"You haven't asked me the most obvious question yet." His voice suddenly sounded menacing in the darkness. "What do we eat?" Obvious, but not simple, and that was why I hadn't asked it. Because vampires were blood drinkers, and humans had blood. But you had to kill humans if you wanted blood. Therefore, Edward Cullen was a killer. I was sitting in a car with a killer, alone on a dark road. I said nothing.

"You're going to kill me," I answered tonelessly, like reading words from a script. He was silent. "That's why you've been following me. Protecting me. Not so that I would stay safe, so that-"

"-your blood would still be warm when I drank it," he hissed. I noticed that he had driven off the road and stopped, just entering the woods. Not good, not good, my subconscious screamed. Funny. I shouldn't need my subconscious to tell me that. He'd just admitted that he was going to kill me. Despite that, I wasn't frightened. I wasn't really anything. Maybe I was already gone… But that was stupid. I was alive, for now. I could feel the cool leather seat against me neck, my shaking hand clamped on the side of the door, as if I were going to try and escape. My subconscious screamed to run, but Edward was still there- perfect, menacing, and dangerous. "Get out, Bella," he purred.

"No," my subconscious spoke for me- though it may have been the part of me that wanted to be where he was. I didn't know who I was in my own body.

"You would have made a good vampire," he drawled. "It's too bad. But I would never waste any of your blood to keep you alive."

"What changed?" I whispered. "You were… different. And all those times you wanted to kill me. Why now?" Despite how calm I felt, my clear-headed subconscious made my voice shake slightly.

"You're special," he answered. "Different. You… tempt me the most." His now deadly-looking teeth flashed in the dull lights on the dashboard. "Deceiving you will make killing you all the more desirable." Still no fear. Was it because I knew he wouldn't kill me, or because I was certain he would and I was accepting it?

"I don't want to not… see you," I admitted. He laughed under his breath, but it didn't sound light and carefree, as laughing should be. His laugh sounded cold and harsh.

"I promise that I will be the last thing you ever see." In an instant, I could feel his perfectly smooth teeth against my neck. He inhaled and moaned softly. "Delicious." As his teeth pressed harder against my neck, I felt my first thrill of fear before it was doused by more pleasant thoughts, and then I was floating…