After much debate, I've decided to do as I said I might and hand Addy's (and Mor's) sweet ass to various guys to be played with. This really a rip-off os 'Slashy Fun' :P I have some one shots set in mind. The first will surprise you. It did me. It will be about Adam (and in some cases Mor) and Adam and Mor will BOTTOM. The guys for Addy will be as follows; Cena, Randy, Christian, Miz, Punk, Hardyz (of course, duh) Jeri, Hunter (maybe). Guys for Morrie are; Punk, Christian, Jeri, Randy, Hardys (duh) Miz so far. This is just what I have so far, there may be more suitors, there may be added threesomes, etc. I dunno yet, lol. There may be more than one time go arounds for them. Who knows? I never do. I usually foil my own damn plans :P All suitors will top Adam and Mor, some may be smutty, sweet, or dominate and rough. The first scene is set in a desolate jail. Adam's a suspected hooker that got taken in for the night. Cena's the lonely cop who has the liberty of watching be my first time writing this pairing. I said I'd never do it at one time, then I said I might. I'm so fickle it isn't funny, XP! I'll give this one shot here to JoMoFan-spot since this is her pairing (besides Redge) Enjoy, XD. Major sex, language, bondage, crossdressing, toys, some domination, some AU, OOC, and anything else I can think of ;)

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The Baby Doll Series;
Chapter one/ 'Whore'
Rated; M/ L, S (non-wrestling, AU, crossdress, bondage, sucking, fingering, fondling, fisting, anal, inanimate object usage)
Pairing, Theme, Place; Cena/Adam, Cop/Hooker, jail holding cell.

Officer Cena gazed down into his coffee mug, watching the steam rise up from the hot liquid. The short-haired brunette sighed, seeing his own blue eyes gaze back at him from his reflection in both the mug and the liquid. Slowly he raised it to his lips, taking a cautious sip. They brought one in earlier. Damn, and after it had been a slow ass night. Some poor mixed up kid. A hooker. Tall, leggy blonde. So girly and pretty to be male. If it weren't for the height that is. It must of been the blondie's first night or something. He sure didn't know what the hell he was doing and got nabbed by the police.

The whole precinct wanted to watch the kid over night. But those were the ones who had husbands and wives. Families to get home to. Especially Officer Orton. Poor kid. His icy blue eyes nearly popped damn near out of his skull when he saw those long legs sticking out of that short hot pink pleather skirt. With those black laced-up knee-high boots. A corset top and a jacket was the only other things he was wearing that was visible when he was apprehended. He wasn't really doing anything. Aside from soliciting and standing on the corner looking like that. They had no proof to tie him to prostitution. Even if it was obvious what he was doing. They checked his records. They were clean.

Cena stared down at them. Copeland, Adam Joesph. Blond hair that came down to his collarbone and hazel green eyes. Tall, lanky and kinda skinny. Legs that just went on forever and the tightest ass he'd ever seen. And on top of all that, the boy had the most heart-melting pout.

Cena shook his head and propped his feet up on the desk. Lucky him. He got to stay and watch the 'offender'. Morrie wanted Randy home pronto. So Cena's best friend and partner couldn't stay. Cena didn't want to. He felt his mind wander to that pretty blonde in Cell 3. What he wanted to do was wrong. He had knew guys who did it, but still it wasn't right.


Some time passed. The tired cop brought Adam some water. His long wavy hair fell down in his face as he drank, making this sipping noise that made the officer's cock twitch involuntarily.

"What were you doing out there tonight, Adam? You seem far to nice to have been doing what we think you were doing." Cena said, taking back the glass.

"Yeah, well, Officer, you have no idea how hard life is right now. I mean, look at you." Adam gripped to the bars with both hands, letting his forehead press against the cool metal. The messy black eyeliner he was wearing making the green in his eyes shine even more. It had smudged causing the blonde to look trashy and sexy at the same time. "You're pulling down your big cop money. I can barely afford to put myself through college."

"College, huh?" Cena smiled, stepping up to the bars. Adam backed off as Cena grabbed to the bars with his free hand, looking in at the lovely blonde.

Adam swallowed. That dimpled smile made him want to view him just as any other man. Not a cop. That badge, however, said otherwise. "Yeah.. was.. was going to be a lawyer."

"You'll never get it that way." Cena smiled, blue eyes shining as he scanned Adam over.

The blonde shivered and wrapped his arms around himself. "Yeah? Won't get it broke either."

Cena shrugged, a smug smirk belying his lips. "There are other ways you can make money."

"Stripping?" Adam shook his head. "I tried that. Figured if they thought I was a whore, may as well be one."

"Excuses." Cena tisked.

Adam looked at him. That was annoying. "Yeah? What do you know?" He said defensively. "I bet you had parents who pushed you through college. Paid your tuition. Got you to be this big tough super cop. You probably live in a fancy house with a sexy wife and your spoiled kids. You know nothing about me." Adam looked down. "My father abandoned me, my mother tossed me out on my ass when I turned 18. My brother took me in, then he kicked me out too. I.. I have nothing."

Cena twitched. This kid was sadly mistaken. So bright to be stupid. He should try growing up in orphanages. Try being adopted by foster parents who could care less if you lived or died. Try being abandoned and left for dead only to scrape and claw your way through school. Get a scholarship and go to college to wind up in this precinct. To be this cop and to have witnessed the shit Cena had seen throughout his career. Rapes, murder, violence. Cena knew only one way you could have anything in life was to bust your damn ass for it. This kid needed to be taught a lesson.

Cena reached through the bars, raking Adam's hair from his face. "You're very pretty." He said softly before setting the cup he still held down. Adam watched him as Cena retrieved his keys, unlocking the cell door.

The blonde swallowed, wetting his lips and stepping back some.

"Are you letting me out?" He asked nervously. Hopefully.

"No." Cena simply replied, letting himself in and locking the cell back behind him. "But if it all goes well you may be out of here soon."

Adam backed up to the wall. He wasn't sure if he liked the sound of this. Cena came closer, standing a mere inch from the blonde. He raised his hand up, threading a silky piece of Adam's hair through his fingers.

"Turn around, raise your skirt, pull down your panties and place your hands on the wall." The officer commanded bluntly.

Adam bit his lip. "Wha..what?"

"I want to do a cavity search. You were not given a proper one earlier."

Adam swallowed and shook his head. "No.. no.. that's.. That.."

"Standard procedure, Addy." The cop assured, brushing his thumb across Adam's soft plump lips.

Those green eyes stared at him. Shinning anxious and curious. Confused and nervous.

"Turn around.. it's okay.." Cena cooed, gently turning Adam around and helping him place his hands on the wall in front of him. Adam looked back unsure. "Face forward." The officer commanded, turning Adam's head back around to the front.

Adam flinched, feeling Cena's hands as they searched him, starting at his shoulders and wrapping around him to pat down his chest and and then his stomach and hips. The cop dropped down feeling up Adam's legs first, reaching between them. Adam tensed, his face flushing as he felt Cena grope his crotch.

Cena stood back erect. "Now, raise up your skirt and pull down your panties. Let's go. We haven't got all night."

Adam took a small breath and lowered his shaky hands to pull up the bottom of the skirt. Cena wet his lips, smirking as his eyes scanned up the back of those legs all the way to that taut and tight little ass. Only concealed by a tiny white thong. He watched as Adam slipped his fingers down in the sides, pulling them out from his body before slowly peeling down the undergarment. They stuck between his cheeks some and Cena resisted the urge to groan as Adam shifted his legs apart a bit, grunting as he pulled them out and on down."

"Good. Very good. Hands back on the wall. That's it." Cena commented as Adam obeyed, placing the palms of his hands against the tan-ish white colored wall on either side of him. "Now lean forward and spread your legs shoulder width apart. There we go." He coaxed Adam forward, refraining from rubbing himself through his pants as Adam spread his legs. The blonde's back arched so nicely as he leaned forward.

Adam chewed on his bottom lip, holding his breath and pressing the side of his face to the cold concrete wall. He was shivering from both the cold and the anxiety of what he felt. All of this had been such a mistake. He wasn't a whore and he knew he'd end up in trouble if he had went through with this asinine plan. And obviously he had. There was one minor detail the cop should know. Cena pulled on a rubber glove he had brought with him, popping the cap on the KY-Jelly he had in his pocket and squirting some onto his fingers.

"Officer.. um.. I should.. You should.." Adam muttered, his voice quivering a bit.

"Shh.. Gonna be a bit cold." Cena warned, loving how Adam flinched as he toughed two fingers to his entrance. "Hold real still and don't move." He purred, rubbing the sticky substance over Adam's tight pucker.

Adam clinched his teeth, his anxiety growing by the second. His heart was pounding hard as Cena massaged his asshole with his middle finger.

"Now just relax. Loosen up.." Cena placed his hand on Adam's hip, holding to him.

"Please.. I'm.." Adam stopped, wincing. Tears forming in the corners of his eyes and his breath catching deep in his chest as the officer shoved two fingers forcefully inside of him. Oh, that hurt. That hurt badly.

Cena pressed down on the blonde's back, cocking his head to the side as Adam let out an uncontrolled whimper. This boy was as tight as he'd ever felt in his life.

The cop swallowed thickly. "Oh, shit.. You're not a...?"

"" Adam sniffled shamefully, closing his eyes and sending tears rolling down his cheeks.

"So you've never been popped?" Cena asked, surprise in his voice.

Adam shook his head, whining at the pain he felt in his asshole.

Cena groaned. He had a virgin on his hands. All to himself. It may of been wrong as fuck, but he felt himself harden up just thinking about de-flowering this pretty thing. He was not only the most gorgeous thing he'd ever saw, but he was tight as fuck.

Another whimper escaped Adam's lips. "Oh, god.. it hurts.. please.."

Cena cleared his throat, a serious expression forming on his face. "Hold still please." He said sternly. Professionally.

"No.. I.." Adam choked, scared as hell.

"Should have thought about that earlier." Cena replied stoically.

Adam whimpered, screaming out as the cop started moving his fingers around inside of him. Probing at his insides and stretching him brutally.

"Please.. stop.. I can't take it.." Adam cried out, his nails digging into the wall.

"Shhh.. You wanna be a whore? You have to learn how to take it." Cena retorted, pushing his fingers together before fucking them in and out of Adam.

The blonde gasped, crying out as mind-numbing pain shot up his spine. Cena was still holding him down by the back, moving his hand and snaking his arm around him as he stood to Adam's side. Holding him tightly as he shoved his fingers in even deeper. Adam tensed up as he felt the fingers touch his prostate.

"Please.. please.. no more.. I'm sorry.." Adam gasped pitifully.

"You were gonna give it away to some stranger tonight. Why not me?" Cena grunted wriggling his fingers apart before thrusting them in and out of him harder.

Adam whimpered and let his head fall forward, letting a couple more tears run down his cheeks. He felt dirty. Even fucking dirtier since his treacherous cock was getting stiffer as the digits probed in and out of him. Adam cried out as Cena pulled them out before rubbing his fingers over the violated pucker. Cena let Adam go before retrieving his cuffs and losing the glove. He yanked Adam's jacket off first then jerked one of Adam's arms down behind his back, snapping the cuff on before jerking the other down to join it.

"Hey," Adam was spun around. "What are you..?"

"For my protection. You want to be a corner slut? Well, I'm gonna show you all whores are good for. Down on your knees, slut." The cop commanded, locking eyes with his prisoner.

Adam gulped, shamefully bowing his head before getting down to his knees. The floor was cold and hard on his bare skin. He looked up at Cena, pouting a bit as the officer wasted no time in undoing his pants. Adam looked away as Cena pulled his shirt out from where it was tucked into his pants, unbuttoning it before setting it loose to reveal his chiseled abs and chest . The undone pants were then next shoved down past his underwear. Adam looked up, shivering as he stared at the tent pitched under the cop's boxer briefs, protruding painfully underneath them. The blonde wet his lips, his mouth almost watering at the sight of the adonis before him. The officer was more handsome and classy than anyone he was sure to of gotten tonight.

Adam raised up and inched himself closer, nuzzling his face against Cena's crotch before kissing the bulge and biting at just the material of the boxer briefs, pulling them out from his body. Cena shuddered, reaching inside his boxers with his right hand and taking hold of his erection, bringing it out as he pushed the waistband of the underwear down with his left hand. Adam swallowed, eying him hungrily as Cena stroked his thick cock in warming up.

"Come on.. open your pretty mouth.." He commanded, studying Adam's full lips as they parted a bit. "Wider, Addy. Let's go. You're going to be a cumslut, you're going to be my cumslut."

Adam opened his mouth wider, green eyes glossing over as he stuck his tongue out to lick across the head of Cena's cock as the brunette male traced it over his lips.

"Ohh, good boy.. I think someone likes having my cock in their face.." Cena taunted, tapping the head of his cock on Adam's lips, grunting as the blonde nipped and licked at the head.

Cena ran his fingers through Adam's hair, entwining fingers in those soft wavy locks as he pushed his cock past Adam's plump lips.

"Good.. so very good.. now close your mouth.. that's right.. good slut.." Cena instructed as Adam's mouth closed around the head. "Now suck.. Can you suck for me..? Suck on that dick nice and hard.."

The cop watched in fascination as Adam's eyes rolled upward, his lids half closed before fluttering shut. Adam moaned softly, suckling on the cock head like it was a popsicle.

"Hmhm.. damn.. you've sucked dick before I see.. Oh, you're so good at this.. Hmh.. swallow, blondie.. swallow around that thick cock.. Uhm.. fucking shit.."

Cena tossed his head back, groaning as Adam did as he was told, swallowing around Cena's girth before sliding his lips further down the shaft, bobbing his head a bit as he sucked him hungrily. His tongue gently massaging the underside of Cena's cock.

"Oh, yeah.. Little cocktease, huh..? Is this how you pay rent..?" Cena chuckled, moving his other hand to Adam's hair and twisting his fingers tightly in those gorgeous golden locks. He didn't mind that Adam neither confirmed or denied it, just watched as Adam's lips slid up and down his cock. Reveling in how the blonde looked on the knees before him, his hands bound behind his back as Adam whimpered and moaned like a slut as he mouth fucked him. Oh, it was amazing and so beautiful. And it was bringing him closer and closer..

Cena held to Adam's head, thrusting his hips and fucking the blonde's mouth. Adam let out a whimpered whine, gagging as the officer's hard dick repeatedly hit the back of his throat. Adam tried to relax his throat muscles, swallowing repeatedly. Cena only smirked as Adam coughed, choking a bit as he fucked that throat raw. Adam let out a whimpered whine and started trying to jerk away. Cena let him.

"Awe.. someone's being a bad boy now I see.. Little tease.. Get up.. To your feet.. Let's go.." He growled, pulling Adam to his feet. He turned the blonde around. "On your knees on the bed. Come on." Cena instructed, leading him to the small jail cell bed.

"No.. no, please.." Adam pleaded.

"You're a whore. Remember? You don't get a say." Cena reminded next to Adam's ear as he held to him from behind.

Adam shook his head. "I don't want to be a whore.. please.."

"Well now that's too bad. Tonight you're my whore. And I suggest you mind me if you want out of here." Cena threatened.

Adam let out a sigh and crawled up on the bed, feeling Cena instantly push him forward before pulling the panties on off. Adam was slumped forward on his knees, his ass in the air and his head down on the thin futon mattress. He was completely at the more authoritative man's mercy. Adam closed his eyes and took a deep breath, holding it as he waited.

Cena got out his nightstick, running it across Adam's backside before tapping his left cheek. Adam squeaked and started wiggling his arms under the cuffs.

"Please.. don't.. It'll hurt so bad.." Adam had a pretty damn good good idea what was on Cena's mind.

"This thing's not even as big as my cock.. Just relax.. I have lube.. You're gonna be just fine." Cena assured, tapping the right cheek and smiling as he received another squeak.

Cena got the lube back, squirting some of the sticky substance directly on Adam's asshole and spreading it with the nightstick before it could run. Adam shivered as the cold stuff and the nightstick ran between his cheeks. Cena pushed the smooth rounded head past Adam's entrance. Adam clinched his teeth, trying to contain his scream as he felt the thing stretching him even more brutally so than earlier, tears already welling back up in his eyes. Cena pushed the the nightstick in further, loving the scream he got from Adam.

"Oh.. god.. ow.. please.. stop.. it's too big.." He gasped. "Owie.. uhm.."

"You think this is too big?" Cena scoffed, pulling the nightstick out some before pushing it back in.

Adam panted, pain wracking his whole body. His asshole burning like fire. He felt it splitting him in two. It was so intense and painful as hell.

"Please.." Adam sobbed, crying harder as the cop began sliding the damn thing in and out of him. Adam flinched a bit, letting go with a string of whimpers as he felt Cena reach between his legs and start fisting his cock.

"That's right, you little slut.. so nice and hard.. such a filthy whore.." Cena taunted. Deep down he sort of felt bad for what he was doing to the pretty blonde. But between getting lost in the lustful act and trying to show Adam this is how he'd be treated every night if he followed in this profession, Cena just couldn't help it.

"Please, Officer Cena.. Sir.. stop.. uhm.. I can't.. uhm.." Adam arched up as Cena rammed his prostate.

"Yeah.. oh, yeah.. such a nice little ass.. fine ass.. You want that ass fucked hard, bitch..? I'll fuck that tight ass.." Cena wet his lips, watching the nightstick slide in and out of Adam's hole, the skin around the tight pucker red and raw and tearing. A small amount of blood coating the stick as it plunged inside of Adam and back out.

Adam whimpered as Cena took his hand away from his cock. Replacing it on his asscheek and spreading Adam apart some. Adam screamed as Cena went faster, shoving the thing deeper inside of him. Cena loved it. The bent over blonde, his body writhing in pain and pleasure, screaming and whining so nicely. Cena pulled the unlikely sex toy out and jerked Adam up, flipping him to his back. The nightstick was tossed to the ground, no longer needed. Adam stared up at the man poised between his legs. Cena stared back, his breathing hitched and deep as he studied him. Tears stained the blonde's blushed cheeks. His green eyes wet and red. Adam looked so hurt and confused. So beautiful and vulnerable. It made him ache with lust and desire. Those lips, so swollen and flushed with shame and arousal. So tempting. Cena growled, leaning down to capture Adam's lips in a searing kiss. Adam froze, letting the officer's lips bruise and dominate his before slowly kissing Cena back. Softly, tentatively. His asshole was in such pain. He was so tired and the cuffs were cutting into his wrists as they were pinned underneath his body weight.

But Adam found himself not caring as he got himself lost in the kiss. Those lips were magical. They felt so good. They made everything okay. Being here, being under Cena's touch.. his lips.. So strong, so concerned. Made Adam feel a lot safer than he had felt out on the cold and dirty streets scared of his first time at attempting to actually be a 'whore'. Cena groaned, forcing his tongue inside the blonde's mouth. Adam tasted so sweet as he explored that hot wet cavern. So amazingly of innocence, and of sin. Such a tantalizing blend. Delicious. Adam moaned under the kiss as Cena's tongue gently circled the blonde's own before pulling away.

Cena let his hands roam over Adam's body, taking a hold of his legs and spreading them apart. Adam held his right leg up as Cena let go of it and took hold of his cock. The cop panted heatedly, staring down at the lost blonde before looking over toward the bars. His tongue curling out from his lips in thought. He had a better idea. Adam stared up at the officer curiously as Cena raised up, yanking Adam to his feet and dragging him over to the bars. Cena shoved him around and undid the cuff on the right hand, setting them free before spinning Adam back around.

"Hey.. what..?" Adam was shoved against the bars and held to them.

"Hands up.. now.." Cena ordered impatiently raising Adam's hands above his head, linking the cuffs with the bars and snapping the right on back in place on the blonde's wrist.

Adam looked up, jerking on the cuffs that interlocked with the thick bars, making them clang against the metal. Cena slipped his shirt down off his shoulders, letting it fall to the floor. Adam looked at him as Cena raised his chin up to meet his gaze.

"After this you will promise me you'll never be a whore again. You're going to go back to school, get a decent job, okay?" Cena nodded sternly.

Adam sniffled and nodded in agreeing.

"Good." With that Cena kissed him, wrapping his strong arms around Adam's waist before lifting him up under his ass. "Wrap 'em 'round me, Addy."

Adam obeyed, gripping tightly to the bars as Cena splayed his cheeks apart with his fingers. Adam cried out, wincing as Cena's cock breached past his small pucker and slid into Adam's already aching and sore hole. Cena hissed, groaning at the incredible tightness that wrapped around his dick. Such a heavenly feel.

"Oh, fuck.. fuck, that's tight.." The officer panted, feeling like he was going to explode right then and there. "Ohm, shit.."

Adam's eyes rolled back as Cena started to thrust. Slowly at first to adjust to such constricted friction. Adam held his breath, releasing it slowly. His head was spinning with every stab of pain that went through him. He felt himself ripping and bleeding, and yes, it hurt like hell.. but, the pain soon started to give way to pleasure. To desire as Adam's cock twitched and begged for attention aching more with every one of Cena's thrusts.

"Uhm.. oh, god.." Adam shuddered as Cena hit his prostate.

"My name is John.." Cena chuckled.

"Uhm.. John.. please.. harder.." Adam purred, leaning his head back on the bars.

John chuckled again, kissing the blonde's neck and pounding him harder against the cold bars. Adam held tightly to them, moaning incoherently as John's cock stretched and tore him. Relentlessly stabbing his hidden button. John moaned, sucking at Adam's throat. The blonde babe felt so wonderful on his dick. So perfect. So gorgeous. Those longs legs wrapped around him, making Cena hiss as the heel of Adam's boot dug into his lower back.

"That's it.. slut.. Mhuhm.. fucking hott.. Oh, yeah.." John growled, reaching one hand between them and taking hold of Adam's hard cock, stroking the blonde roughly.

Adam let out a shrill whine, tossing his head back and wiggling his hips in an attempt to get more of it all. Cena hit his prostate again.. he was so damn close..

"Fuck.. fuck me.. Ohh.. ooh.. uhm.. right there.. oh, god.. John.. Fuck!" Adam screamed as he came hard, holding so tightly to the bars his knuckles and fingers were white. He tightened up all over just to keep his body from shaking underneath his climax.

Cena released Adam's cock, moving his hand back to his ass. Holding the spent blonde tightly as he fucked him, holding him as Adam hung there. John kissed his cheek, groaning as Adam's walls tightened around his member, making the already constricted passage way even more so. He kissed near Adam's mouth before kissing his lips, moaning into his mouth as he felt himself lose it. Adam whimpered as John's hot seed filled him.

They stood there for awhile as they cooled down. Joined and panting in post sex bliss. John pulled out, helping to set Adam's feet back down to the ground before uncuffing him. Cena fetched the nightstick and everything else before tossing Adam his jacket and his thongs.

"Dress." He said calmly, shooting Adam a stern look before leaving.


Cena released Adam after making the blonde promise he wouldn't be on anymore street corners with the intent to sale his body for money. Two days later Officer John Cena was cruising through the streets on patrol, stopping when he saw an all too familiar tall blonde standing against the wall of a convenience store. He smiled wryly when he saw the officer.

Cena pulled up and got out of his vehicle. He didn't think this suspect was too dangerous.. but he'd like to find out.

"I thought we agreed.." Cena waved his finger as if he were scolding a disobedient child.

"Oh, we did.. But, I sorta didn't wanna be just anyone's whore.." Adam smirked, raking a piece of his hair that had fell down into his face behind his ear. "I was hoping a certain blue eyed muscular cop would show me the error of my naughty ways." The blonde winked mischievously. "He could take me where no one would hear us and do whatever he wanted to me."

Cena shut the door on his squad car and advanced on the leggy blonde, taking a piece of Adam's golden hair between his fingers. "Randy's on break."

Adam slouched. "Not that neanderthal." He smirked playfully, dancing his fingers up Cena's arm. "I was talking about someone else."

"Well, then.. In that case.." Cena grinned, getting out his cuffs. "Hands on the hood and spread 'em."

The End...?
(Least for this one)

OMG, this felt awkward. LOL! I dunno, I didn't really want a prison rape (Oh, I still wanna do a prison rape) But I didn't want Cena to really be the bad guy.. in this one.. Cena? I'm not too good with him, but I'd said I'd try and I did. I think inspiration for the nightstick came from something redsandman99 did with Cena/Jeff in a chp of 'Passion'. The plot sorta fought with me b/c mainly I just wanted sex behind bars and smut :P None of this ever happened in real life, the back-stories weren't real, so it doesn't matter much. It's just a story, not real and with some of these, I can't stress that enuff. Most of these may borderline on crackfic-ish. I'll be totally honest, I'm not too big on this pairing, but I'm kinda happy with this one anyway. What do y'all think? XD! I gave this particular one to JoMoFan-spot b/c she lurvs this pairing and she's been so awesome to me and my Addy bottoming habits and has gave me such great reviews on 'STAH', 'Slashy Fun', 'Night Terrors', 'Pets', and all my other Addy bottoms deals. I'm really grateful, hun. XD. Also, I love Edge to pieces and I'm sorry about always making him a whore.. it's just he's so sexy :P Jeff muse: Fuckalicious. Terrah: Hell yeah, XD!

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