I was extemley bored, so I decided to play a joke on Alice.

"Hey Renesme, come here", I said. She skipped over to me with her hands behind her back. She reminded me a lot of Alice and Jasper.

"Yes, Uncle Emmy?"

"Go ask Alice if Uncle Jasper's buttered her muffin lateley"

"Okay!" she said and skipped off. I tried to save my laughter for when she actually said it. This was going to be the greatest thing ever!

"Auntie Alice?" I listened in from the kitchen.

"Yes, Renesme?"

"Has Uncle Jazzy buttered your muffin lately?" I almost couldn't stop laughing.

"What?! Who told you to say that?"

"Uncle Emmy!" Uh oh....

"Hold on for a minute, honny.............. EMMETT!!!!"

"MOMMY!" I screamed when Alice ran after me. For someone so short, she's very fast.

"I am going to kill you!" she finally tackled me to the ground.


"What are you doing?!" Edward interupted. Alice got off of me (hehe ;D ) and put her hands on her hips.

"Emmett told Renesme to ask me if Uncle Jasper's buttered my muffin lately"

"What?! Emmett what is wrong with you!"

"It was hilarious, though. You should have been there"

"It is not funny corrupting a little kids' mind!" Alice giggled.

"What are you laughing at? You were freaking out a minute ago", Edward continued.

"I know, but I just realized that it was hilarious", she said and we were both laughing uncontrolablly.

"I hate you two sometimes...." Edward moped and walked off.

"You never did answer the question. Has he?" I asked.

"No! Yes...." she walked away and I was rolling on the floor laughing again.