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Last chapter, we ended with a man named Paul Terming, who had just finished killing a 'girlfriend', and the police were now storming the house. But Paul didn't run. He wanted to be caught for his own reasons...


Chapter 12: Confession Denied

Paul Terming stopped; looked Olivia top to bottom. "You married?"

Olivia smiled. "And why would that be of interest to you?"

The perp leaned back into his chair. "No harm in knowing, right?" he asked.

"Well, yes. But no harm in NOT knowing, right?" Olivia answered slyly.

The smile on Paul's face disappeared, showing the real cruelness inside of him, dying to burst out. He still leaned back in his chair, though; made no attempt at making a charge at Olivia. She was not threatened, either. Why should she be? This amateur was not going to get anywhere near anyone he could hurt – not if she had anything to do with it.

"Are you wondering why you're here, Paul?" Elliot asked.

"Not really," he responded with a sick smile on his face. "I killed that woman…actually more than just her. A dozen? Maybe two?"

Elliot rushed up into his face. "You think you'll get away from this?" he asked angrily. "You never will. The innocent souls of those women will come back to haunt you."

Paul slammed his palms onto the table, stood up a little, but made no move to attack Elliot. "Well okay, then," he said fiercely. "Let them come racing at me. I don't care. In fact, when I see them I'll just remember what I did to them and feel great. I want them to come for me."

"You're a sick bastard, you know that, Terming?" Elliot said, narrowing his eyes.

Paul just smiled in return. He sat back in his chair. "Should I ask for a lawyer, or are you going to give up and just let me leave?" he finally said to the detectives. "'Cause you're getting nothing outta me."

Olivia and Elliot looked at each other, knowing that he wasn't going to let them dig any further.

Elliot looked back at Paul angrily. "Stay here."

At that, they headed out.

"Damn it," Elliot said under his breath."

Olivia nodded, hearing him. "We know what he did, he knows what he did, he CONFESSES what he did, but his lawyer will just argue 'not guilty by means of mental disease or defect'. There's not much use on trying to get anything out of him without his lawyer present. He's not going to do anything."

"Well, we can't give up," said Cragen. "Remember what we did with Gordon Rickett? Let's do it again. Take Mr. Terming to another room or cell – either is suitable for that scum – and make the interrogation room as uncomfortable as you can when he returns. And Olivia, he seems to be a wise man when it comes to women. Go in there by yourself and beat him at his own game. We'll be out here if you need anything. Hopefully, without another male in there, he's less threatened. He can be more of his sick self. But this time, keep him cuffed."

Both detectives nodded. Elliot went inside to get Paul while Olivia checked to make sure that there was an empty cell available.

"Get up," Elliot said.

Paul looked up at him. "Why?"


Paul smiled. "Now, Detective. You know that answer never works. WHY?"

"Because I said so," Elliot said slowly but firmly.

Paul sneered, but obeyed. Elliot manhandled the jerk and, with Olivia's confirmation, showed him to a holding cell for a brief wait while he went back to help tweak some things in the interrogation room: uneven chair legs, heat increased, darker room; it was almost exactly how they had treated Gordon Rickett's room. Except this guy should be easier to crack than Rickett.

Cragen smiled to himself. "Good work, detectives," he said.

"Now it's time for Mr. Paul Terming to get uncomfortable," said Olivia as she smiled to herself. She was anxious for her interrogation with Paul. That prick needed to be taught a lesson. While Elliot went to go fetch Paul, Olivia explained to Cragen that she was going to do some riling up of the perp, avoiding getting too physical, but enough to heighten his temper. Cragen OK'd this tactic and Olivia went inside the room to wait for Paul to arrive.

"Here ya go, Paul," said Elliot coyly leading him into the readied interrogation room.

Paul grunted but didn't protest. He saw this female detective waiting for him. He knew he was going to have fun. He sat down calmly at the table, resting his cuffed hands in front of him.

Olivia stared at him until he started showing signs that he was uncomfortable. But that never happened. He stared back instead, almost making Olivia shift, uncomfortable herself. Thankfully, she was able to keep that reaction hidden. No satisfaction for this sicko was on the day's To-Do list.

When he shifted he heard the legs of the chair wobble underneath him. He looked down at the chair legs, wondering why it was wobbly now but now when he had first sat in it. He mistakenly let his confusion show.

"Are you comfortable, Paul?" asked Olivia. She continued on with the interrogation before the perp could answer the question.

Paul cleared his throat but said, "Completely."

Olivia and Elliot snicker to each other from opposite sides of the glass. They can see right through this guy. So instead of wasting time with pretending to be bothered about whether the nutcase was, in fact, comfortable or not, they went right into the interrogation process.

"You like raping women, don't you Paul?"



"Because I get to feel the power over them. They're weak little bitches."

"Why do you feel like you have to rape and kill them?"

"They ask for it, of course, each and every time. They taunt us all the time, waving their asses in our faces and dancing for us. It's all show for us. They want men."

"But not to force them to have sex and be killed."

"I disagree, Detective. Why would they torture us and tempt us with their bodies and actions if they didn't want to be screwed? Obviously, they ask for it every single day of their lives. They ALL do."

"No, Paul, they don't. No sensible person would want to be raped and stripped of their control over their own body. No one would ever wish for that in their right mind."

"If only you could ask my former girlfriends. They would tell you all about our perfect relationship and their fantasy rapes. We just turned it into a real rape, making it even better. It was exactly what they wanted, just real. So, in actual terms, they weren't actually raped." He smiled, smug.

"Oh, we would, Paul," said Olivia. "But there's a slight problem – we don't know who they are. Unless you'd like to give us their names. If you're as innocent as you say, then they should determine the jury's decision as easy as pi. Do you want to help your case and give us some names?"

Paul narrowed his eyes and stared at Olivia. "You know, you're pretty good lookin'. You have any fantasies you want to fulfill?"

Olivia smiled back. "You didn't answer the question, Paul. I guess I'll take that as a 'no'. You could've kept yourself out of jail by cooperating with us. Well, your loss." Olivia stood up and left Paul in his sulking position.

"There's your rapist," she said as she closed the door to the interrogation room.

"Good job, Olivia," said Cragen. "Let's get this story that this man – we won't get sued if we don't use names – has been caught for rape and murder. Hopefully more of his victims will stand up and say something now that the guy's off the streets."

Both of his detectives nodded. They walked out together while Cragen looked at Paul with fastidious eyes.


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