Diamond in the Rough- Outtake #10

Visions of Victoria

A/N: Here we are with the very last outtake of the series. This is Alice's vision from her POV when Victoria appeared in Bella's bedroom in Part 4... enjoy, and please leave one last review!

Age: 17

Pairing: A/E

Rating: M

Genre: Angst/Family

Summary: Alice and Edward are hunting together when Alice has a vision of Victoria's break in (coincides with chapter 7 of part 4).


The night was a fine one, with cool breezes and bright, guiding moonlight filtering down through the trees. I was chasing my prey- a most unfortunate deer that had happened to cross my path with its herd. Edward was close behind me, jogging leisurely as we weaved through the trees and dodged the protruding branches. I knew the deer was frightened, so when I pounced on it, I made sure to end it quickly, not wanting it to suffer more than it already had.

Even eighty-some years since I'd become a vampire, killing the animals still managed to sadden me slightly. Deer were so lovely- so lithe and calm, with their big brown eyes…

But it never did any good to dwell on it, so before I could get too upset over it, I drank heartily, enjoying the grim satisfaction it provided. I listened with skilled ears as Edward took down his own kill, the noise nearly nonexistent but for the crash as the animal fell to the ground, dead. Moments later, he appeared, the carcass of the dead deer slung over his shoulder as he tossed it into the hole we'd dug together. I did the same and silently, we covered the bodies with dirt, shielding them from any possible curious human eyes.

"How is she, Alice?" asked Edward suddenly, breaking the silence.

I instantly shielded my thoughts as I smiled… he was head over heels for that poor girl.

"She's fine." I said honestly. I laughed to myself as I remembered what I'd seen earlier, pitying her slightly for her own stupidity.

"What?" asked Edward warily, seeing my happy face.

"She went to the movies." I said with a shrug. He nodded, waiting for me to continue. "Only Mike, Angela and Ben could make it though." He pinched his nose angrily as he thought of Mike Newton and Bella being the only singles in their group.

"I knew something like that would--" he started, only to be cut off by my peal of laughter.

"She made him sit on one side of the others, and she sat between Angela and the wall." I cackled, remembering the vision of Bella, pressed against the wall as Mike tried vainly to watch her around Angela's tall figure. Edward smiled, grimly pleased.

"What did she see?" he asked dreamily, grinning from ear to ear.

"Saw." I said promptly, making him frown hugely as he turned to me abruptly.

"What prompted that?" he asked, torn between shock, pity and amusement. It was a well-known fact that Bella didn't like to watch scary movies, and Saw, for her, was overkill.

"They were going to see the romantic comedy, but it was sold out." I said.

"Lucky them." He said dryly. I knew he was trying not to imagine Bella and Mike Newton together, watching a romantic comedy with another couple.

"Alice." He said angrily as I envisioned it, smirking wildly.

"You should just tell her you like her." I blurted, earning me a small, offended growl.

"Oh stop it." I said sternly, swatting his shoulder. "Growling at me won't make things any different."

"Alice… she doesn't want to hear that." He said firmly.

"Doesn't she?" I challenged, making him roll his eyes as he descended back into the utmost ignorance, ready to play the lost puppy dog yet again.

"You're hopeless." I sighed sadly, making him shrug.

"If she expresses interest, I'll retaliate." He bargained.

He was blind as a bat.

"If you say so." I said indifferently, making him sigh as I turned back towards the darkness, scanning the area for any signs of animals.

"There." Said Edward suddenly, smiling happily as he pointed to a paw print, one that matched Edward's favourite food- mountain lion.

"You can have that one." I bargained, making him smile.

"Thanks Al." he said fondly, jogging off in the direction his food had gone. I, always interested in Edward's battles with the hopeless cats, followed, wanting to watch.

He ran lithely, making me giggle happily as I followed him until he found the desired cat, smirking as it woke from its slumber, looking quite angry.

It hissed and snarled as I giggled again, making it stand. Edward poised himself to pounce, and quite unexpectedly, just as my brother flew through the air, my mind was yanked into the future, blinding me from the present.

Bella is lying in bed- Rosalie's bed- when she hears a loud crash. The crash comes from her bedroom.

The edges of my vision blur slightly as she leaps out of bed, scared, and moves to the stairs. She snatches one of Esme's vases from the hallway as she steels herself, breathing heavily, and marches right on up towards her bedroom- where the sound had come from.

She stalks ever closer and my mind screams at her to turn around, but it's no use. She continues and after heaving one great breath of air, she flings the door open and launches the aforementioned vase in the direction of a tall, willowy redhead standing in the centre of the room.

The woman catches it and sends it flying into the wall, chipping the paint as she advances, smiling gently.

"Hello, Isabella." She says, making Bella shudder as her face blanches. She stumbles backwards as quickly as she can and takes a deep shaky breath before Victoria's eyes darken dangerously, and she crouches. Bella, overcome with sudden panic, turns to run, but before she can move so much as an inch, Victoria slams her to the ground, her face inches from Bella's own.

With one great, marvellous shriek, Bella's neck is pierced by the venomous teeth and her blood begins to drain, filling the vision-air with an intoxicating, desirable aroma. My mouth waters and I hatefully force it back as Bella's struggling slows and Victoria's eyes redden.

Before long, Victoria pulls away, smirking happily as she turns on her heel and leaps out of the window, running off into the night.

My vision focuses on the still form of Bella- pale and ghostly- and very much dead.

I snap back with a horrified gasp, and a grisly, fearful snarling starts up behind me, before Edward dashes out before me as fast as he can go.

I follow, willing my legs to move faster than they ever had.

I could only pray that we would be quick enough.

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