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Epilogue: In Which Karma Strikes Back

To the entire group's reluctance, school came back in session after New Year's Day passed. On the first of January at midnight, Namine made sure to kiss Axel at her party since it was tradition. She loved the fact that they could become a couple, free to go wherever they pleased and do whatever they wanted together. Of course, she still cherished her independence, but being with Axel lifted her spirits. Happy before dating him, happier as they dated—the cheer of the concluding holiday season was contagious. Best of all, she made good on the previous lie she had told her dumb ex-boyfriend Marluxia. Before school started again on the second of January, she met Axel out on the street to walk with him to school. Love filled her oceanic eyes while his lit up with love requited. Ah, it felt so good to have a more deserving guy to love!

Proudly striding hand-in-hand inside the school building, they noticed Sora and Kairi practically running toward them in the foyer. The couple appeared excited for their friends, especially Kairi.

"What did I tell you Nami, huh? I told you that you could ask him out, and you didn't believe me. Well, my favorite cousin, I have to say that I'm beyond happy for you!"

"Uh...thanks, Kai. But, I think you're overblowing your excitement," Namine pointed out, believing for certain that this was true. Even Sora nodded his agreement.

"Kairi, you can be too much of a busybody. Let's focus on our own love life please."

The redhaired girl embarrassingly blushed while both Axel and Sora chuckled upon her sudden shyness.

Namine demurely smiled to show that she really did think that this was true. However, she told both boys to silence them, "Guys, without Kairi, I wouldn't even be with you, Axel."

"Nah," he waved his hand dismissively, "I had decided over the break that if you weren't going to make the first move, I would. I was tired of being a coward around you. After all, I had to let my feelings for you show."

In response to his almost romantic confession, she sneaked her hand so that it laced through his. "You are amazing. But, I didn't know you were scared."

He laughed. "Don't put it that way! It's just the fact I was overwhelmed for once."

"He can't be cool and calm all the time," Sora declared, earning a jab in the ribs from Kairi.

Namine and Axel merely laughed, not taking the brunet's honest remark into offense. Besides, love could be troublesome when it came to tearing down a person's walls. It destroyed pride.

"See you in chemistry, Kairi," Namine called over her shoulder as she walked over to Roxas and Olette. Axel caught up to her shortly, and all four teenagers conversed in the same effect that Sora and Kairi had talked to them. Apparently, the recent romance blossoming between the pyro and the artist would be the talk of the school soon.

"Xion already told me that she called dibs when it came to a bet she had with Riku concerning you two. She wins a paid trip to the movies now," Olette giggled after saying this.
Roxas gave a thumbs-up. "Now that you're together now, play nice. And be careful with Axe, Namine."

He said this jokingly, though Axel pretended to be reproachful by yelling, "Hey, watch it, Rox! If anything, she should watch out for me...not that she has to worry. You'll be safe."

"And so will you," Namine responded airily, pecking him on the cheek. They both waved goodbye to Roxas and Olette before heading over to Demyx's locker, where Selphie currently pestered the music addict. Zexion looked on, shuffling his feet slightly. Once seeing Axel and Namine, he held up a hand in greeting. However, a hint of concern crossed his face.

"I'm afraid you came at a bad time," he warned in a low tone. "Demyx is in the process of being tortured. See, his new year's resolution is to try to ward off Selphie. You notice how this is working out."

Slyly peering over Demyx's shoulder, Axel felt curious as to why Selphie wanted to annoy the crap out of her older brother. He only saw a haphazard mess of papers and textbooks inside the locker.

"How unimpressive, Demyx. Why would Selphie be inspecting your locker?"

"She's not," the aspiring lead guitarist as well as vocalist moaned. "She's asking if she can have some of my lunch. Look, Selph, just 'cause you're a starving sophomore doesn't mean—!"

"It does!" Selphie retaliated, brushing off her designer jeans for some reason. "If Mom bought you Subway subs, why can't I have some?"

Acting in an almost oddly shy manner, Zexion murmured, "He's a growing boy who needs to build up his strength. Do you want him to be pulverized by dodgeballs in PE?"

Her green eyes slightly dilated in awe, she whispered, "I never thought of it like that."

A crooked smile established itself on Zexion's lips, glad that he managed to settle a debate by himself. He always did think himself a diplomat of sorts. Unfortunately, due to his much valued pride, he pretended (very well) to give an irritated glare to Selphie.

"Well, I must inform you that you are an ignoramus. So, naturally, you would be prone to such blissful unawareness. You have nice clothes, Demyx has needs."

Selphie giggled, feigning to disregard Zexion's vast insight. "But, of course, genius boy!"

Growling under his breath, the head of his class stormed off toward his own locker. Namine wore a thoroughly entertained expression upon seeing this rather cute scene.

She told Demyx, "You watch. Those two will end up together."

Once he regained this quietly enunciated prediction, the gawky teen's mouth dropped open as he dropped his open tote bag. A heavy library book entitled Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix landed on his foot once it spilled out. He jumped up and down while panicking.

"That better not be true!" he shouted loudly enough to cause a scene. "I won't let her go out with hi—I won't even let him go out with her! They'll destroy each other! THEY'LL TEAR EACH OTHER APART!! They're doomed, so doomed."

"Thanks for the breakfast theatre, Dem," Axel complimented, patting his friend on the back. "See you!"

Axel and Namine abandoned their hopeless wreck of a friend as he anxiously banged his head against his locker. It is always a complicated situation if there's a remote possibility of a sibling going out with a friend.

Lastly, Namine decided that the two of them should pay a visit to a certain Marluxia Isaki and his "precious" current girlfriend. It was time to show that worthless flower boy who could move on more easily.

"You sure you want to do this, Nam?" Axel murmured his affectionate nickname for her. "You don't have to if you don't want to. This guy did hurt you."

"I'm pretty sure," Namine uttered confidently, placing her hands defiantly on her hips. "I've confronted him before, and I'll do it again."

As expected of that pink-haired, arrogant guy, he leaned casually against his locker as he chatted up Larxene. He probably said such charming things that she could hang on every word.

To think that Marluxia currently preyed on Larxene like he once preyed on her. Even such a desperate girl like that petulant blonde didn't deserve such treatment. His systematic way of attracting young women to later break their hearts had to stop. And it could start here.

"Hello, Marluxia," Namine greeted softly, peacefully, even though she died with evil laughter on the inside, "you've met Axel, right?"

A glow of genuine hurt seemed to cross his once beautiful sapphire eyes that now appeared so dangerous. It was a partial shame that it had to end up this way, Namine presumed. Then again, she had Axel, whom she knew for sure could be faithful. The lanky redhead himself sauntered up to Marluxia.

"So, you're the damned idiot who broke my girlfriend's heart, aren't you? Too bad, you're missing out."

The injury that looked so real in his eyes disappeared as the nearly eighteen-year-old man donned a harsh smirk. Tossing back his pink locks vainly, he held Larxene.

"Should I care?" he asked egotistically. "You two won't last. Whereas my dear Larxene and I will last through college."

"Yeah, you got nothing on us!" Larxene chimed in.

Ill-fatedly, Yuffie Kisaragi happened to strut confidently by the four teens, and she looked very tantalizing to Marluxia. In fact, he started hungrily at her behind without thinking straight.

And guess who would notice? Both Axel and Namine thought the same thing.

Her face reddened with the worst kind of rage possible, Larxene punched Marluxia on the chest repeatedly. She looked like she would explode into a million pieces.

She screamed too dramatically, "That weasly artist girl was right! You do stare at Kisaragi's ass! I should have known! WE'RE THROUGH!!"

"Larxene, wait," Marluxia whined, not looking the least bit princely as he chased after her. Namine and Axel glanced at each other...and laughed their heads off. Karma had made a glorious comeback after a break that consisted of a few months. Life itself was great.

Gazing at Namine laughingly, Axel remarked, "Yeah, we're definitely going to last longer than they are."

"I think we'll talk about them in the past tense now," she replied wittily.

And the two of them kissed without a care in the world, even as the school bell rang.

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