Title: Interrogation
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Series: KFTLC
Rating: G
Code: Peter, m
Part: 1/1 NEW 
Date: January 20, 2002
Summary: Peter conducts a typical interrogation.
Disclaimer: KFTLC owns all the characters, etc., I am just
using the characters for a little fun and relaxation.
Note of Appreciation. Special thanks to my beta reader: P.J.
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"...and you say that you attended college in New York City from
1987 to 1989?" Peter questioned.
The man before him nodded his head. Looking up at the man, the
detective noticed his Mohawk as well as several body piercings
bob back and forth with the action.
"Can you tell me what your GPA was upon graduation, Mr. James?" 
The man clutched his hands together nervously and swallowed down
a lump in his throat. His response was barely audible.
"I didn't hear that, Mr. James. Please repeat yourself."
"Two point three, sir."
"Ah ha." Peter scribbled the information down on his notebook. 
"And where were you employed before you came to Chinatown?"
"Oh you know, here and there..." The man shrugged.
"I need to know specifics, Mr. James. Believe me if you
cooperate, this will go much easier for you."
Mr. James nodded. With a nervous hand he twirled the gold
barbell that pierced his left eyebrow. "Well before I moved to
Chinatown, I worked in a number of cities. Raleigh, Tampa, and
most recently New Orleans." He pointed to a large silver cross
that hung from his right earlobe. "That's where I got this
Peter looked up. "Ah, huh." He was clearly unimpressed.
"Look, Detective, I gotta get back to work. If I don't make some
bucks, how am I gonna pay for my body tattoo?" The man looked
decidedly worried.
Peter eyed the man intently. Could he trust him? Or was he
letting the man's various body piercings and choice of haircut
color his judgement? 
The two men stared at each other in silence for several minutes. 
Peter paced back and forth, arms folded across his chest, always
keeping his eye on the man. Mr. James followed the detective
with his eyes, not daring to look away lest something might
"Mr. Caine, are you done yet? Have you made up your mind?"
Peter turned his head at a woman's voice.
"Ah yeah. You say Marleene will be back next Tuesday?"
The woman smacked her gum twice, blew a large pink bubble, and
smiled. "That's what I said. Her mom had a unexpected
operation, and Marleene had to go home for a few days to look
after her. Isn't that sweet?"
"Oh, very."
Silence. With a wave of his hand, Peter motioned to Mr. James
that the interrogation was finished. In a flash, Mr. James and
all his adornments left the room.
"Well, Mr. Caine, what will it be?"
"I'll wait. Book me with her next Thursday afternoon."
"Wash and cut?"
"And blow-dry, I have a date at six."
The End.
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