Hiya peoples I made this a long time ago. almost immediately after watching MirrorMask. Its a one-shot. I wrote this because I cried during the giants fall and I refuse to believe she was unaffected.

Disclaimer: I do not nor will I ever own MirrorMask. But Jim Henson Company does.


Helena stared as the shadow's black tentacles pulled the giant's other half to the ground. Her eyes were wide and unfocused as Valentine pulled insistently at her sleeve. She watched, clutching desperately at the ornate silver box the giants had placed into her uncertain care. The giants forms blurred as her eyes filled with tears and her sight replaced the two entangled giants with her and Valentine.

This was her world yet she could not save them.

Eyes widened in horror as the giants held on to one another by their fingertips and she could not bring herself to tear her eyes away as Valentine continued to drag her down the stairs and away from the horrid sight. When the giants finally parted the male's and female's arms reaching desperately for their parted souls her sanity snapped.

The world stilled.

She saw herself, eternally sealed within the shadows and Valentine's desperate eyes searching hers throwing out a hand reaching, clawing the air for her as the ground enveloped her in shadow.

Her soul screamed! Yet all that escaped her mouth was a soft dismissal of "Those poor creatures." as she turned her face back to the box and its precious secrets. Words started pouring out of her mouth as she revealed the key but she did not actually comprehend them.

All she saw, repeating over and over, in her head was her and Valentine being pulled apart at the very seams with no possibility of being stitched back together, even as her hand stuck out of the cold hard ground still desperately reaching for the hand she knew was waiting, just out of reach, for hers.


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