fiound so very attractive in the man twice voted 'sexiest man of the year."

Logan is also blessed with the famous Echolls' smile that lights up his face. He has his mother's deep brown expressive eyes. The combination of features between his movie star parents has assured Logan of more than his fair share of attention from the female population.

He has graduated college and written for a successful television series. He is now a successful screen play writer. Everything he touches seems to turn to gold.

Without taking time to pose for the photographers or even wave to the fans, he immediately leans in the car and puts his hand out for Veronica.

Veronica takes his hand and allows Logan to gently pull her out of the limo. She looks beautiful in a long black dress. It is v necked in the front and has straps that criss cross over her back a few times ending at her tiny waist and hips. Her blond hair is pulled into a twist at the back of her head. Her tiny fair features are a striking contrast to Logan's tall, dark physique.

Once outside the limo she stands beside Logan posing for the cameras. As usual when they are in public he has his hand on her lower back and she is standing close to him. The photographers are especially interested in the couple.

She and Logan Echolls have a long and colorful history together. It's almost unbelievable how many movies of the week and entertainment shows have been dedicated to one or both of these two young adults.

She unapologetically chose her inexperienced boyfriend to write the all important first screenplay of her wildly popular mystery novel series. So many people thought she was making a huge mistake selecting Logan Echolls to write the screenplay. When interviewed she merely stated she did what she thought was best for her beloved stories and characters.

Now she is being praised for her decisions. The film of her first novel made record profits and was nominated for twelve awards including Logan Echolls for best screenplay. Filming on her second novel is almost completed and is set to be released this summer. Her fourth book was published this year and is currently residing on the best seller's list and receiving glowing reviews.

Logan escorts her up the red carpet to the interview area. Veronica stands quietly while Logan is interviewed. Logan talks about his nomination for best screenplay saying he had great material to work with. He smiles down at Veronica. Logan talks about all the other nominations for the film and how excited they are for all the nominees.

Veronica watches Logan and it is obvious she is very proud of him. She smiles in the appropriate spots.

When the reporter asks her if she feels vindicated about selecting Logan for screenwriter now that Logan was nominated for an award and the film is doing so well. Veronica smiles at the reporter and says, "If Logan hadn't agreed to write the screen play, I wouldn't have agreed for it be done." She looks at Logan and says, "He is the only one I trust."
She turns and smiles at the camera and says, "The people who didn't think he could do it didn't know him like I did so I guess I had the advantage."

She smiles up at Logan and he smiles down at her. He makes their excuses and they walk unhurriedly towards the entrance to the building.

When they get inside, Logan turns Veronica into a wall and presses her between his body and the wall. He says earnestly but quietly, "It means a lot to me that you believed in me."

Veronica frowns up at Logan and says, "I should be the one thanking you for making this all possible."

Logan looks down at her and thinks about how much his life has changed since she sent him the Twelve Days of Christmas presents.


They had spent every moment they could together since the night of her first book signing party.

He had taken her out to dinner the next night. She had looked stunning in a knee length jade green halter dress when she opened the door to her hotel suite.

Logan had put his hand to his chest and said, "You look absolutely beautiful!"

The old Veronica would have been embarrassed and uncomfortable at his words but this Veronica merely smiled and said, "Thank you."

She had handed him a mid calf length soft black leather jacket and he had held it open for her to put on. Veronica had tilted her head at him and flirted, "You look very handsome."

He had smiled his thanks. She had continued with a smile in her voice, "I like that tie. Wherever did you get it?"

Happy, he had laughed and said, "I found this little shop in Colorado that sells the most unique silk ties and clothes."

"Really," she had intoned. "You must give me the name so I may check it out."

He had leaned in and gently kissed her.

On the way into the restaurant they had been accosted by a few paparazzi. Veronica had gently smiled but had not made any comments as Logan escorted her into the restaurant. Logan had been happy that she wasn't letting them interfere with their date.

Inside the restaurant he had mentioned her calm reaction to the press as they ate their appetizers. Veronica had smiled and told him that she was going to have to get used to being a paparazzi target now she had agreed to tour to promote her books.

Logan had nodded agreeing with her assessment of the situation.

She had looked closely at Logan and then said, "You know what I hope?"

Logan had shaken his head and said, "No.'

She had leaned towards him and said, "I hope that over the years the tabloids report that we are living together;
secretly married;
that you used me to get the rights to write the screenplays for all my books;
you are fooling around on me with my agent, your agent and various other women you know;
I am fooling around on you with the male star of the movie, the director, the producer and various other famous stars."

She pauses and then puts her finger to her chin and says ponderously, "Perhaps I am also fooling around on you with Doug Roberts." She sighs dramatically at the though of being linked to the hot, young singer."

Logan smirks at her statements.

She continues, "I bet they'll report that you have a boyfriend;
I have a girlfriend;
we have threesomes:
we are into S
you had plastic surgery to make your abs look so yummy:
you insisted I have breast implants."

Logan can't help but laugh at her goofiness.

Giggling she goes on, "And then when I am obviously pregnant, the paparazzi discuss how you aren't the father;
you broke up with me because you don't want children;
you want a paternity test;
we are having twins;
we are having six children because of infertility pills;
and it is Big Foot's child."

Watching her changing expressions and her obvious amusement at what the paparazzi would say about them over the years, makes Logan realize that Veronica had really accepted the media spotlight and was not going to let it upset her.

"On our 20th anniversary, the tabloids are full of stories of our children's exploits and they comment on how we are one of the few successful Hollywood marriages," she continued her voice dreamy.

Logan's eyes softened as he looked at her. Hearing her talk about the future with him like she has thought about it is so wonderful for him. He had thought about a future with Veronica but she had never seemed to see him as an intergral part of her future.

She met his gaze and added, "The point is the tabloids are going to talk about us. None of it is going to really matter."

Logan agreed with her but questioned, "Big Foot Veronica?"

She nodded sagely, "It depends on what tabloids you read."

He had smiled and then reached across the table stealing a bread stick. She had squealed in protest and had protected the rest of her appetizers.

The dinner had been filled with laughter and they had both shared stories of situations that had happened to them while they were apart. Although Veronica didn't talk about where the FBI sent her or what she was required to do, Logan could see that she had accepted what happened and did not at present have problems with it. He understood that she may never be able to tell him where she was. He was OK with it as long as she was fine.

Veronica had stayed in her hotel and Logan in his mansion. They were both content to let their relationship develop naturally which to both their pleasures contained some really hot kisses before he dropped her off at her hotel.

Both knew the other was committed to seeing where their relationship would go and they both were excited about being together again.


Monday morning Denise had called Logan and asked him to come by her office and sign the contract for writing the screen play. After reading the contract, Logan had been reluctant to sign. Veronica had essentially given him Carte Blanc to write the story as he saw fit. The total trust worried Logan.

Frustrated, Denise had called Veronica and then handed the phone to Logan. He had frowned at her and she had simply smirked at him knowingly.

He had taken the phone and quietly greeted Veronica. She had foregone all greetings and said, "Logan, talk to me."

Logan had walked away from Denise so he was alone. He had quietly told her that he didn't want her to feel obligated to pick him because of their relationship and he was worried about disappointing her.

Veronica had listened carefully to his explanation and concerns. She had quietly asked, "When you put your name in to do the screen play and you didn't know I was the author, did you think you could do a good job?"

"Yes," Logan had answered honestly.

She pursued, "Did you just want a change from TV writing or was there something about the book that made you want to do it?"

Logan had easily told her he wanted a change but the story had appealed to him.

He heard the smile in her voice when she asked, "Tell me what about the book appeals to you."

After thinking for a minute or so, Logan finally answered telling her what he liked about the story and the characters.

The line was silent as both parties think about their conversation. Breaking the silence, Veronica had comment, "So many people are going to interpret my story from the director to the actors to the costume and set designers and everyone else whose expertise will be utilized to put the story on the big screen."

Logan stayed quiet. He understood better than most people the process of making a movie. He had never looked at it from the perspective of the writer.

"I picked a producer and director who have good reputations for keeping the essence of the story intact but to me the most important part of the process is the script. I need someone who knows me and can treat my babies with respect and dignity." Veronica added openly, "They are my babies."

Logan felt the emotions rise in his chest and he had quietly said, "I know."

Veronica had paused and then clearly and truthfully stated, "I know you know. I need you. I only trust you."

There was a long silence where Logan didn't know if he could even speak. Her total belief in him was amazing to him and brought out so many emotions. Veronica seeming to understand had said, "No matter what it's not going to interfere between us."

Logan had sighed in relief. That was exactly what he needed to hear. He had come back to her voice saying, "Sign the contracts Logan."

Then she quietly said goodbye and hung up.


Veronica had invited Logan to Neptune for Christmas and he invited her to Aspen for New Years.

They had gone shopping together and she had helped him pick presents for Keith and Abra. Logan had laughed at Veronica's observation that Abra liked jewelry. Veronica had told Logan how Abra had looked through Veronica's jewelry box and had immediately made her go shopping. She had looked indignantly at Logan and said, "The credit card company immediately increased my limit after our shopping spree."

Veronica shaking her head had said, "Who knew that one needed so many different types of jewels depending on what one was wearing?"

Logan had bit his lip making sure he didn't laugh.

Veronica having her own money made things a lot easier between them. She had easily watched while he paid for gifts he bought not flinching at the price he paid.

When they came out of the jewelers a paparazzi had taken their picture together. Veronica had leaned into Logan and said, "Argh, we are going to be engaged in the papers next week."

Logan had looked sharply at her and then asked, "Is that going to be a problem for you?"

She had taken his hand and said, "No but it is not you who has interviews scheduled tomorrow and will have to parry the engagement question."

"Say nothing. Let them interpret your silence." he had whispered in her ear.

"I love a mysterious man," she had rejoined in a husky voice.

The paparazzi had shot the picture of them whispering together which did nothing to dispel the engagement rumors.

Shopping for ski equipment and clothing had been fun. Veronica had been excited about their trip and had happily whipped out her credit card in the ski shop Logan had taken her to. She bought a ski suit, thermal underwear, skis, boots, poles and everything else she needed for their trip to Aspen for New Years. Her obvious excitement at spending New Years in the snow had been infectious. Watching them measure her for poles and skies and then pick skies from the youth section had made Logan laugh but only when Veronica wasn't watching.

Keith and Abra had a three bedroom apartment in a new high rise in Neptune. Veronica and Logan had slept separately but it was obvious to Keith and Abra that they were finally going to be together.

Keith liked the more mature Logan. He could see that he had grown up in the years he had been apart from his daughter. Keith had always thought Logan and Veronica would end up together. Although he loved his daughter he knew that she was difficult to be with at times. She was driven, prickly and almost paranoid about admitting her feelings. He had not been surprised that they had broken up. He just felt that no one else would love his daughter like Logan did.

Alone on the balcony, Keith had told Logan that he always thought that he and Veronica would eventually find their way to each other. Logan looked Keith in the eyes and said, "I think she ruined me for anyone else."

Keith had laughed and said, "She has a way of getting into your heart and she is impossible to get out once she is in."

Smiling Logan had agreed. He knew what Keith meant.

Keith had been happy that Logan did not deny he loved Veronica or look uncomfortable with the thought.

It turned out Abra is an accomplished chef in one of the most popular restaurants in Neptune.

To everyone's surprise Veronica gave Abra a restaurant for Christmas. Abra had been totally shocked and overwhelmed. She had tried to refuse but Veronica had showed her the clause in the contract that outlined that the money was already spent.

Veronica had explained, "When you are ready, the money is there. Just buy the building and have the kitchen built."

Abra had insisted that Veronica be a partner and Veronica had shaken her head. She said, "Look at the other name on the contract."

Abra had looked and then had looked up at Veronica in shock. Keith had looked over her shoulder and read the contract with her. He had looked up at Veronica and smiled.

Just then the doorbell rang. Veronica leaned contentedly into Logan and said, "I love Christmas." Logan looking down at Veronica's happiness had wondered if she knew who was at the door.

It was obvious to Logan that dark haired woman at the door was a relative of Abra's. Logan had been right as the woman was Abra's only sister. They had both trained together as chefs but they had drifted to opposite ends of the country to work. Now it appears they owned a restaurant together.

Veronica had found Abra's sister. Veronica quietly told Logan that she had searched her out to see if they all could get togther for Christmas. It turns out she had married a fellow chef. He had worked in the kitchen and she had run the restaurant. She had apparently found she was good at the financial end of running the restaurant. Her husband had recently died of cancer and she was alone.

Apparently Veronica had convinced her to sell the restaurant, use her husband's insurance money and move to Neptune for a fresh start near her sister.

Logan initially wondered if it was a good idea to have them own something together but then as he watched them together, he realized that they were close. He just knew the restaurant would work out with both of them there.

Abra's sister had rushed over to hug Veronica and talk excitedly with her about the move and about how much she liked Neptune. She had bought a condo in the next tower and a few floors down. She happily invited Veronica over to see it and she told Veronica she would take her to dinner the next time she was in LA.

Logan had shaken his head as he settled in his comfortable bed for the night. Abra was a wonderful cook and supper had been fabulous. Her happiness at her reunion with her sister had been wonderful to watch. The look Keith gave his daughter had been even better. His gratitude and love had been obvious. For Keith seeing his daughter happy and his wife happy had truly made the day special.

Veronica had been obviously happy. She had worn a Santa's hat and had helped in the kitchen. Still a sucker for Christmas, she had opened her presents excitedly. They had all smiled at her shaking her presents and guessing the contents.

She had loved the earrings Keith and Abra gave her immediately putting them on and showing them off.

When she opened the locket Logan had given her, she had looked at it for a long time. Finally she had looked at Logan and said, "You bought this for me before I left, didn't you?"

He had nodded. Tears had filled her eyes and she had hugged him burying her face his chest as she cried. One side of the locket had a picture of them together when they were twelve. The other side had a picture of them together in college. The outside of the locket had LoVe on it.

Once she gained control of her emotions, she had pulled back and gazed up at Logan. Holding his eyes she had tearfully told him, "I'm ready to wear it now."

Logan had understood her meaning. Back then she had not been ready to accept his love. She was telling him she was ready now.

He had taken the locket and put it on her. She had looked up over her shoulder at him and said, "I love it."

He had pulled her into his embrace and hugged her to him from behind. There was openness about their hug.

Abra and Keith could see they loved each other.

Logan felt the love right to his soul. He had dreamed that one day Veronica would actually love him; really love him. Now he felt the dream had come true.

When he opened Keith and Abra's gift, he had smiled. Along with a beautiful blue polo shirt was a framed picture of him over visiting when he was twelve or thirteen years of age. He was sitting beside Veronica watching television. They were both looking at the screen and Veronica was curled up beside him. He had put his arm around her. They were both laughing at something on the screen and looked comfortable together.

Keith told Logan, "I found this picture and realized I should have thrown you out a lot sooner than I did. You had already found your way into her heart long before you started dating."

Logan had looked at Keith in surprise but had smiled as he saw Keith was right. The picture showed two young people in love. They just hadn't known it. He had thanked him for the picture and then said, "I will treasure it."

Finally Veronica had handed a wrapped present to Logan. Surprised he'd looked at her and said, "You already bought me enough presents."

Amused she had smiled and said, "This isn't something I bought."

Logan slowly unwrapped the box and lifted the lid. He looked over at Veronica and then back in the box. He carefully reached in and lifted the first page out and looked at it.

The group had waited and watched him for his reaction.

Logan kept his face blank. He had looked over at Veronica and asked, his voice tentative, "Is this what I think it is?"

Veronica seeing his shock had smiled and teased, "I guess that depends on what you think it is."

"I think it is your fourth book." Logan answered looking at her still holding his emotions in.

Holding his gaze, she merely nodded.

Logan put the page back carefully. He reached over and pulled her into his arms. Obviously emotional he had hugged her to him and whispered in her ear, "I am so honored."

She leaned back and took his face in her hands. She said meaningfully, "They find out they love each other in this book.'

Logan getting the double meaning had dramatically looked at the ceiling and said, "Finally."

Veronica had laughed happily at his dramatics.

"It's the first draft. I have a lot of revising to do," she warned him when she finished laughing.

Logan nodded in understanding and then told her, "Well I can't wait to read it."

Veronica touched leaned in to kiss him.

Keith cleared his throat and Logan with his mouth just above Veronica's had said, "Please don't shoot me for this." He leaned in and placed his lips over hers deepening the kiss.

Veronica giggled when it is over.


They had gone back to LA and got ready to go to Aspen. The first day she had taken ski lessons while he and his friends had gone down the expert slopes..

She looked adorable in her snow suit and Logan had to smile at how excited she was learning to ski. Even Dick had to admit she was cute in her pink and black ski suit. She had a pink hat and her cheeks were pink from the cold.

Logan had watched a few minutes as she took her lessons. He had been amused to see there were some young boys and girls in her class; many were taller than her.

By the second day she had graduated to intermediate slopes and she skied with some of the guys' girlfriends and Logan from time to time.

Veronica although quiet had made an effort to get along with the women in the group. Now with her own money she went shopping and to the spa with the girls. Although Logan could see that she was not as interested in the clothes, jewelry, purses and make up as the other girls, she fit in and enjoyed her day with them. When she got home from the spa her toes and fingernails were painted a deep red. Her skin glowed from the treatments and she looked very relaxed from her massage. Dick's girlfriend told Logan Veronica had tried a sea weed wrap.

Logan had smiled knowing it wasn't Veronica's thing but she had participated and the girls seemed to feel she fit in as Logan's girlfriend and an accomplished writer.

When they were alone in the cabin she had hummed "High School Never Ends" by Bowling for Soup. Logan had laughed at her cute manner and knew it was her way of telling him that the girls were like the 09er girls in Neptune High.

New Year's Eve they went out to dinner and then to a club. She wore the new dress the girls helped her pick out. It was obviously expensive. It was a deep green with long sleeves and it flared out at the knees. She looked beautiful in it. It hugged her tiny hips and waist and lifted and accentuated in the right places. She had slicked her hair back and had looked very sexy.

They had a great dinner and had fun dancing until very late. Veronica had danced with Logan's friends and had easily danced with him.

Logan was touched and impressed at the effort she made to fit in his world. He didn't expect her to be best friends with them but she would be seeing them from time to time as they all got together so it would be so much easier if she got along with them.

When they had gotten back from the club, Veronica had locked the door to the cabin and had turned to look at Logan. She had reached behind her and undone her dress. Keeping her gaze locked with Logan's she had let it fall off her leaving her standing there in a black bra, panties, garter, stockings and her high heeled black pumps.

They had not come out of the cabin for the next twenty four hours.

The next day they had ordered in for supper. While Logan opened the door for room service, Veronica had changed into a red silk teddy with a matching housecoat. After they ate, Veronica stood and teasingly removed the housecoat exposing the sexy red silk. She had walked over and dropped the housecoat on the chair and sat down on the rug in front of the large fireplace. She tilted her head at Logan in invitation and said, "I found this little number in a shop in Colorado."

Logan stood up from the couch and started walking over to where Veronica was waiting. His eyes darkened and he commented, "I think I need to invest in this store."

Veronica had slowly smiled and said, "They have quite a large selection to choose from."

Logan had thanked the gods above for this chance with Veronica.


After their Aspen vacation, Logan went back to work to help polish off the final few episodes of the television series. The writers were pledged to secrecy and the producers were working out the details on how to arrange the episodes to be a surprise to the public. '

Veronica went on the book tour in mid January. They talked on the telephone every evening. Logan worked long hours and on the weekends. By mid February he was done and everything was left to a few other writers who stayed on for revisions.

Logan happily said goodbye to the television show and moved on to writing the movie script. He spent the first two weeks reading the book repeatedly and breaking the storyline down. He then analyzed what parts of the story absolutely had to be in the screenplay and what parts were not as important. Then he decided on the opening scene and outlined how the rest of the script would go.

Veronica arrived back in LA in March. Logan was truly excited to see her. He had been surprised that she so willingly moved into his mansion while she was in LA. She had commandeered a spare bedroom for her work room and had set up at the desk in it. She worked long hours editing her next book.

Logan had read it and had been impressed. The two main characters did get together at the end. It wasn't a sappy ending. The female lead got in a bad situation, the male lead protected her and they both made it out by sheer luck and ingenuity.

The story had been a revelation for Logan. He could through her writing that Veronica had truly loved him but had not been able to express it. The main female lead takes a long time to truly trust.

In this last book the mystery helps the female lead see what happens when you don't let the people you love in. There is an older woman who is alone. You learn that she chose to be alone. Yet you can see she has regrets about her choices. The female lead discovers her story while investigating her murder. She comes to the realization that the male lead is going to be there for her and it isn't a bad thing to love him. In the very end, she lets him in.

Logan could already see this story on the big screen. The older female will be a very important character.

Logan can see the story needs more work. He is honored she let him read the first draft. He is anxious to see how the story changes and how she zones in on the important clues and the parts of the storyline that lead to the ending.

They are very different types of writers. He writes slowly, carefully and methodically; paying attention to small details. Veronica rushes through and gets the story down first. Then she goes back and fills in the rest of the story. Logan can see where the story does not flow and there are obviously missing parts. He can see the steps she will take to make this book as well written as the first three books of the series.

The two weeks she is in his mansion they don't step on each other's toes. Logan works in the den and Veronica is happy working in the spare bedroom. He goes by and finds her on the bed, on the floor and at the desk in the spare bedroom working. At times he finds her at the kitchen table or outside on the deck working on her laptop. She wears noise reducing head phones and is totally focused in whatever position he finds her.

She never bothers Logan. One afternoon she needed a break so she baked and one afternoon she went for a long drive to clear her head. Both times she did not disturb Logan. She left him a text and a note when she left and when she returned but did not actually disturb him.

A few evenings she went out to a concert, dinner and a party without Logan. He was in a great place on the script and had not wanted to stop. She had totally understood and had gone without him.

Logan had been impressed that she was truly OK with his working. She valued his work and there were no repercussions to her going alone. Of course the tabloids talked about them fighting and Veronica appearing alone. She was not upset at the stories. She went out with her friends and had fun.

The next book signing tour, Logan went along. He stayed in the hotel and worked while she was signing books or going to interviews. He was happy to go as he got to see Veronica when she was in the hotel and during the nights. Logan worked well in the hotels as he lived in one during high school and part of college so he was used to using room service and making himself comfortable. He did miss his mansion though.

Logan really enjoyed writing the screen play. He loved Veronica's book and loved the characters as they are. Using the snark between the characters had not been difficult for him to adapt to the big screen. After all that is how he and Veronica communicated when they were younger.

The scenes where the main character gets clues were more difficult and Logan had been trying to ensure the viewer had the chance to solve the mystery as well.

When he had difficulties, Veronica understood and she took him away from the work. When he went back, he was often able to focus and get past the difficulties. Logan had not complaints of her choice of activities to take his mind off the screenplay. She was right in that Sara did have a large collection of silk underwear in the Colorado store.

What impressed Logan the most was Veronica stayed totally out of his screenplay writing. She had not asked to read what he was writing. She had not given him advice even though she had admitted the characters are her babies.

She did not even question him about how it is was going. She just went about her business and left him to his. At times he asked her questions about the storyline, clues and different aspects of the characters. She answered his questions and then left the topic alone.

She had obviously decided to trust Logan and not worry about what she couldn't control.

This behavior almost more than anything else gave Logan hope for their future together.

When Logan had the script done, he had handed the finished product to Veronica to read. She had holed up in the spare bedroom reading for hours. Logan had worked out and then watched movies until late. He had gone to bed leaving Veronica to her reading.

The next day he found her in bed with him sleeping peacefully. He had leaned over waking her up with gentle kisses and caresses.

She had stretched and then looked at him. She had quietly said, "I love it Logan. You are so talented."

He had felt true relief that she was pleased. She had reached up and caressed his cheek. She questioned, "When can you start on book two?"

Logan had laughed. She had shaken her head and said, "Actually Logan I'm serious. The producers are thinking about filming both books close together."

Logan had been shocked. He asked, "Are the actors free?"

Veronica had smiled and nodded.

Logan had taken a few weeks vacation and then started writing the screen play for the second book. He had finished it and sent it to the producer. So far the feedback has been very positive. He was sure that like the first screenplay, they would send him lots of revisions.

Veronica finished editing the fourth book and it was on the bookshelves in time for Christmas. So far the public is still excited about her mysteries and the praise is high for the two main characters getting together.

This has been a very busy and productive year for both of them professionally but it has been even better personally.


Logan comes back to the present when he hears Veronica call his name. He looks at her in question.

She is looking at him quizzically, "Where did you go?"

Logan smiles and leans in to kiss her softly. He answers, "Just thinking about the changes in our lives since you sent me the twelve days of Christmas gifts."

Veronica smirks a little and teases, "It's too late to run now Logan."

He puts his forehead to hers and says softly, "I have no intention of running."

Her face softens and she says, "I am so thankful for you."

Logan gently answers, "I am thankful for you."

She pulls away a little and tilts her head as she looks up at him. She touches the neckline on her dress and says slowly and seductively, "Sara sent me a congratulation gift for you."

Logan's eyes darken as he watches her fingers slowly slide down the neckline of her dress.

Her voice continues low and sexy, "I'm wearing it under this dress."

Logan looks down at her and imagines what she is wearing. His eyes darken as he looks at her.

Veronica says huskily, "Let's go inside and mingle."

"We don't have to attend the show." He runs a finger down her cheek to her neck.

Veronica moves even closer to him. She whispers her voice sexy, "Later baby, I'm going to give you an award of my own."

She avoids his kiss and walks towards the entrance of the ballroom. Logan follows disgruntled and says, "At least tell me what color you are wearing."

Veronica only laughs.

At the entrance to the ballroom, Veronica and Logan wait to be announced. He gives her his arm and they walk down the stairs as the announcer says, "Mr. and Mrs. Logan Echolls."


The End.

Happy New Year everyone..... May 2010 be a healthy and happy year for you and yours.....