Bunta's POV

Alright. Niou, how do you do this? How does he plan everything out perfectly? Anyway, I do like Sora-chan and she likes me so can she be my girlfriend?

"Yep, you two are now together. Your welcome." Niou said.

"Wait, what?" I say.

"Well, you two are clearly supposed to be together, but neither of you guys have the guts to ask each other out. So I decided for you."

Sora-chan stared at me blankly. I do the same thing.

"Wow. Okay, Marui, this girl right here, Sora-chan, is now your girlfriend. Sora-chan, my good friend, Marui, is now your boyfriend. Anymore questions?" Niou asked.

We shake our heads no.

"Good. I'll see you guys later." And he left, but left the door open this time. Sora-chan and I were a bit confused on what to do.

"Hey, we're going to be in trouble if we don't get back soon." She said.

"What? Oh, yeah. Let's go." I said and we started walking.

"So are you glad that Niou-kun did this?" She asked me while walking.

"Hm? Oh yeah, I'm just not sure on what I'm supposed to do."

"Well," she smiled and turned to me, "I think staying the way you have been the whole time is perfectly fine."

I felt a little better after that. Then I realized that we were at her dorm room.

"Oh, we're here. I'll see you tomorrow then."

"Yep. Oh, but I have to give you something. Stay right here." She said and went inside. About thirty seconds later, she came out.

"Here. I made it yesterday, but forgot to bring it." She handed me a cupcake.

"I can have this? Thanks!" I say and hug her without getting the icing in her hair. When I let go, she kissed me on the cheek.

"I'll see you tomorrow then."

I nod. "Yeah, tomorrow."

Then she went inside her room and shut the door. Me on the other hand, ran towards my room. When I got there, I open the door and find Niou lying down half asleep.

"Niou, you're the best friend ever!"

"What? Oh, it's you. Yeah, sure whatever."

"No, I'm being serious! Thank you!" I yell and sit down.

I let a breath out before I walk in my class room. 'Alright. It's all good. Just remember what she told you yesterday.'

I go inside and see Niou at the teacher's desk with the smirk. I roll my eyes and look away. My eyes hit Sora-chan who is reading. I walk over.

"Good morning." I say with a smile. She put her book down.

"Oh, good morning, Bunta-kun." She smiled back.

"Okay, good morning, be quiet and sit down please. Class has begun." Sensei said as he walked in. Niou was now in his seat and was waiting for something. He raised his hand.

"Sensei, may I please use your stapler?"

"Huh? Of course, it's right here in my drawer." He said and opened it. Then, he screamed.

"Why are there worms in my drawer!"

Niou mouthed "Piyo" and most of the class laughed. Sensei just sighed and walked out of the class room.

"Yes!" everybody cheered. Niou then walked up to sensei's desk and put the worms away.

"Hey, Sato-san?" a guy walked up to her.


"My friends and I were wondering if you and Marui are um…"

"Together?" I walk up. He nodded.

"Should we tell them?" I ask Sora-chan.

"I don't mind." She replied.

"Yeah. We are."

"Oh, well, Marui be careful today. The rankings come in today."

That made me think. But I think it'll be okay. Then of course, the lunch bell rang. Everybody ran out to go see their friends. I just turn around and see Sora-chan looking over notes.

"Hey! Let's go eat!" I suggest. She looked up and nodded. We both walk out and see everybody crowding around the bulletin board. It was titled "2010 Boys and Girls Rankings"

'Oh, it's up.'

"Hey, Marui. I beat you by one vote." Niou told me.

"I don't care. What about Sora-chan?" I ask.

"Well, she actually got the top vote."

She looked for her self. It was true. She shook her head and went back in the class room. I thought she was just trying to hide, but she was getting a marker from her desk. She walked out and got to the post. She scribbled it over and on the blank area she wrote: "People are like stained-glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in; their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light from within."

Everybody read it, and thought about it. And for the first time, people decided to not look at it as much.

"Shall we go now, Bunta-kun?" she turned to me and asked. I smiled and nodded.

"Hey, Sora-chan, I'm really glad you wrote that." I told her.

"Really? Good. Most people would get angry, but I wanted people to not rank somebody by their looks."

We get in Yagyuu's class and Akaya was already there.

"Oh, there you are! Sora-senpai!" he ran up to her. "Okay, so I was looking over my music assignment during my practice time and it was all changed! I just want to know if you did it."

"Oh. Yeah, Bunta-kun and I were bored so we changed it. I'm sorry."

"Sorry? Dude, I got my first ever ninety-four percent! Now, Sanada-fukubuchou won't punch me! Thank you guys so much!" he yelled. The two of us laughed.

"It's all good."

School ended and practice finished. I walk to the music room to see Sora-chan.

"Hey. Let's go see the sunset." I suggested.

"What? Why?"

"Just for the heck of it. Let's go."

"Alright." She said and walked out. On the way, she held my hand and I was a little embarrassed about my calices. I just hope she didn't care.

"You must really practice a lot." She said.

"What? Why do you think so?"

"I can tell from your calices."

"Oh. That's a bit embarrassing." I said honestly.

"Really. I think it's just a symbol of hard work."

Wow. This girl is a really down to earth person. Soon after, we reach a good place for a sunset.

We both sit down and I put my arm around her. We just sit there in silence.

"Can you tell me the real reason why you brought me here?" she asked.

"Fine. You know what you wrote today?"

"Yeah. What about it?"

"Well, I wanted to see you beauty when the sun is down. The within beauty."

She turned to me and smiled.

"I think, you might be the moon that shines to bring out the small light of beauty in me."

Then I kissed her, at the perfect amount of sun and moon.

The End.

Alright. I really apologize for this. I took over a year for a story and I didn't like it much my self. But, my next one is already being written and I'm liking it so far. Anyway, I hope you still like this chapter, and the story.

PS, I don't know who said the quote. I just found it somewhere and really liked it. ^-^