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"Moyashi." Kanda wrapped his tongue around the Moyashi's name, enjoying the way his tongue wrapped itself around the soft vowels. "Allen."

He slowly stretched his left arm out till it touched Allen's hands. Tentatively, he placed his left hand on top of her hands, glad to feel the warmth emanating from her pale body. After a short while, he finally placed his right hand on Allen's head, flexing his fingers slowly. Almost automatically, his long, thin fingers worked their way through Allen's soft hair, feeling the velvety silkiness of the strands.

His dark eyes focused on Allen's peaceful face. The hand ruffling through the hair slid down to rest on Allen's soft cheek. He had longed to touch the cheek in question for some time now, to just reassure himself that Allen really was there.

His cold hand rested against her cheek, fingers tracing the long red scar on her face. His face inched closer to hers, taking in her entire appearance.

He loved the way her long eyelashes curled against her double eyelids, almost like a porcelain doll's. He was amazed by the smoothness and luminescence of her pale skin, almost like the glowing face of the full moon in the dark night sky. He loved her thin lips, even, because it was a part of her. He loved her, flaws and all – he was not a playboy like Lavi after all. He could accept her physical imperfections – the scar, the deformed arm, the white hair, the lack of height, even her straight figure. These were nothing to him.

He could accept anything, as long as she was fine. Why did she faint? Lavi forgot to tell me… Kanda sent a suspicious glance towards the now-closed door. Were Lenalee and the idiot Lavi behind Allen's sudden fainting stance?

Outside the room, Lenalee moved away to let Lavi have his turn at peeking in through the keyhole.

"Ehh, Lavi, shouldn't the effect of the sleeping pill be wearing off now?" Lenalee asked.

"Yeah, it should be. That's why this is the climax! It determines whether out plans have failed or succeeded!"


"Oh, look! Allen's beginning to stir!" Lavi flashed Lenalee an excited look.

Indeed, Allen was beginning to regain her consciousness. Groaning, she fidgeted in bed, flailing her thin arms mildly as she struggled to free herself from the thick blanket. Kanda heard the groan and looked up, surprised at Allen's sudden movements.

Allen opened her eyes, only to find Kanda's deep blue ones staring back at her. She screamed and pulled her blanket over her clothes.

"Bakanda? What're you doing here?" Allen shrieked breathlessly, panic colouring her words.

"Che, Moyashi, calm down. I didn't do anything to you, and anyway, you're fully clothed."

Allen looked down and saw herself in all her clothes, minus her big coat. She calmed down. "What're you doing here?"

"Lavi told me you fainted, so I rushed over."

"Oh. Wait. Aren't you not talking to me?" Allen remembered as she gradually calmed down.

"Look, Moyashi, I'm sorry about that day. It's just hard for me to… for me to talk freely about my emotions. And I'm not interested in Lulubell. She hung onto me. I'm sorry." Kanda bowed his head.

Allen smiled, a weight lifted off her heart. "It's okay, Bakanda."

She reached out to stroke his long hair. Outside, Lenalee and Lavi whooped in joy at the scene, which unfortunately alerted Kanda to their unwelcome presence. He launched open the door and came at them with his Mugen at the ready.


"Look carefully, Yu, this is how it's done." Lavi's deft fingers twisted the coloured paper into a rose. Kanda tried to follow suit; he was so focused on the rose that he didn't even threaten Lavi for using his first name.

"How many have you folded by now, Kanda?" Lenalee asked a few hours later, amused, as she took in Kanda's dishevelled appearance.

"Twenty." Kanda wiped his perspiration away with the back of his hand, and attempted to push his long hair back behind his ear. "Where's my hair tie?"

"Wow, twenty! That's a lot of effort you've put in." Lenalee looked very surprised. "I didn't know you had it in you."

Kanda grunted. Lavi beamed at Lenalee, though, and said, "It's all due to my good influence!"

Kanda glared at him, after which Lavi decided that it was time for him to use the washroom.

"You know, Kanda, I think Allen will be really touched when she sees this." Lenalee said, breaking the empty silence.

"Che, she'd better. I've spent so much time on it!"


"Allen, wear this at the very least! I absolutely forbid you to wear any slouchy old tee! If you really must wear jeans, then you have to wear this top to go with it!" Lenalee snapped at Allen, holding out a blue top.

Allen shivered in response. "Alright." She said at last.

After getting into the top, Allen looked at herself in the mirror. It was a little low-cut, but she had her coat after all, so there would be no problems with that. Grabbing her coat, she yelled a goodbye to Lenalee before zooming out the door, straight into Kanda's muscular chest.

"Oh!" Allen exclaimed, surprised to find yet another obstacle blocking her way.


Allen looked up to see Kanda's dark eyes. "Oh gosh! Sorry, Kanda, I didn't know you were outside."

"Che. Let's go."

The two walked in a comfortable silence downhill, walking through the sugary snow, until at last they reached the park that Lavi had once brought Allen to. Kanda kicked a path through the knee-deep snow so that Allen could walk, leading her through the trees to the centre of the park. There, Kanda wiped a wooden bench, and pulled Allen to sit on it.

Looking up, Allen saw an intricate canopy above her head, with branches interlocking and crossing each other. Snow lay in clumps along the brown branches, lending a whimsical touch to the portrait-worthy scene.

"It's lovely!" Allen smiled at Kanda in gratitude, happy that he brought her here.

"Yes, I thought you'd like it." Kanda said absently. His eyes were again on Allen – yes, she did look lovely. The weak winter sun fell on her, and her hair looked like glossy snow against the white and brown backdrop. Her small features were as attractive to him as ever, and her eyes seem to shimmer with all their sad intensity in the afternoon sun.

Then he noticed her shivering.

"You're cold." Kanda's questions were apt to sound like statements.

"I'm fine. It's just that my shirt is a little flimsy…"

Kanda stared at her shirt for some time, before taking off his own longer and warmer coat. He exchanged their coats with precise actions, taking no notice of her protests.

"Next time, don't wear such a top."

"Lenalee forced me into it."

"Don't listen to her then."

"She said you'd like it."

"I like anything you wear." At this, pink tints lined the cheeks of both man and woman sitting on the bench.

"Eh, Moyashi." Allen was used to Kanda calling her that, but this time, the sweet intensity with which he uttered her name shocked her, and sent gentle tingles down her spine. His gentle tone, so rarely in use, played with her nickname, giving it a loving touch that echoed in her mind with soft footsteps.


"Huh?" Allen could only manage that intelligent reply.

Kanda did not reply. His fingers fumbled with his sling bag, before he finally wrenched out a prettily wrapped bouquet of flowers, which he handed to Allen. Allen took hold of the small floral gift, and looked at it in amazement.

There lay twenty red roses folded from paper, tied together in a delightful whirl with white and green tissue. Allen looked at Kanda.

"You made this?"

"You think?"

"Thanks Bakanda. I know you must have spent hours folding this. i… I don't know what to say. Just… thank you." Allen's eyes started to fill with tears.

"Che. Twenty roses; twenty to represent your age." Kanda stretched a finger out to stroke Allen's hair, and leaned towards her. "Can I kiss you?"

"Yes!" Allen's heart leapt at the thought. Without a word, Kanda gently titled Allen's head, and planted a soft kiss on the scar that lay across the left side of her face. He moved away to see her reaction.

He kissed my scar… Allen was shocked, but pleased.

"I love you, Bakanda." Allen stroked Kanda's cheek with her hands. One hand moved up to sweep his bangs out of his dark eyes. "I love you, and I love your gift."

"Che." But Kanda smiled down at the girl he loved, and pulled her head so that it rested on his shoulder.

She was like soba – he would never tire of her, and he would always be able to appreciate the unique flavour that her unusual character left behind. Sometime in the future, perhaps, he might be able to attempt saying 'I love you'. But right now, he was content to sit with Allen among the glinting white snow in his own tiny little utopia.

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