Why is your beautiful face swollen and covered with scars? Who dared lay their hands on you, beat your mercilessly until your soul starts to bleed? Where did you run too when he raised his hand to you, knocked you to the ground left you all alone and frozen. Why do you take this for? Why do you stand and get knocked down again and again? Why don't you just fight back? Don't just take his crap, when he hits you swing back and show him you're strong enough. Your life it is your to live, but please just hear me out; fight it. Pain it will follow you unless you stand up to him, and get rid of the agony. Sometimes you'll feel like giving up but just remember my words and move on. Forward is the only direction you'll be going in. If you stay then I will understand, I will surely argue but I'll give in. In time you will learn I'm right, you will run away and of course I will find you. My love for you is eternal just know that, I will always be there for you, I will never give up on you, I will always love you forever, My sister, my friend, and my family forever.