A CSI: NY fanfic. I have exams next week so you might have to wait until next Friday to get another chapter. Please don't tease me about the bar name, I couldn't think of anything.

"Flack what do we have?" Danny said as he, Lindsay, and Stella walked towards Bubba's Brooklyn Bar.

"The owner of the bar went out for a smoke at 8:30, when the bartender came out to get another box of beer at 8:45, he found this…" He then stepped away from the body.

"Oh my God!" Lindsay and Stella said at the same time. The body was beaten so badly that it looked like hamburger meat and they could spot several stab and gun shot wounds.

"All right," Stella said, Mac was at a meeting with the mayor so she was in charge, "I'll process the vic, Danny and Lindsay go bag and tag every glass and cigarette butt. Someone in that bar did this and this looks like a gang hit so their DNA will most likely be in the system."

" Kay, Stell." They said and walked into the bar.

After they walked away Stella turned to Flack, "Don, this is just terrible. Christmas is in a week and we're out here investigating some poor man's gruesome murder." The minute she said it, she regretting it. While the rest of them were looking forward to Christmas, especially Danny and Lindsay because it was Lucy's first, Flack had been dreading it. It wasn't really that much of a surprise though.

"I need to go interview the people who were in the bar." He said quickly walked away.

Just like that, they all started to work on the scene.

The next morning in the lab, Lindsay was running all of the DNA through the system. And it was exhausting; there were about 200 samples and she had just finished sample #59 and of course no hits yet.

Danny walked by the station and noticed that his wife was getting very frustrated so he walked in.

"Getting frustrated, Montana?" He said trying to cheer her up.

"Yes," she said exasperated, "I thought that this was supposed to be easy. I mean, it's our daughter's first Christmas, we should be at home with her."

"Babe, she's not even one yet she won't remember, relax." He said placing a kiss on her cheek then walking out as she ran another sample.

He was halfway down the hall when he heard her scream, "OH MY GOD!!!!"

Danny ran to her, a million things going through his mind, something wrong with Lucy, something wrong with her, God, he didn't even wanna think about it.

When he came to her he saw her staring at the DNA results with a mix of confusion, disbelief, and excitement.

"Lindsay…" He said approaching her and when she didn't answer he tried again, "Linds… babe… MONTANA!" He finally got her attention.

"The results, it's impossible." She said, shaking her head, as if trying to chase a thought out of her mind.

She then looked up noticing that all of the commotion had not only had brought Danny, but also Mac, Stella, Adam, and Hawkes, she however did not notice the person that the results would affect the most was standing behind the crowd.

She took a deep breath and said, "I tested the DNA on a wine glass with lipstick on the rim, sample #60…" She said leading off and once again staring at the paper.

"Lindsay… What were the results?" Mac said, desperately wanting to know what had made her so excited.

"The DNA belongs to Jess." She said as everyone's expressions turned like hers had been.

Flack burst through the crowd, "You mean my Jess?"

"Yep," she said, "I think Jess is alive."