Disclaimer: I do not own anything! Not Alice not Wonderland and sadly not the Mad Hatter even though I wish I did.

So here is my first story to be posted here it's not one of my best stories but I wrote this one pretty fast it is based pff of SyFy's Alice Mini series.

It all started with that stupid blue dress! I was happily unaware of how bad my life was until she showed up and turned my so called perfect life upside down. I could have easily not helped her and let her try and find her boyfriend with out my help but I just couldn't. I blame it on the dress because what guy in their right mind can turn down helping a very pretty girl in an extremely wet dress.

But of course if I hadn't helped her I wouldn't be standing here two years later with a ring in my pocket and ready to ask that same girl who showed up at my tea shop in that very wet dress to spend the rest of our crazy life together. I just have to find the right time to ask her.

"Hatter hurry up we'll be late if we don't leave now!" She yelled to me interrupting my thoughts.

"Alice its Wonderland and we are just popping in for a visit you can't be late if no one is expecting you." You would think after how many times we have visited Wonderland she'd understand that by now.

"Fine but I still would like to leave now." Alice said while unlocking the front door.

"I'm ready let's get going!" We both started walking to were we hid the looking glass because we couldn't leave it were it was people would have found it too easily.

"Are you ready to go?" I asked Alice as we were standing by the looking glass.

"Yeah I was just thinking about the first time I ever went to Wonderland. Can you believe it's been two years since we first met?" She asked me while staring at the mirror remembering the first time she fell though the looking glass.

"I know it seems like just yesterday I was sitting in my tea shop in Wonderland." I walked up behind her and put my arm around her shoulder.

"You don't regret leaving do you?" Alice turned around staring at him nervously.

"No Alice how many times will I have to say that I do not regret following you it was my smartest move ever!" I wish she would just accept that I love her and I will never regret leaving Wonderland. That is it I can't take this any longer. I got down on one knee and I started pulling the ring out of my pocket. "Alice I love you more than anything and I know for a fact that I will never regret leaving will you marry me?"

She was staring at me with wide eyes and she looked shocked. Then she pulled me off the ground and kissed me.

"I will take that as a yes!" I said laughing a little and then I took her hand and put the ring on it. "You know now we are going to extremely late."

"No we won't its Wonderland remember and they are not planning on seeing us so we can't be late." Alice said copying Hatter's line from earlier.

"You know I think we can skip the visit today I would much rather go out to dinner."

She gave me a really confused look when I said that and then she asked. "Why?"

"I don't know I just would really like to take you out to dinner." I paused for a second and then added "Oh and Alice you should were that blue dress you wore when we first met." I said smirking and then I started walking back to my apartment leaving a very confused women standing there. So I guess wet blue dresses aren't that bad after all.