"What can we do?" Jasper asked anxiously. Edward was an idiot. It has been five years since he left Bella. Currently he was staying Puerto Rico. We only found this out when he came in for a quick visit 2 days ago. Esme and Carlisle were currently in Pairs honeymooning, again and it was just Jasper, Emmet, Rosalie and I at the house.

"He needs Bella." Rosalie said.

"There's no point trying to tell him that" Emmet said.

"We spent a year trying to tell him that." I said back. We all sighed. He was clearly unhappy without her, but refused to go back, the excuses he gave back were pathetic.

"Bella hated being a year older, let alone 5" or "I promised I wouldn't intervene"

"I don't think he'll ever realise" Rosalie said. We all sighed and departed form the dining table and walked into the living room. I turned on the TV and started flicking through the channels. I hated Bella not being here, she was my sister, and she may as well have died.

"Flip back to channel 23" Rosalie suddenly yelled. I hadn't been paying attention to what channel I was on. I flipped and gasped to what I saw.

On the show was Ellen and she was interviewing

"Bella?" Emmet asked uncertain.

"SSSHHHH" Rosalie and I, said back at the same time, so we could her properly what she was saying.

"So we are back with famous singer Bella Swan" there was around of applause and cheers as Bella, hugged Ellen and took her seat.

"So Bella, please tell us about your life, I mean come on. You're this famous singer; you've already won 3 Grammys and 2 American Music Award. How did you do it?"

"I'm not sure" Bella laughed. "I suppose once I moved to L.A everything just fell into place for me."

"Wouldn't life be easier if everything just fell into place for everyone?" Ellen asked and the crowd cheered. "So let's get serious now"

"Have you ever been serious?" Bella asked laughing as Ellen joined her.

"You know what I haven't. But I am extremely curious to know where you got your inspirations for your songs?"

"Well, basically when I was living in forks, I had a boyfriend that claimed he would always love me. But then he broke my heart and skipped town. So I suppose I just try to put the pain I remebered in to the songs"

"Who would ever be so cruel?" Ellen asked and Bella smiled.

"But" Ellen continued, "That pain gave you what you are today."

"I know right" Bella laughed.

I turned off the TV.

"No way" Rosalie said. "Bella's famous?"

"Well obviously, and a pretty good singer by the sounds of it." Jasper said.

"How could we not have heard of her songs, or her achievements?" I asked. I can't believe Bella made into the big time; she seemed a little shy at times.

"Well we don't exactly have the TV on tons, or the radio" Rosalie said.

"You guys know what this means right" I asked them. "Let me guess" Emmet answered.

"Were going to Hollywood?"

"You bet" I said as I ran upstairs to get my passport.


It has been 5 years since the Cullen's left me and I was doing fabulous. I know it sounded weird, and I was depressed at first but when I came here and started singing; I discovered a whole new world. I watched as Ed, turned over to me and slowly opened his eyes.

"Hey baby" he greeted me.

"Hey" I answered back as he took my chin, pulling it towards him to embrace him in a kiss. I know it sounded crazy, but Ed Westwick was my boyfriend. When Edward had left he left me heart broken. Jacob was helpful, but once he became a werewolf, we barely had time for each other. Charlie noticed how I was getting more depressed so he decided to take a holiday with me to Hollywood. We were walking down the streets and Charlie saw a guitar, he though I would like to play it so he bought it. I met Ed, 2 years later when I was singing at a concert, he had backstage passes and we instantly connected. I heard the door bell ring and we both groaned.

"That will be Jacob, he was coming over today." I said getting up.

"I have to get ready anyway; I'm meeting with the directors anyway." He kissed me again, and went to go get some clothes for himself. I quickly pulled off my pyjamas and put on some skinnies and a tank top. My fashion had improved remarkably sine I moved here. I skipped down the stairs and opened the door.

"Jake you always come at the worst" but cut off to which I saw standing in front of me.

The Cullen's stood there like a dream in the doorway. They couldn't be here could they? I quickly scanned and saw that Edward wasn't there with them. Well this was going to be... awkward.

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