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"Are you sure you really want to do that?" A strikingly cheerful voice asked.

The white-haired girl sitting dismally on the ledge spun her head around to face the person trying to talk to her. She was in no mood to chat with a person she had never seen before – she was currently wavering between ending her misery right then and there, and thinking of a viable solution to her many problems. She had neither the time nor the energy to entertain some bored young man with a bright green bandana tied around his head. What a weird guy. Who still wears such old-fashioned stuff nowadays? Damn him. He'd better go away soon. He's interrupting my alone time!

The male with the fiery red hair stared at the girl sitting on the ledge. Was she going to jump? If she was, he'd better persuade her not to. He didn't think that it'd be very fun to go around the rest of his life knowing that someone's death might be on his currently very clean hands. He was somewhat a stickler for cleanliness, too. And to tell the truth, the girl did look rather cute, even if she was a tad too thin for his superior and somewhat perverted taste.

He took a slow deliberate step towards her. Hopefully, if everything went well, she would swing her legs inwards and come down. And maybe join him for dinner after. If things were at their worst, the girl might stand up and shout at him before toppling to her unplanned death some distance below. But where was the fun in that? He put another step forward and stared at her with a curious expression. Then he put another foot forward; he didn't want to surprise her off the ledge, after all.

The girl watched the long legs slowly move towards her, almost hypnotised by the careful, identical steps the young man took. He's afraid of frightening me! She wanted to laugh. But she did nothing; she didn't want to sound hysterical. She continued to slouch over, legs dangling off the ledge on which she was so precariously perched. She swung her legs, watching her blue flats dance to the rhythm of the pivots that were her feet. She could see the street below. It was a nice long road, with ever so many elegantly tall trees. And there were cars, both old and new, dotting the street. Too pretty a scene for her to spoil, really. She shouldn't jump here. The sight of her mangled, bloodied body would damage the beautiful surroundings.

The male watched the girl's back as he slowly inched closer. She'd turned her head away, back to staring at the street below. Her hands, both gloved, he noticed, were clutching the ledge rather tightly. Maybe she wasn't so keen on suiciding, after all.

"Don't you want to come down?" She heard a pleading voice beside her.

The girl turned her head, and found herself looking into the single green eye of the redhead who had been taking his own sweet time to walk towards her. He was standing at the parapet, smiling at her. Why is he wearing an eye-patch? That's really weird too. An eye-patch and a bandana? He must be really weird, this guy. Is he a hippie of some sort?

"I like it up here" was her intelligent reply.

"It's dangerous you know, young lady." She was shocked to see the redhead wink at her as if they had known each other for ages. He has no sense of propriety at all, does he!

"You might fall." He flashed a winning smile. "Come on."

She glared at him, only to feel a muscled hand grab her around the middle. Then two hard arms pulled her back, ignoring the fingers she was angrily flailing in his face, before they set her down so that she stood next to the redhead.

"Well, now, that wasn't so hard, was it? But seriously, suiciding isn't a good idea you know, whatever the problem. Do you need a shoulder to cry on? Or do you need someone to talk to? If you do, you can count on me, you know. Don't try to do some silly thing like killing yourself." The redhead continued. Damn it, why am I saying such stuff? It's not like me at all! Is this girl a witch or what? Is she bewitching me? But she is cute.

The girl was evidently amused. She had been staring at his face for some time now – she so wanted to laugh. How had he managed to change his facial expressions so quickly? A cheeky grin had rapidly morphed into a caring, anxious face. It was too funny. But she had to admit, even with his eye-patch and his bandana, he was still a good deal more handsome than most of the guys around the campus. He was tall and muscular for that matter, too.

"It's nothing much." She leaned against the parapet. "I just needed a breather."

"You –"

"What's your name?"

"I'm Lavi Bookman. And you, princess?" He smirked.

"I'm Allen. Allen Walker. That's Allen spelt with an A, not an E."

"Ohhh. That's a weird name for a girl."

"Sure it is."

"Ouch. Look, I know you need some time alone. If you ever need someone to talk to, there's always me. Here. I'll give you my number. You can always reach me on my cell." He pressed a slip of paper into her small palm.

"I'll be off, then. Remember not to do anything foolish!" He turned and walked towards the stairs.

"Lavi?" Her voice was rather unsteady. The redhead turned back, surprised. "Shall we go grab a bite?"

And that was how they ended up in the nearby café. Allen was happily munching away on a huge burger. Lavi thought she was the strangest girl he'd ever seen, but also the cutest and most attractive. Not that she was the prettiest girl he'd ever seen; she wasn't. But there was something about her boyish figure, about the way she carried herself, that made his heart thump faster against his ribs like it had never done before (if it had, he couldn't remember it).

And so he was curious.

"Did you get that tattoo for fun? And are you a natural peroxide blonde?" He gestured at her face and hair. He saw the girl stiffen.

"My scar…" Allen touched the red line on her face, "my scar I got from the accident that killed my adoptive father when I was young. And my hair is naturally white. It's not blonde."

"Ohhh, I see. I didn't mean to touch on such a hurting topic." The redhead smiled at her. "Forgive me?"

"I'm not offended. It's okay." Allen sighed in between huge mouthfuls of food.

"So why were you up there just now?" Lavi continued asking. Allen wanted to glare at Lavi. Why was he being so curious? But it would be nice to share her story with another human. She needed a break.

"My guardian left without a word. And he saddled me with a huge amount of debt. I'm not sure I can pay the creditors in time. In fact, I hardly think I can." Lavi saw the head of white hair (not blonde, he reminded himself) droop slightly.

"You poor thing…" Without knowing what he was doing, his hand reached out to pat that adorable, silky clump of white hair. The girl looked up, evidently bemused, her grey-blue eyes confused and veiled with a mist of tears.

"What did you say you major in, again?" Lavi seemed to have no end of questions to ask.


"Ohh! Then we're in the same faculty! I major in history and psychology! Let's have lunch together tomorrow!"


Lavi was his usual hopping self when he got back to his hostel room that night. Only, he was more excited and hyperactive than usual. He grabbed his roommate, a certain cold-hearted Asian man with long blue hair, and waltzed him around the room, much to his roommate's much-expressed disgust.

"Che, baka usagi, what's gotten into you? Let go of me NOW!"

"Yuu-chan, why so unhappy?" Lavi sang loudly into his roommate's ear. He found himself facing the glinting eyes of a familiar sharp metallic blade.

"Do NOT call me Yuu-chan!" The hoarse voice made itself known just beside Lavi's ear.

Lai freed himself by nodding. "Hey, Yu, I think I've fallen in love."

"Che. You say that so often it's hard to believe it anymore."

"I'm serious this time. I've invited the girl to lunch with me tomorrow. Come along!"

"Shut up, you."

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