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He didn't know where he was exactly, but for some reason he knew exactly where to go as he pulled Jirou down the hallways. A baby was crying from beyond one door and Keigo tore that door open. Yukimura sat in a chair holding a small blue bundle that was not his own. He looked up with sympathy clouding his eyes as Jirou lay motionless on the bed as if sleeping. Pulling the other Jirou forward he forced him over to the bed.

It was an odd experience seeing oneself laying dead.

Yukimura stood. "What are you thinking Atobe-kun?"

"One of a whole," he answered.

"The two Jirou's would become one. I too have thought along these lines, but if it weren't to be done this Jirou would have to accept all parts of himself, including the one that lay motionless," Yukimura instructed, trying to hush the crying child. Keigo stood from his kneeling position next to the two Jirou's to look at his son. A son. A beautiful baby boy. Cautiously Yukimura allowed the father to take his child, who immediately quieted, crystal blue eyes staring up in wonder--platinum blonde hair peeked out from under the blanket.

Behind the two occupied parents, Jirou had already made up his mind and was willing to become one with his other half. He wasn't sure exactly how he was supposed to go about it so he picked up the other's hand and just prayed with all his heart that they could become one. That they could both be with Keigo forever and raise their child.

"Kei-go?" the weak voice called. Atobe turned to see only one Jirou who was lying in bed peering around the room. "I was somewhere pretty and then you were pulling me back here and then I was….I'm me?"

"Yes, Jirou, you are you. And this little bundle is your baby," Keigo answered with a small smile handing their son over. Jirou's face immediately brightened up at having his offspring in arms. "He's so tiny," he cooed, playing with the baby's tiny fingers. Even though he was playing with the baby another thought struck him. "Keigo, did I die?"

"Does it matter?"

"No, I guess not, but I thought if I had died I would have seen the other Keigo," Jirou answered.

"I can answer that," Yukimura spoke up. "Keigo had accepted death and had always swore to protect you so when this Keigo appeared they immediately became one with each other. Of course, Keigo-kun wouldn't have realized it, though I'm guessing he began to have unexplainable feelings for you. Oh well, everything is good now and now that you have bore a child you can be coronated as the King of England. Good for our half."

"Yes, it is," Jirou smiled, that smile that Keigo had always known.

After making sure Keisuke--they named him after Keigo's father, the man was quite happy to hear--was safe with Atobe-san and Akutagawa-san Jirou set off back to Tokyo in full Japanese dress ready to renounce his crown, if not he would take the throne and England's power over Japan would be no more. Either way it was a lose-lose situation for England.

He, Keigo, Yukimura, and Sanada entered the English palace earning glares and sneers from the guards who could not recognize their prince. Nor did the entire royal family. None of them recognized their family member. All they saw were Japanese heathens here to cause more trouble for them. Not until the blonde stepped forward and spoke did they realize it was their dear Christo.

"I, Christo, have gave birth to a child; a baby boy."

His family rushed forward hugging him and crying. Glad he had returned, glad he had a male heir, not so glad he was wearing a kimono.

"May I finish my announcement?"

"Of course, of course, son," his father beamed.

"Under peaceful negotiations with Japan we have been given two choices. Either leave Japan or die."

King Edward's mouth fell open. "Neither. We own Japan."

"No longer, father. You killed Keigo and I can not forgive you for that, even if he returned to me and gave me a beautiful son. That is right my child is Japanese, as am I. Not only do I renounce my throne, but the name Christo. My name is Akutagawa Jirou."

"These people have brain-washed you," Edward stuttered. "When they kidnapped you…."

"They did not kidnap me. I fled to protect Kei and Keigo. Father, you crossed one to many lines with me. You killed my lover, you threatened to kill an innocent child, and had you known I was pregnant by a Japanese man you would have killed me as well. If you will not withdraw force will be used. Honshu, no, all of Japan is controlled by the Japanese. I saw to that as did Yukimura-kun. Tokyo is no longer safe for the English. I suggest you flee," with that he turned on his heel and left, gripping Keigo's hand tightly in his own as they went.

Three months later found the destruction of the English castle in Tokyo. Out of fear of death Edward withdrew back to England, spatting at the son he had cared for and had betrayed him. Soon after King Edward was no longer king of England and a new reign began in England. A new reign that included a peace treaty with the Japanese. Yes, everything was as it should be. Even if Jirou was no longer a prince.

"Okaaaaaaa-sannnnnn," he despaired. "oneegaiiiii," he whined.

"No, Jirou, you can handle it. You have Keigo-kun to help you," Suika told her middle child, her husband may have died during the war, but she wasn't alone, not with this large family.

"Demo…….it's smelly. Can't you change Kei, just this once," he begged.

"Fine," she relented, going to change her grandson.

"Yay, I'll go get Kei a bottle for his nap," Jirou cheered running off to boil the milk.

"Your so happy lately. It's odd to see your two different sides," Keigo commented.

Jirou gave him a bright smile. "I'm only Jirou, goofy. Just now I'm a whole Jirou instead of a half-Jirou. I can be serious if I want to."

"I know. I also know you need to learn to change Kei on your own."

"I don't ever see you doing it," Jirou pouted.

"I'm always working. We need money, you know."

"Yeah, yeah, I know. What are you working on anyway?"

"A company. A trading company," Keigo answered.

"Che, that's crazy. Trading companies don't do that well, talk about a pipe dream."

-5 years later-

"And your mother said it was a pipe dream," Keigo gloated, recanting the story to his five year old son.

"Did you really, mama?"

"Why do you tell him things?" Jirou asked, trying to dress his son who was sitting on Keigo's lap.

"I like stories," Keisuke answered. "Tell me the story about you guys again. How you met and everything."

"Actually," Jirou began. "It starts with a brooding bastard from an alternate world named Atobe Keigo….."

"And a melancholy prince who couldn't keep his hands to himself when he saw me in a kimono."

Jirou blushed. "You said you wouldn't mention that outside the bedroom."

"We're in the bedroom are we not?"

"I mean alone," Jirou muttered. "Anyways, they fell in love and……"

As the boy listened to his parent's story he wondered if he could have a great romance like that.

-Way way way way way down the line… far, I'm not sure how many years-

"Hey, Kei-chan, is this story true," the blond asked looking through a really old book.

"Jirou, I thought I asked you not to call me that," Atobe sighed, primping his hair in the mirror.

"Was your great-great-great-great-great-great-grandmother really another boy?"

"It's just a book Jirou."

"But if it were true, then wouldn't that make us related and would make our relationship really suddenly weird and incesty…" Jirou mused, kicking the pillows of the large bed he lay upon.

"IF, and ore-sama does if, that story were true there would be no way we could be related. The Atobe line has always only produced one child and usually the child is always a boy. If the story were true you would have had to been the descendant of Yuka or Kaji…"

"That's my sister's and brother's name," Jirou cheered.

Ignoring the interruption Keigo went on. "And besides that Jirou married into the Atobe family and the blood would be so diluted there would be no way for use to be related."

"Oh, I WANT A BABY!!!"

Atobe stiffened, turning to the hyperactive blonde. "Jirou, that story isn't true. Men can't have babies and the claim of an alternate world is ludicrous. Just go back to sleep."

Jirou shrugged laying down and closing his eyes.

"tsk, tsk, don't be so sure young Keigo," a voice said. Atobe whipped around to see no one behind him and Jirou sound asleep, yet that voice had oddly sounded like Jirou's. Oh, well, he must have been imagining things. Turning back to his mirror he froze as he saw something that couldn't be real. Two figures that looked like himself and Jirou in a room that looked from the emperor's palace.

"I only see you," the Jirou said smiling to the other handing a bundle to the other Keigo. "Little Keisuke," he continued. Atobe blinked the imagines now gone. Damn Jirou and his fairy tales, they were finally getting into Atobe's head. There was no way his ancestors could be both male and both be name Keigo and Jirou.

Ah, ye of little faith. He reminds me of Keigo when I first met him, yes, they are one in the same, a far off voice mused.