Pleasure and Pain

Ch. 1: Reborn


"It will be as if I never existed," were the last words Edward had spoken before he turned and ran into the forest at vampire speed.

At first, as I looked in the direction that he fled, there was a ripple in my chest; almost like my heart made a half-assed attempt to break. The sadness of losing the so-called love of my life, my mate, never came. Instead, images of our time together flashed through my mind and what I had seen caused unending waves of rage to well up from the center of my being. The realization that I'd let that pompous prick rob me of my power just sent me over the edge and something in me snapped.

"FUCK YOU, YOU COWARD! I WILL SEE YOU AGAIN ONE DAY AND YOU'LL WISH YOU NEVER EXISTED," I screamed in the vain hope that he was still close enough to hear me. I hadn't figured out how, but I'd have my revenge on Edward Anthony Masen Cullen and the rest of his family that were too weak to face a mere human.

The hairs on the back of my neck stood up and I felt as though I was being watched. Casually I turned around then spotted three vampires; a man with white hair that looked about thirty, a woman will long raven black hair that was almost blue and a petite blonde girl that appeared to be a couple of years younger than me. The older pair wore midnight black cloaks while the girl's cloak was only a couple of shades lighter. All three had the blood-red eyes of human drinkers.

The smaller one smiled at me but after a couple of minutes she growled in frustration and looked ready to pounce on me. The only thing that stopped her was the man placing a restraining hand on her shoulder. He was the one I pegged as the leader of this group. Something about him was familiar but I couldn't place it at the time, so I ignored it and chose to do something unexpected.

I was going to make the vampire change me. There was little doubt that I'd succeed in this because I was fucking Isabella Maria Swan and men fell all over themselves for the chance to be with me, even vampires. Cullen had openly admitted that he couldn't stay away from her. The only time she openly tried to manipulate anyone to get what she wanted was Jacob Black and that pathetic boy had easily fallen for her half-hearted attempts. Now, she had no doubt that if she actually put effort into it, the white-haired vamp would be putty in her hands.

The vampires appeared to be waiting for me to do something, and after a minute my thoughts were collected enough to enact my plan. I walked seductively over to the man; it was odd how instinctive that really was. The girl hissed, his eyed widened and the woman smirked at me as she arched an eyebrow. At that moment, I wanted to knock that smirk off her face. We'd see how long she lasted after I was turned.


I arched my eyebrow and smirked as the human girl, Bella, walked seductively toward Ciaus. It had been easy for me to read her intent to manipulate my husband into changing her, as well as the desire to hurt me because her thoughts played out in her emotive eyes. I had seen other things there as well, the most important of which was a much darker need I knew only too well.

"Just what do you think you are doing, child," I mocked and awaited her reaction.

"I plan on showing your mate what a real woman can do for him, then he will change me so that I might rip the smile from your face," she boldly replied which caused me to smile wider and Jane to growl at the human's impertinence. Ciaus just sat there in shock.

This girl was as beautiful as she was majestic. She would be my daughter and greatest creation. It would be a difficult process but I knew I would succeed where that poor excuse of a vampire, Edward Cullen, failed. Bella Swan would be broken then bent to my will.

I turned to Jane and commanded, "Have your fun with her, Jane, dear, but no irreparable damage or scars."

The human turned her gaze to the diminutive vampire. Jane riled at the girl because everything about her, from her body language to her defiant expression, had said the vampire would get nothing from her. The look in Jane's eyes answered back that the Guard was just as determined to get what she wanted.


Never in all my centuries with the Volturi had a vampire, let alone a human, withstood my power. They always writhed before me and screamed with the agony I caused with only a look. Bella Swan looked glorious in defiance and something inside of me shifted. If the heavenly creature refused to writhe in pain, then I would make her writhe in pleasure. This slip of a girl, this human, was the only one worthy of me, just as I was the only one worthy from her.

Mistress Athenadora had seen the shift in me and nodded her approval. Her soon-to-be daughter would be my mate. The human had sensed the shift as well, and she added a seductive smile to her defiant look.

With a growl, I pounced on the arrogant mortal and knocked her to the ground. My mouth smashed into hers while my hands had made short work of shredding her clothing. The only responses Bella gave me were the hungry way in which she kissed me back and the brief shudder of anticipation of what was to come. When she had not cried out in pleasure at my carnal assault, I had broken bones and she still refused to make a sound.

I watched the bruises form as I manhandled her flesh roughly. Bella's eyes never left mine nor lost their rebellious look. Her sex was soaked by the time my hand reached it. With a feral snarl, I rammed my fist inside her and destroyed her virginity in the process. The speed and strength I used as I worked my fist in and out of her was brutal, I had felt her pelvis snap from the inside. The ferocity of her orgasm would have torn my arm off had she been a vampire.

It mystified me that Bella never whimpered, moaned or screamed, not even during her climax. However, the look in her eyes had changed. When I had raised a questioning eyebrow, she simply nodded. In that silent communication was the promise that I would never be denied the sounds of her pleasure again because she knew that she was mine. Bella watched as I mewled while I licked her blood and cum from my hand.

The Master and Mistress flashed to her side and bit the pulse points on her throat, wrists and ankles. Then Athenadora moved to Bella's ear.

"I will break you, my daughter, and you shall give me your screams of pain," the Mistress purred.

"Never," Bella whispered back.

*12 Days Later; Volterra, Italy*


I endured the three days of burning that accompanied changing from human to vampire and had never let out a single sound. My Makers were denied any acknowledgement of my torment. The nine days that had followed my rebirth had become increasingly harder to suffer through in silence. Mother had broken my bones and skin as she tortured me, yet she had always been careful to never leave any scars behind.

Torture alone, I could've dealt with that. Couple it with the increasing burn in my throat as she denied my thirst and it was next to impossible. This morning Mother had a human brought before me as she worked on my body. I had been close to my breaking point and she knew it. She had broken more bones but I held fast. Then Father sliced the human open and I was undone. The smell of the blood I was denied and the pain were too much. I screamed and sobbed while my body shook.

Mother soothed me with gently words as she rocked me in her loving embrace. She kissed me on the forehead and let me know everything would be fine while father removed the corpse that was no longer a fitting meal. When I was calmed down enough, she pulled me to my feet.

I smelled Father's return and the three humans he had brought with him. Their hearts pounded with the fear I also smelled. The unbearable fire in my throat blazed white hot which instinctively made me turn to the only means to quench it. Charlie, Renee had Phil let out horrified gasps when they recognized me.

My body was driven by the need to ease the burning thirst so Renee and Phil were drained quickly. I enjoyed the feel of my teeth cutting through their flesh and the rich taste of their blood, seasoned bitter from their fear. Somehow, I knew the blood would be better if it tasted sweeter. As Phil's dead body joined his wife's on the floor, sanity returned to me.

I locked my gaze on Charlie Swan and it was like something clicked in my mind. Power surged from me and the human moaned in pleasure. His knees buckled when I increased the ecstasy and his moans became louder. It wasn't long before his body jerked as he came. Before the last twitch was finished, I had guzzled down his endorphin sweetened blood. Nothing compared to that taste, it was addictive and I wanted more.

"Mommy, I'm still hungry," I pouted as my parents laughed.

"Of course you are, darling. You are a Newborn after all. But fist you need to get cleaned up and your father and I would like to know what you did to the last human, then we shall go to the feeding chamber as Heidi will return soon," Mother replied.

My parents led me through a secret door into their bedroom. Mother indicated a door at a door near their bed and told me to take a shower. I kissed her and Father on the cheek before I went for my shower. The hot water felt good on my cold skin and soon it was tainted red where it pooled at my feet. There was a crimson gown and a black cloak on the bed when I finished in the bathroom. I quickly put the clothes on.

Mother and I followed behind Father as he first showed me where my room was, then down to the feeding chamber while I explained about the power I felt. The two shared a glance. When we arrived at the feeding chamber, I was told to wait outside until Father announced me.


I sat in the feeding chamber along with my brother, Marcus, and the Guard. There was anticipation in the room that was not just from Heidi's immanent return with our meal, but the knowledge that we were to meet our newest member. Isabella had been the talk of the castle from the moment she was carried through the main lobby.

Sulpicia, my mate, joined us just before Ciaus and Athenadora came through the door. My younger brother and his wife practically glowed with pride. A hush settled over the room as they moved to the center of it.

"My brothers, sister and members of the Guard; my wife and I our proud to introduce to you our daughter, Princess Isabella Marie Volturi," Ciaus crowed with genuine delight.

The door opened and Isabella entered gracefully then she joined her parents in the center of the room. Volturi women were renowned throughout the vampire world as the most beautiful of our race and my niece was no exception. Several of the single males in the Guard gasped which made Jane growl in response. I had seen everything in her thoughts and knew the two girls were mates. Marcus had confirmed this with his gift.

The Newborn's deep mahogany hair fell to her lower back in natural waves and contrasted nicely with her pale skin. Her bright scarlet eyes danced about the room in wonder as she took in everything with her newly enhanced senses.

I ghosted down from my throne on the dais then over to the trio. From Jane, I knew that Isabella had been immune to her power as human so I had been curious to see if her immunity encompassed my gift as well.

"Welcome to the Volturi, Princess. I am Aro, your Uncle," I said as I brought her right hand to my lips then kissed it. I had been unable to read her thoughts when I touched her which was no surprise; my niece was obviously a mental shield.

"Thank you, Uncle, I'm very pleased to be here," she replied with a coy smile and for the briefest instant I felt a tingle.

Athenadora placed a hand on her daughter's shoulder and the sensation ended. The smug expressions on her and my brother's faces told me there was more to Isabella than just being a shield. My curiosity needed to wait as Heidi was already in the lobby. I guided my niece to the dais and she looked at her parents, who nodded. The Newborn moved to Jane's side instead of taking her place on her newly installed throne. I smiled as the two joined hands.

Tension filled the room as Heidi brought the group of thirty-six tourists into the chamber. I gave them my usual welcome as the door was shut and barred behind them. When I finished, the feast began. The Guard fell on the ignorant beasts like ravenous wolves. Amid the screams of the dying, Isabella walked along the perimeter of the room as she looked at the humans with a critical eye. When her gaze met those of a young man heroically protecting a woman, she stopped.

Everyone watched as she smiled seductively at the youth. The human's eyes rolled into the back of his head as he gasped in pleasure. The scent of his arousal almost overpowered that of the freshly spilt blood. As he neared to point of climax, Isabella tore into his neck and greedily lapped up the blood. Jane flashed to her side and happily licked the excess blood that coated her lips and chin. The two then shared a passionate kiss that might have led to more but the strangled whimper of the dead man's woman drew their attention.

The Princess looked at the cowering female and the human began to moan and writhe like a whore. Once more the scent of arousal filled the room, but Isabella never stopped. The woman begged her for mercy as the fifth orgasm tore through her body with enough force to snap her spine. My niece looked at me then tilted her head in offer. The woman thanked me with her last breath as my teeth rent her flesh and the sweetest blood I had ever tasted flowed down my throat.

Isabella was at her appointed place on the dais while Jane was back at Alec's side by the time I drained the corpse. As I returned to my throne, I asked "Bells" to tell us her story. Part of it I had already heard from a jealous Tanya Denali when she had informed us that Edward Cullen had taken a romantic interest in a human. However, I along with everyone else, were shocked at the extent of her relationship to young Edward and the Cullen family and what she endured as the result of it. The incident with the Nomads would not go unanswered. The Cullen's had taken care of James, but Victoria and Laurent were still at large.

After her tale, we worked on her powers and discovered that not only was she a mental shield, but the exact opposite of my beloved Witch Twins. Where Jane caused pain and her brother, Alec, could take away the senses of his victim, Bells caused pleasure and could enhance a victim's senses. What a wonderful addition to my collection, and as a bonus she is mated to Jane. Pleasure and Pain, together the duo was unstoppable and they were mine, I thought.


I watched my husband drain the human girl my niece had broken with her powers. It had been an impressive display. As I noticed his avaricious grin when Bells power practice was finished, it was difficult to keep my temper in check. The only reason I relaxed was the quick look Athenadora sent me. The silent message in my sister's eyes had been crystal clear; the plan had been set in motion.


The past couple of weeks had been exhausting but tonight had pushed me past my limit. Uncle explained that it would still be a couple of days before body to adjust to its new state so I needed plenty of rest. The added strain of practicing my with my powers only increased that need.

I kissed my parents then returned to my room. While my mind may have craved rest, my body craved something else entirely. As if she'd read my mind, Jane sauntered into my room with a seductive smile of her own on her lips.