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Chapter 1: I'll Stay Away


- a bad and peevish disease which makes men degenerate into beasts (Melanius)

- a depravation of the principal function (Galen)

- a commotion of the mind (Halyabbas)

- a perpetual anguish of the soul, fastened on one thing, without an ague.

From the Anatomy of Melancholy

May 14, Present day, Konoha

She walked the familiar path leading to the academy, the rustle of the wind leading her. Nobody would be around today, she thought. Everybody was going to be there, except for her. She wasn't invited, more like she wasn't allowed, so all that's left was, well, to go somewhere else. She decided to visit the academy again, something she did everyday for the past three years. She would always wait there, and have her peace in theswing, the little piece of solace she considered.

A woman, barely twenty two years old could be seen walking inside the Ninja Academy. She wore civilian clothes- a long skirt that ended above her ankles, a pink turtleneck and cream sweater that covered almost her hands. Her clothes covered her too pale skin and her skinny figure. Her once bright pink hair had now dulled into a lighter shade and she had let it grow that it reached her lower back. If anyone saw her now, they wouldn't recognize her. But then again, nobody even looked at her these days, even when the academy was full of people. Even her green eyes seemed to be swimming now in a grey of solitude. She walked slowly through the halls of the academy, finding it hard to drag one foot in front of the other. Alone. She always came alone.

Solitude wasn't something that bothered her anymore. At first, it drove her to madness, but time was an excellent conditioner to one's tolerance. Now, the silence that accompanied being alone made her calm and collected, nevermind the miserable part. She reached the playground, the cold breeze swaying her hair. It wasn't really that lively when there weren't any children that played in it. The playground was so desolate, a state she had been accustomed to. A smile crept to her face as she saw that tattered swing, the one that was isolated, located at the farthest tree in the playground. Despite its age, the strings of the swing kept its hold on the tree. As she made her way to it, it sort of gave her a light feeling. Even on days when it was a struggle to even walk, she always made her way to that swing, thinking that maybe the one that she was waiting for everyday would come. Though she knew that today wasn't going to be any different, she still came to visit that swing. It had become a routine. The fact the no one ever came became irrelevant.

She sat down on the swing, and started to sway back and forth. She let her tired eyes close and gathered air in her lungs.

He's going to get married today, she thought. She smiled. It was sincere. But a part of her wanted to let the tears come, but she never allowed it to.

He's happy, so I'm happy.

I bet his kids would be would be a handful.

He's gonna be a great dad.

I'm sure of it.

"I'm so happy for you, Naruto," she finally said. A familiar warmth wrapped her heart in a painful way. The one who changed her, the one who made her realize the most important thing in life, was going to start a new chapter in his life. He had moved on. Today, he was going to marry Hyuga Hinata, the heiress to one of the most powerful clans in the village, the woman he was seeing for three years now. It was a perfect match. Ever since Naruto learned of his family heritage, the Namikaze clan, it was sure to follow that he be with a woman from a powerful family. With these families tied, Naruto would have the upper-hand politically and genetically. They would produce talented and strong offsprings.

As she swung, Sakura imagined how handsome Naruto would be. He hadn't talked to her for a while. She assumed his hair had grown longer but still retained its wild features, still as lively as he is. She had only known that he was going to get married because the whole Fire country was buzzing about the wedding of the year, if not the decade. It was a really big event. That was why there were no class in the academy. Most of the people in the village would be there, of course.

All her thoughts were interrupted by a sudden fit of coughing. Immediately, she tightened one hand's grip to the swing, anticipating the surge. While her head jerked violently, her left hand to covered her mouth, the other desperately trying to hold on to the string of the swing.

It lasted for about a minute. She felt so weak as she leaned her head to the rope she held on to. Her hand was covered in blood now, and she couldn't help but succumb to the weakening feeling of her body.

She had expected it, though.

Naruto was getting married and would have the chance to be happy and have a family.

He would soon be Hokage.

But she, she was stuck.

She would never move on.

She was slowly dying.

Dying, but always be waiting for him in that spot where the swing was once his sanctuary from all the hurt.

Yes, people were getting what they deserved.

It was something she had realized a long time ago.

For once, she wanted to get it over with already.

To be continued...

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