Pleasure and Pain

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Ch. 6: Can We Keep Her?


It was our Seventh Anniversary, and I wanted to take Jane back to where everything started. Esme had given us the keys to the old Cullen place but warned us not to hunt around the area because of some shapeshifting morons from La Push. My Mom, which became official when she became Athenadora's mate, had taken to her new life in Volterra quite well. With the help of Jonathan, who'd been a genetic engineer before his Change, she was currently pregnant with twins. Mother was just a thrilled. Alice was already in the middle of planning the baby shower.

Jane and I had gotten thirsty and headed to Port Angeles. We were walking arm in arm looking for some good take out when we noticed a group of men following a frightened girl. My mate looked at me then raised an eyebrow in question. The nod I gave in response had us both grinning with anticipation. The would be rapists would make and excellent entrée while the pretty thing would be a tasty dessert.

We casually fell into step behind the group as they turned into an ally. Just as we were about to start in on our meal, a largish brown wolf plowed into Jane. The petite vampire squeezed the animal's throat shut until it passed out. The humans scattered and our meal was forgotten as we watch the wolf slowly transform into a beautiful russet-skinned girl with jet black hair.

"A Puppy! Can we keep her," Jane asked with childlike excitement.

"No, we already have a nice Kitten. Besides I already got you your own Greek Island and jet for our anniversary," I reminded her gently.

My love wasn't going to be deterred by my refusal. I watched as the determination galvanized in her eyes.

"Please, pleas, please, please, I always wanted a Puppy and think of all the fun we could have. Pleeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaase," she begged while she gave me the sad eyes and pouty lip.

I was on the fence and fighting hard against giving in to my wife's demands. Then my cell rang. The ringtone told me it was Alice and I reluctantly answered the call.

"I've already set up some space in you apartments for your new Pet. I can't wait to play your new Puppy," my sister said knowing that Jane heard every word.

I ended the call while Jane giggled with glee. We took the unconscious girl back to the house and woke her up. It had taken Jane fifteen minutes to break the young woman with pain. The Puppy's name was Leah and she proved to be quite the eager pet, just like my Kitten.

After we finished explained about how her new life would be in Volterra, she told us about the Pack down at La Push. When we heard about how Sam left her for her cousin, we offered to help her get revenge. Leah led us to Emily's house. There was a brief scuffle, but thanks mine and Jane's gifts, they never had a chance. The two of us drained their bodies then the Puppy ate them. Puppy loved the taste of human flesh. It was only a matter of time before the Pack showed up, so we cut our trip short and headed back to Italy. On the flight, I called my Kitten and told her that she could live with us. Being the pampered Pet that she was, she naturally accepted.


I was on the couch trying not to laugh as I read the first book in Anne Rice's Sleeping Beauty trilogy. Kitten was curled next to me and one of my hands softly pets her folds. Jane was in the en suite giving Puppy a bath and making sure she was nice and smooth; the poor dear had gotten sick after eating a bad German last night but was feeling more herself today. The air was charged with expectation because Alice and Jasper were coming over to play. I closed the book and kept changing my mind about who would play with whom first.

My sister and her mate arrived a few seconds later and her expression was not amused. She was miffed about my indecision, which made her head hurt. Jane and Puppy joined us then I let the tension build as I engaged my siblings in small talk. Alice pointed at the Pets and admonished me for stalling. A wicked grin broke across my face as Emmett walked through the door in a collar and leather shorts.

The teddy bear had made a spur of the moment decision and came to Volterra to be with us. He told me that as long as there was an occasional fight and he got laid on a regular basis then he wanted to be my Pet. The look on Alice's face was priceless; I finally managed to surprise her.

Leah had passed out into a blissful sleep. Emmett was giving Alice a marathon pounding while Jasper put Tanya through her paces. Jane was curled up in my lap, her head on my shoulder as we watched them. Neither one of us had fed, so we had taken a break to have some Chinese delivered. My mate straightened a little so she could look at me.

"Bella, can we go and see Jonathan tomorrow? We've done so well with our Pets that I'm ready to raise a little monster of our own," she said in a small voice and I could tell she feared my rejection.

"For you my love, anything," I whispered before I led her back to the others for more playtime. The thought of teaching our child how to break someone then bend them to their will added some spice to the rest of the evening's fun.


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