It was another normal day in Chaotic so far, a whole bunch of players were busy laying some serious smack down on each other in drone matches

Among these players was MajorTom. He was Kinnianne, the female fox-like OverWorlder that serves as the Ambassador to the Mipedians (note episode 16 of session 2). And his opponent was a Danian.

"This new scan I got of Kinnianne is pretty good," Tom thought as he fired a lava attck at his opponent.

Yet just then the other play got out his battle gear. A magic mirror that could repel any attack back at an opponent. So Kinnianne was about to become a fried fox

"Fanfare of the vanishing!" Tom screamed in his temporary female voice, as he use his mujic to teleport away from harm

His opponent quickly looked around for were the pink female fox creature was, but not quick enough as Tom blasted him with another lava attack from behind and quickly coded the poor Danian.

"Whoo-hoo I won," Tom back in the drone said still as Kinnianne.

"Hey how come you're not changing back?" his opponent said since after you won a match you almost immediately change back from creature to human.

"Mabey it's just lagging now,," Tom said waiting to be human again

-1 minute later-

"WHY AM i NOT CHANGING BACK!?" Tom cried as he was still a giant, pin,k female, fox.

"Attenction everyone," a voice came out over some loudspeakers "This is the codemasters. The drones are currently malfunctioning. Anyone who is in a drone match and win will, for now, be stuck as the creature they one at. Don't panic as we will try to fix this problem as fast as possible!"

Tom along with maybe half of Chaotic were freaking out just then

Toms now a foxy lady

What will Kaz, Shara, and Peton be?

More madness l8ter