Humans want what they don't have. It's about greed. It's always about greed. Whether a man searches for power in a life where simple pleasures are rewards and simple choices are left in the hands of another individual never chosen wisely, or never being satisfied with the material objects in life; a betrayal to humanity; to give up ones love and ones pleasurable objects and actions—and yet, for the betrayal to humanity? Man wants what he does not have! Man accomplishes his dream, and realizes the dangers and consequences—he does not appreciate—he cannot stand the responsibility of a dream to come true. And what a man he was thought to be! He throws away this dream to return to the soul he once was—all the while, turning against, frustrated with the wrong decision—enraged with destiny's hand. All to betray humanity! The king's cloth is replaced by a poor man's life and burden—a man's vice and leeches to the suffering of that which lacks pleasure. All this, for a betrayal to humanity! And so, a man's greed catches to him, and the spark of a man's love leads to another mans plead and so! Left to be, left to die, in another man's library, but of revenge and morality and brutality, all from the betrayal of humanity! Alas—humanity has spoken! Greed is no more!