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Chapter 1: Cry, Baby, Cry

"Come on, baby," the babysitter whined. "Please, oh please go to sleep. I'm really tired and I need my rest, too."

The baby kept crying. The babysitter felt like crying herself, but when she heard a scream, she was startled awake. "God, they need to turn their TV off. Some people are trying to sleep here, including a very stubborn baby." She sighed, giving up all hope on sleep that night. She was going to be cranky the next day. Maybe she could at least get the television volume down a bit. Then she might have a chance of sleeping for a couple of minutes.

She cradled the crying baby a little more until he was soon only sniffling. "Okay, baby," the babysitter said, walking over to the crib. "I'll be back in a sec. Maybe you'll be able to sleep then."

She gently set the baby in his crib and covered him with his Elmo blankets. She left the bedroom and quietly slipped out the apartment door into the open hallway.

"Now, where is that noisy television?" Right then, a shower started running. "Really? A shower at 1:23 in the morning? That's just ridiculous." She slowly wandered down the hallway, occasionally stopping and putting an ear to the wall, listening for the water source. "Oh, god. I'm eavesdropping. Oh, god! Why do I keep talking to myself?" The water stopped. "Drat," the babysitter said. "Wait, there's no TV! Finally!"

Just when she turned around, a man came racing out of the room in front of her. He bumped into her as he rushed by. She could smell a bit of cologne, and she caught a glance at something small and shiny on the inside of his coat. It was circular with a hole through it.

"What is that? A ring?"

The babysitter then caught a whiff of something strong and pungent. Something that smelled thick and watery at the same time. She peeked inside the room with its door now wide open. She slowly and warily stepped into the room. Then she spotted something bright red. Blood.

"Oh my god," she said, shocked.

She followed the drops of blood into a small room with a bed. Everything was neat and tidy. Except for the dead body, exposed, halfway under the blankets.

"Oh god!" she exclaimed. She looked around the room, frantically looking for the closest phone. The nearest one was in the main living room. She hurried over, grabbed it, and called 911. As she waited for someone to answer, she could hear the baby starting to cry again. He was upset.

"Cry, baby, cry. Believe me. I get it."


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