Stranded: 10 days with Mr Arrogant

After a bazaar turnout Leon finds himself washed up on a small deserted island with no one but his bi-polar rival Cloud strife. How the hell can one share an island, let alone a bed or a shower with his enemy? FML... SHOUNEN AI LeonxCloud

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Chapter 2: Awkward as hell…


You know who really grinds my gears..? Cloud grinds my gears.

"Why did you even follow me out here, if you aren't going to look for food?"

Geez this guy is hopeless.


What the hell is this guy's problem!? He should be thanking me for even coming out with him to look for food after he shoved me off that bed. Asshole.

"I am looking for food!"


The two males exchanged annoyed glances at each other. Both of them were having trouble looking for food, most of what was found was barely edible as it was, neither of them even knew if the stuff they found was fit for human consumption. Leon had grabbed a small woven basket from the front of the small shack Cloud had discovered. Inside the basket was the small lobster he found and some dried seaweed. Cloud had found, what looked like a pinecone…but wasn't sure it was one considering he saw it move sometimes.

With the blistering sun beating down on the backs of both men, they retired underneath the shade of a huge palm tree, sweating and panting.

"We've been out here a whole hour and all you've found is a shitty pinecone!?"

"Excuse me, Squall but it's not like you've found much yourself either"

"It's Leon, and I've still found more than you."

"I'm the one who found that damn crab! And I wouldn't even eat that thing if I were you! It talked."


"It did."


This guy is nuts.


I am not going crazy! I swear I heard that fucker talk!

Oh god, I am going crazy…


Back at the shack, both males sat along the shanty veranda eating flame cooked lobster wrapped in dried seaweed. There wasn't much lobster considering how small the little guy was but paired with the seaweed it was enough to satiate the men's appetite for the time being. While it was agreed that dinner sucked, both were thankful that there was clean running water to drink. It was weird that the shack had working taps and bathrooms with actual plumbing in the first place but both had also decided not to question it.

Leon got up and stretched, without his fur jacket on the feint outline of his chiselled upper body could be seen through his singlet. Leon stopped stretching the moment he felt Cloud's gaze behind him, it was enough to send a shiver down his spine. Leon turned to look at the blue eyed male, sure enough he caught him staring. The blonde immediately turned his face away.





Awkwardness hung in the air the same way the stench of Cid's stinky sweatpants wafted around the room when he forgot to do the laundry back at Radiant Garden. Leon did not miss that at all.

"Whatever….I'm taking a shower, don't get any ideas, perv" Leon declared, walking over to the bathroom.


Perv? As in pervert? ME? As IF! That's funny coming from this guy who was pinning me to that bed a little while back..…hrm that does sound kina gay actually.

Since it looks like we're going to be here for a while yet, I might as well look around this shack for a bit, I've only been in the bedroom…I wonder what the other rooms are.

What the hell is this little room? A storeroom? Let's pry this door open….nghh


This bathroom is actually…kind of nice? Way better than the shitty one I have to share with the rest of the restoration committee. I closed the door behind me only to find (to my disgust) that there's no lock on the damn thing. I never shower if there is no lock on the door. Never. Ever since that day…

(2 years ago)

"Oh Leon! There you are! Are you going to take a shower now?"

"Uh yeah…what is it Aerith?"

"I just wanted to let you know, Yuffie broke the bathroom lock again so…."

"Goddamnit Yuffie…why's she always picking that damn lock anyway?"

"I don't know Leon. Hmm…there was something else I was supposed to mention but…I can't remember…."

"Whatever, just make sure no one goes in while I'm in there."

"Sure thing!"

*turns knob* "click"






I shivered….that day will probably haunt me for the rest of my life…

Well, there's no one else here other than Cloud so I guess it should be okay...

….better make it a quick shower.

Just in case.




Finally, I got that door open! Alright, what do we have here….

…oh shit what IS that? Is it alive!?

Inside the storeroom or whatever the hell this room is, is full of old books and computers and junk…the type of stuff Leon would get a real kick out of..…what a nerd. Each mantel piece, computer and shelf is covered in a thick film of dust and cobwebs. Nasty.

There also seems to be a heartless in here but….it's not doing much. I carefully open the door wider to shed more light into the room. As the room fills with light I notice that this weird thing in front of me really is a heartless! But luckily it's one of those little mushroom dudes. They're pretty chill.

Speaking of chill, this little guy looks like he's pretty cold himself, he's got his little arms wrapped around himself, shivering. I know! I'll just cast a fire on the little guy.


Oh look how happy he is! Jumping around and touching everything and….

…oh fuck.


That was a good shower. Actually it was one of the best showers I've had in ages! No annoying Cid yelling and thumping on the door, no Yuffie trying to lockpick the door while I'm showering, no Aerith asking if I need anything…so Sora asking plot driven questions while I'm trying to take a dump…

I'm surprised this place even has soap, let alone shampoo! Although I don't want to brag but, I don't even need it considering my hair is so soft and shiny and plain great anyway. Cloud could use a good shampoo though, dunno how much product he uses to get his hair that retarded looking but it must be a lot.

Wrapping a towel around my waist, I pause and sniff. Something smells odd. Something smells like...smoke.

What has that idiot done now?


*gasp* *cough*

Damn mushroom….


What. The. Actual. Fuck. Just. Happened.

I take a 10 minute shower. 10 minutes! And in that time alone, Cloud manages to set the place on fire. What the hell is wrong with this guy!?

I wince in pain as I wrench open the storeroom(?) door, as the damn door handle is scorching hot. Smoke billows out of the room and amidst smoke and fluttering debris, I can see the idiot passed out on the floor. Luckily the fire isn't a huge one, I cast blizzaga thrice and it's enough to dampen the flames. I do feel a bit drained from the mp usage though.

One hand holding tightly onto the towel around my waist, wouldn't wanna do a Cid now would we? (even though I know that's what you fangirls want), the other arm draped around the dumbass, I drag him out of the room away from the smoke. His eyes are shut and his face is sooty as ever.

Maybe he's dead…? Hmmm how will I explain that the Aerith and Tifa…? Whatever, I'll just say Sephiroth did it. Oh wait I think he's breathing. Thank god, if I had to use CPR I might've ended up killing myself later.


*Cough* *cough*

Ugh what happened…? So dizzy…where am I?

The last thing I remember is that little mushroom dickhead….then I blacked out, I guess…

Coming to, the haze begins to dissipate and I realize now that I am lying on the floor with a topless Leon hunched over me and staring.

This is awkward as hell.

"Oh look, sleeping bimbo has awoken"

"Shutup….asshole…" *cough*

"This asshole just saved your life."

Saved my life? As my eyes focused I realized that I was covered top to bottom in soot from the fire, I was lying on the bedroom floor and noticed a light trail of soot that ran across the floor from the storeroom to where my current position was. It looks like Leon had put the fire out and dragged me here…..saving me.

Oh great, he's the last person I wanted to be saved by. Actually, make that second last. Screw Sephiroth.

I slowly sat up, coughed a bit and ran a hand through my dusty hair. Leon had just come out of the shower it seemed but it looked like he'd need another one. His wet chestnut hair that was brushing the sides of his face were now speckled with ash. The dust and ash also settled atop his shoulders and across chest. I didn't particularly like the guy but staring at his mildly annoyed face right now brought me a sense of relief at the moment. For the first time stuck on this island, I was happy Leon was here.


He's just smiling at me without saying anything….

….it's creeping me out.

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