I remember my last days at home and wished that by some miracle I could go back. But it was wishing for a miracle that got me here. I wished for my life to be happier to have meaning, but now all I feel is complete emptiness. I was a normal eighteen year old girl living in 2009. I was a loner through and through because I always felt alone and felt no need to depend on others or a social life. I guess that when my eighteenth birthday had come this very morning that my grandmother gave me a small, old gold cross necklace with an engraving on the back, Miracles happen. I passed it off for nothing but I put it on none the less. That night when my party had become just a gathering for my parents and my sister's friends I ran not caring where I was going. When I was about a mile away I stopped and fell to my knees. I looked up to the stars and prayed for a miracle. What I got when I woke up the next morning was not something I expected. I was in a field and I was promptly kicked by a horse which hurt like hell. As I woke up I saw a bright white light.

"My lady what are we to do," a worried voice asked.

"Madge calm down all you did was scare a wild horse that kicked this poor lady in the head. Nothing more," another voice replied. I opened my eyes and groaned. I saw two women with their eyes glued on me.

"Are you all right," the one with the B around her neck asked. I inspected the B more closely and cursed very badly inside my mind. I was sitting in front of Anne Boleyn. A miracle I think not sending me back way before I was even born. Good going god.

"I think so but the room is still spinning," I replied.

"My lady do you know where you are," Anne asked. Judging by her appearance she was Queen now.

"England I think," I replied.

"My lady I am sorry the horse was so beautiful all I wanted to do was touch it," the one called Madge said.

"It is all right I don't think any permanent damage was done, besides I have had worse than this" I said.

"Where is your family? Lady," Anne asked.

"Gone," I said.

"Do you have any other relatives," Madge asked.

"No," I said.

"Well, then you must become one of my ladies for my last Lady Nevelson got pregnant and was removed from my services and Madge has had to do all the work herself," Anne said.

"I do not know Lady Anne. I am not of noble birth and have no family and no clothes," I said.

"No worries we will have my old gowns given to you for I grew taller this past summer and had to have new ones made," Anne said.

"Since I have no family I do not see why I should not stay and be your lady in waiting," I said. Madge and Anne smiled.

"What is your name," Madge asked. I hesitated not knowing if I should say my real name but I decided to anyway.

"Andrea James," I replied.

"Well Lady Andrea you will be given a room connected to mine just like the one that Madge has. The seamstress will be brought if you need to have the clothes I will give you fixed. But for right now we need to clean you up, you look a fright," Anne said as she and Madge ushered me into the bath. After hours of torture well it felt like hours. The corset did not help either, it hurt like hell. I knew that this would take some getting used to.

"There now you truly look like one of us," Madge said. I looked in the mirror and saw that I was in a light green dress with simple embroidery on the bodice. I looked like another person. The one I always hoped I would look like.

"Now since you are one of us please bring me my embroidery," Anne commanded. I realized that I would be in many ways a servant to Anne Boleyn. The thought both terrified me and made me feel in a small way protected.