Night had fallen by the time Ciel and Sebastian reached the Phantomhive manor. Sebastian stepped down from the driver's seat of the carriage and opened the door. "You cannot stay in there forever, bocchan." He said with a light smirk when the boy made no movement to step down.

"So get me a change of clothes. If someone saw me walk into my mansion... rumors would start..." Ciel stared down at his body. Twice now in his lifetime had he been forced to dress as a woman. First when he was twelve in order to investigate and capture 'Jack the Ripper'. Now, at the age of eighteen, was for Sebastian's own amusement, a celebration of sorts.

It had been a year since Ciel had unintentionally told his hidden feelings for the demon. Ciel had fallen asleep in his study and talked in his sleep. Sebastian had found the words endearing so he played along to bring a little happiness to the young earl's life. Technically speaking demons didn't feel things like love or even fondness. But since Sebastian was posing as a human he couldn't see the harm in playing along for a while.

"We are a mile from the road, surrounded by both fences and foliage. If there was anyone around I would have said so. There is no one but the staff. Now, please, come out. The more I see you pout the more I--" He caught the look on Ceil's face. His smirk turned to a smile "Forgive me," Sebastian held his hand out "my lord."

"Hm~" Ciel mumbled, taking the demon's hand. The high heels he wore clicked on the stone steps that led up to the large double doors. The blue and white dress blew around his ankles in the wind. "This is the last time I do something like this. A butler is not supposed to force the master of the house into such things."

Sebastian held the door open. With a hand over his heart he bowed Ciel into the mansion. "There is one more thing." He stepped inside, letting the door swing closed behind him. "If I may say so; your dancing has greatly improved, my lord. The other women looked upon you with jealousy---"

"Shut up!" Ciel hissed. He started across the entrance hall, thankful that his back was turned to the demon. He would not show his embarrassment.

"I only speak the truth." Sebastian's large stride allowed him to easily catch up to the young earl."Your beauty was unsurpassed this evening." He took in Ciel's rush of emotions. The boy's body heat rose, sweat beaded on Ciel's forehead "I'll run a bath."

Grateful to be alone for a moment, Ciel surveyed the room around him. There was no way he was going up the stairs in those shoes. His body was screaming it was so tired. Figuring since he was already dress as a woman he could suffer one more indignity and sat on the bottom stair to take his shoes off. After fumbling with the laces for a moment or two Ciel finally pulled the heeled boots off. "aah~ finally!" He stood with a groan and made the strenuous journey up the steps to his private bath.

Sebastian stood at attention next to the steaming bath. For the past few years he had not bothered bathing Ciel. The young master was grown and fully capable of washing himself. However, undressing was another matter. First the master could not reach the ties that held the dress in place. He could not undo the buckles that kept the leggings up. Ciel secretly thanked God that he had not been forced into another corset.

The bath water was a welcomed relief on Ciel's aching body. He relaxed; with each breath water would wash up over his chest and run down in little waves. The mix of warm water and cool air made the young Earl's nipples stand erect.

Sebastian glanced sideways at the bath. Was it his imagination or had Ciel gained a bit of weight? No, it wasn't just his imagination nor was it a trick of the water. Ceil's appetite had increased over the past few weeks so it was natural for him to put on a few extra pounds. Nothing a simple diet and light exercise couldn't fix.

Suddenly Ciel stood. Sebastian was snapped from his thoughts so quickly that he started. "Bo-Bocchan?" He had taken less than two steps when Ciel put up his hand to stop the demon from coming closer. For a few tense moments the only noise was the steady dripping of water off Ciel's body. Then, the boy doubled over and vomited on the bathroom floor. In a flash Sebastian was at his side, helping Ciel out of the tub.

"I-I stood too fast…the water was too hot." Ciel explained as Sebastian eased him down against the wall "Tired from dancing." Whatever he said it didn't change the fact that he felt awful. His head was spinning making him want to throw up again but there was nothing left in his stomach to throw up. The soaps and perfumes of the bathroom added with the heat made everything seem ten times worse. He wanted a window open but he was overcome with clammy chills.

The little voice in the back of his head chimed in with a 'happy anniversary' that made Ciel smirk. "S-Sebastian…there will be no need for a doctor." He said as the butler slipped a long nightshirt over his head. "A night's sleep and a good meal are what I need."

Sebastian lifted Ciel in his arms like a husband carrying his blushing bride on their wedding night, cautious but a hint of something more exciting. Ciel, despite his asthma, was tough. He refused to get sick and refused treatment on the rare occasions he was ill.

The demon laid the young Earl onto his feather mattress and covered him with the comforters. "Lady Elizabeth will be coming tomorrow afternoon. If you are not feeling well enough I will cancel."

"I will be better. That is all, Sebastian." With a wave of his hand Ciel dismissed the butler. Sleep was quickly over taking him, clouding his mind and thoughts. He couldn't think even if he wanted to and at that moment he didn't want to do anything.

The demon nodded and took his leave. Sebastian stopped by the cleaning closet before he went back to the bathroom. He rolled up his sleeves, dropped to his knees, and started cleaning up the sick. "He was fine this entire evening. No fever or nausea. And the water was perfect, just as I have always prepared it."

His mind wandered back to the storybook evening he and Ciel had shared a few months ago. The demon smiled remembering the dinner, fine wine, and how they finished off with a night of ecstasy where Sebastian was the master again and again and again. Sebastian dropped the rag and ticked off on his fingers "Increased appetite, slight weight gain, tiredness, and nausea. I have seen many things in my time but this…this must be a first."

A/N: Thank you all for reading ^^ I'm afraid I still count my stories as "bad writings" but I do take pride in knowing that no one, kn the history of the world, has put those words in that order. They are completely mine.