Okay, I am finally updating. Sorry!!! I went through a phase after finding out that Rigsby and Van Pelt were probably gonna announce their relationship and that was all I could think of, but I'm better now.

FYI: Killing her off hurt their rating more than anything that they did before did. Nobody likes the new Don, but whatever. The writers should just be like "We're screwing with you, she's still alive, here, we'll write her back in." Okay, sorry, I'm watching Flack/ Angell vids while I'm writing this and I needed to rant.

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"Jess!!! Jess!!!!" Flack yelled through the phone, he had been writing down her address when he heard a loud clunk and then somebody who he could've sworn was Robert Dunbrook saying, "I liked you better when you were dead."

"Mac!" Flack yelled, he was glad he had recorded the call. He couldn't believe that he had just heard the voice he thought he'd never hear again. That settles it, he thought, when I get my hands on that bastard, I'm gonna kill him.

"What Don?" Mac said, approaching me.

"Jess, just called me, she started to tell me where she was, but then somebody hit her over the head, I think it was Robert Dunbrook. I can't stand to lose her again."

"Okay, don't worry, you won't, I promise. What was the address?"

"Uh, 14B, 205 something. That was all I got."

"I have an idea." He said as he walked off to the media room where Adam was going through the bar security tapes. "ADAM!" Adam turned around with a jerk from the image that he had been enhancing and enlarging.

"I'm sorry boss; I just thought I saw..." He said trailing off, but before he could finish, the image finished enlarging and enhancing.

"Jess…" Flack said, stepping towards the screen. She was wearing a gray coat and her hair was back to the dark brown that it had been when they first met and it curled down her shoulders. He ran his hand over her face and whispered, "I'll find you Jess. I promise."

"Adam," Mac's harsh voice broke the silence and Flack turned around, "Run this address through the 9-1-1 dispatch records for Brooklyn. 14B, 205, we don't know anything else but let's see if anything comes up." As Adam ran the search he looked at his friend, Jess's "death" had destroyed Flack, for the first time in months there was a glimmer of hope in his friend's eyes. If they lost her again, Flack would never recover.

"Boss, we got a hit. A woman reported her neighbor screaming and when she went to check on her she didn't answer. 14B, 205 East Brooklyn Ave."

"Thanks Adam." Flack said as he ran downstairs to get in his car.

"Mac," Hawkes said approaching him as he was walking towards the elevator to follow Flack. "I ran the rest of that DNA like you asked and got a hit, Anthony "Dogface" Tanner, known gang affiliations."

"Okay, bring him in."

"Hey, Mac?" Hawkes asked.


"How's Flack handling this?"

"As expected, but I'm worried that he might do something stupid. Tell Danny to meet him at 14B, 205 East Brooklyn Avenue."

"No problem." He said before he quickly hurried off.