Kaz ran downtairs as fast as he could, hoping to get to Tom before he did any serious damge to his parents.

Sadly he was to late. Standing in the door way was Tom, eatting KFC. While Kaz's parents lay on the ground, knocked out

"What have you done!?" Kaz yelled

"Kinnianne like chicken," Tom said with a crazy look on his face that said. "I'm a nut,"

"Help me get my parents in the house!" Kaz ordered

Tom countined to munch on the chicken

Kaz then took the bucket of KFC away from Tom

"You take away my chicken?!" Tom cried "PREPARE TO BE OBLIVIATED!!!"

"Oh man," Kaz aid as he ran out the house followed by an angry pink fox.

Back in Chaotic day had given way to night

"How long has it been?" Sarah asked

"Don't know," Peton said drinking some milk and eating some fish

"Hours," Kaz said

"At least their's nobody left to attack us," Tom said as he looked around at the countless bodies of creature players all around

Just then an announcement came off over the speakers

"Chaoitc players, we have finally fixed the dromes," the codemasters said

"Yay" are favorite four players said

With that they went off to finally be human again

And soon the rest of Chaotic followed

"phew am I glad I'm not Intress anymore," Peton said "I...ack, ack,"

"You okay?" Sarah asked

Just then Peton coughed yp a hairball

"That's both nasty and weird," Tom said

"Ah!" Kaz screamed as he continued to run from Tom who now started to attcak him

Just then he blasted Kaz with an Ash Tarent attack

Kaz fell to the ground, hard

"Now I'll fini..."


Came a loud noise from Tom's scanner

"What's the?" Tom said inspecting the devise.

Luckly for Kaz he pressed the button on the scanner and was then changed back into his human self

"Whoa," Tom said getting a sudden small headache from taking in all the insanity that happened in Chaotic

""KAZ!" he said as he noticed his hurt friend.

Tom quickly helped him up and they head to Kaz's home

"Sorry I attacked you Kaz," Tom said

"It's okay," Kaz said "Kinnianne did it more than you did,"

"Well at least it's all over," Tom said

"Ya but I don't know how you're going to explain to your mom that you're wearing her clothes," Kaz said (Tom's still wearing them)

"What the?!" Tom said suddenly noticing that

But that's another story

The next day evreything was back to normal

Tom, and the rest of the gang were chilling out at a table eating some pizza and watching a battle between Klay and some other guy. Sadly Klay accually won. But it wasn't all bad. When Klay began to change back from creature to human, only his bottom half changed back. And to make it funnier he was half stuck as Takinon

"Guess the Codematers still got a few bugs to work out," Kaz said

Everyone else was laughing to hard at Klay to hear Kaz

The end