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"Luke! Luke! Where are you?" Hikari called out as she blindly stumbled over rocks and seaweed.

Where could that boy possibly have gone? The water was inching up on Hikari's feet and she could feel her body start to shut down. But she kept going. She had to find Luke. She had to tell him that everything would be okay. She had to lie and tell him she hadn't meant what she said. Just because if she didn't, she and Luke would never be the same again.

"Toby!" Renee gasped as sharp pains swirled around in her stomach.

Toby awoke and he rubbed his eyes to rid them of sleep. "Hmm?" he muttered.

"The baby…is…coming," Renee said through clenched teeth.

Toby shot up that second and proceeded to wake everyone around them. Anissa quickly rushed to get some blankets and Owen started the fire again. Kathy, Luna, and Toby helped get Renee situated.

"I'm scared," she whispered as she held Toby's hand, squeezing it hard every time another contraction hit.

"I know. We'll get through this together."

When Hikari finally found Luke, he was perched on a rock with his legs pulled up to his chest and a blank expression on his face. Hikari rushed over to him and stopped right in front of the rock he was sitting on.

"Luke?" she said, making sure he would respond before she said anything else.

"I'm sorry, Hikari," Luke said, not looking back at her. "I'm sorry that I don't get why I'm acting this way. I'm sorry I can't be whatever it is you're looking for…"

Hikari smiled sympathetically and joined him on the rock. "And I'm sorry for putting you through this."

She wrapped herself around him and rested her head on his shoulder. She could hear his heart pick up speed again and she took a deep breath. In his arms was where she forever wanted to be and she was going to be there one way or another.

"Luke," she said, looking him straight in the eyes. "You say I'm your best friend right? So nothing I say now can ruin that."

"Yeah, unless you say, like, you're my sister or something. Then everything we've done would just be creepy and I'd have to go get counsel-"

Hikari quickly silenced him with her lips and then pulled away again, leaving him stunned and bewildered with a cherry red face. "Think about it Luke! And no I'm not your sister; I don't look anything like Dale or your mom! Anyway, we've kissed, we've slept together, and we almost had sex! What does that tell you?"

Luke looked lost and Hikari's hopes fell. "That we're, uhh, not very good at being just friends?"

Hikari straddled Luke so she was sitting on his lap, facing him. "And what does that mean, Luke?" she whispered and felt him shiver underneath her.

Owen and Kathy had successfully managed bind Renee's hands up on two rocks. The baby was having a hard time coming out and Renee was exhausted already. Pulling up on the ropes that bound her would make it easier to push.

"Alright, let's try again," Toby said gently as Luna wiped away the sweat from Renee's brow.

Renee let out a moan and attempted to clutch at her stomach. Although it was to no prevail because her hands were tied.

"Toby I can't do this, I need to be in a hospital," Renee said, her voice hoarse and scared.

"Yes you can," Toby said with a soothing tone. "I know you can. You're the strongest woman I've ever met. That's why I fell in love with you."

Luke had been silent for a moment before looking Hikari in the eyes.

"It means that we're meant to be," Luke whispered, brushing away the hair from Hikari's face so he could kiss her.

Hikari let out a soft moan as she felt Luke's hand travel underneath her shirt and up to her back, resting on her bra strap. Delicately unhooking it, Luke switched positions so he could continue to remove her clothes. Hikari had worked her way down to his pants and slid two fingers into the belt loops. Smoothly sliding them down, she felt her body start to tremble with excitement.

But it all faded once Luna's scared voice broke the night air. Luke jumped so high in the air that he tumbled off the rock with his pants around his ankles. And that was how Luna found them—Luke laying on the ground pretty much naked and Hikari perched on top of the rock wearing nothing but her shorts.

Luna burst out laughing as she approached the couple. "So what Toby and Owen say is true actually is true? Damn Luke, you better ask that woman out soon or she's going to think you only want her for one thing."

"Shut up, Luna," Luke grumbled as he pulled up his pants and draped his shirt over his arm.

"Why are you out here?" Hikari asked, half annoyed and half wishing Luke would've taken what she said into major consideration.

"Oh that!" Luna said, gathering her bearings once again. "Renee is having her baby and it's just not coming out… I figured she could use all the help she could get."

"Well, I've delivered a bunch of babies on my farm," Hikari said, sliding her bra and shirt back over her body.

"I don't think animal babies are the same as…h-human babies," Luke said, shuddering slightly.

Luna raised an eyebrow at him but kept her lips pursed. She motioned them to follow her and they took off at a run. Hopefully Renee would be okay.

When they reached the camp, Renee looked like a picture of hell. Her hair was frazzled and she was sweating. Toby must've managed to take off her dress because she now sported a white undershirt.

Hikari pushed a clueless Owen out of the way and took Renee's hand. "It'll be alright," she cooed. "I've delivered babies before."

"Hikari, I just don't have the strength to do this anymore," Renee whispered.

"Don't give up," Hikari said. "Giving up isn't going to solve anything. Please keep trying. For Toby, for yourself, and more importantly, for the baby inside you."

Renee nodded and pushed again, squeezing pretty much all of the feeling out of Toby and Hikari's hands. Anissa was watching to see if any baby appeared. When she called out, Hikari switched her hand with Luke's and ran to see what Anissa had seen.

"Umm, it's o-okay Renee. I-I think your…h-h-human baby is coming, err, out," Luke said, his eyes wide with a mixture of embarrassment and nervousness.

Renee smiled up at him until she cried out in pain. The baby was, indeed, coming out. After a bit more, a loud cry pierced the air and Renee burst into tears. Toby took a blanket and bundled it around his newborn son.

"It's a boy," he whispered, tears glistening on his cheeks.

Renee held out her sweaty hand to touch the baby's soft pink skin. "I think we should name him Matt."

Toby nodded and the new family stayed silent for awhile, listening to their new child coo and gurgle.

"I wonder what that's like," Luke said as he walked over and stood beside Hikari.

"Probably painful…But also very magical," she whispered, her hands folded and pressed against her chest in awe. "Maybe one day we'll find out. I think you'd make a pretty good daddy, Luke."

Luke glanced at her and his lips curled into a grin. "And I know you'd make one hell of a mommy."

"Luke?" Hikari said, taking his hand and lacing her fingers through his.

Luke placed one finger on Hikari's lips and smiled. "I'm the guy so I'll take it from here. Hikari, I can't stand to put you through this anymore. I can barely keep myself from the longing feeling I have for you… So, do you maybe want to…umm, go out s-sometime?"

Hikari's eyes widened and she quickly pulled him into a hug. "Yes," she whispered as tears once again rolled down her cheeks.

Everyone in the room faded away as Hikari held Luke close to her. Finally, after pining away for him, he was finally hers. Hers and only hers. She couldn't believe it! But it felt so right and it was meant to be.

"Well everyone," Owen said, rubbing his hands together. "We've had a long and rather eventful day so I think it'd be best if we all hit the hay."

Renee had taken a basket from the cart and placed a sleeping Matt inside it while she and Toby laid down on either side of the make-shift crib. Owen took Kathy in his arms once more, making sure he was securely holding her and the baby. Hikari laid down, although she knew no sleep would come, and not too long after, Luke joined her, cradling her in his arms.

"Thank you," he whispered in her ear and her skin prickled with delight.

"For what?"

"Saving me." He kissed her forehead gently and somehow she managed to finally fall asleep.

"Luke? Luke?" Hikari called, rushing to the edge of the shore.

The sea fog was bad and she could barely make out where she was stepping. A rock had snagged her dress and she was tripping over her own blistered feet. She caught a glimpse of her boyfriend, being dragged under by the strong current.

"Luke! Come back! Please!" Hikari begged, tears streaming down her cheeks and her voice edging on hysteria.

Selena's face appeared in the murky water and she smiled evilly at Hikari. "I told you that you'd regret the day you stole him from me. Say goodbye to your lover!"

The scene faded and a ring was then slid on her finger. She turned around and saw Gill dressed in a tuxedo. She was getting married! A veil was covering her eyes but she managed to get a glimpse of Luke.

"I thought what we had was special. I guess I was wrong. Don't ever talk to me again! I-I hate yo-" Luke's voice faded away and suddenly everything turned black again.

Hikari eyes snapped open and she sat straight up, her heart pounding so loud she was afraid it'd wake everyone up. Looking around, she quickly ran her hands across her clothes. No wedding dress. No torn dress. She was fine.

Luke rose from his sleep and looked at her with a groggy expression. "What's wrong?" he slurred, sleep capturing his words.

"I-It was nothing… Go back to sleep," Hikari answered, breathing a sigh of relief that Luke was still by her side.

"I'm serious, Hikari. What's wrong?"

She wrapped her arms around his neck and hugged him tightly. She needed to feel his breath on her cheeks. She needed to know that everything would be okay. She needed him.

"Don't ever leave me," she whispered, clutching his shirt so tight she was scared she might rip it.

"I won't. I promise," he whispered back.

The night had come and gone and daylight was upon the group once again. Renee had nursed Matt, who was a surprisingly calm baby, while the rest of the party loaded up the cart.

Town was about an hour away and they would easily make it there before the trading took place. When everyone was settled down, Kathy had mounted Willow and they were off. Luke laced his fingers through Hikari's and she blushed and smiled at him. This was how it was supposed to be.

"You know what I think," Luna said thoughtfully after a few minutes of silence. "That superstition about the beach was true. We did learn something about ourselves. Luke learned to stop being such an idiot."

Luke blushed and Hikari giggled.

"Anissa confronted her fear and Renee gave us a new little life," Luna continued. "It was true. I'll never forget this."

"Me either," Hikari said, resting her head on Luke's shoulder.

They had finally made it into town a little while later. People were busily setting up booths and making banners and signs. Hikari could hardly believe all of the wonderful different shops Mineral Town had. She was definitely glad she came on the trip.

"My lady," a young man with a purple bandana said as he escorted Luna out of the cart.

She smiled brightly at him. "This lady has a name. I'm Luna."

"Kai," he said, taking her hand and kissing it. "It is a pleasure, Luna."

She giggled and skipped happily away to set up her booth. Hikari rolled her eyes. She had seen way too many guys like him back in the city. After browsing around for awhile, she realized that Mineral Town was no different from Castanet Island. Same jobs, same types of people… Maybe all small towns were alike?

Luke had set up his booth and reserved a spot for Hikari next to him. "Yo, Hikari!" he called, motioning her over to him.

"What's up?" she said, placing a crate of milk on her own booth.

Luke shrugged, a grin playing at his lips. "Where do you want to go on our d-d-date?"

Hikari rested her elbows on the table and placed her chin in her hands. "I dunno… Some place romantic!"

"Romantic, eh? Y-yeah, I think I can manage that," Luke answered, obviously making a mental note in his head.

"I know you can," Hikari whispered, lightly kissing him on the cheek before getting back to work.

The rest of the day was rather uneventful. People did buy from Hikari's booth, but no one interesting came around. Glancing around, she saw Luna heavily locking lips with that boy named Kai. Hikari smiled to herself, although this did make her worried. She still hoped Luna would be able to "steal" Gill away so she wouldn't have to deal with him anymore.

Luna giggled as she held onto Kai's hand. "Oh, Kai. You make me so happy! I just can't bear to leave you tonight!"

"I know, love. Me either! You are so beautiful…Stay with me here. Please, Popuri?"

Luna's eyebrows rose. "Who's Popuri? I'm Luna!"

Kai quickly tried to cover his mistake. "Uhh, no one. She's no one. It's just us, Luna."

Luna blew him a little kiss and waved goodbye. "Yeah, of course she isn't. Have fun with Popuri!"

"Boys are terrible," Hikari said as Luna walked back over to the cart.

Luna shrugged. "Oh well. It's not like he was 'the one' or anything. Besides, I'd rather go after Gill."

"Trust me, you can have him," Hikari said as she placed the remaining items she didn't sell into a charity bin nearby.

Kathy had mounted Willow and she had told them it was time to leave. Hikari took her place next to Luke, resting her head on his shoulder and inhaling deeply.

"Well, that was fun!" Anissa said.

"Speak for yourself," Renee answered back, cradling Matt in her arms.

Matt was such an adorable baby. His hair color was literally the perfect mixture of Toby and Renee. Although he did inherit his daddy's eyes.

The sun was setting over the little town as the group rode away into the darkness. Hikari couldn't believe that one trip could change so much in her life. As she laid her head on her best friend's shoulder, she made a wish to the Goddess that someday she would be the one walking down the aisle in a beautiful wedding dress. And Luke would be at the end of the aisle taking her hand and becoming her husband. The thought was soothing and Hikari could feel herself starting to doze off as the sun finally set for her first day as somebody's girlfriend.

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