David Doesn't know when it all went to hell but it did.

Doesn't know when he figured out that while he liked Michelle he loved Jack.

Doesn't know when he and Jack begin there little affair.

Doesn't know when it got oh so complicated.

David doesn't really remember when he ran.

Doesn't really remember when he finally figured out King Silas was going to see him dead no matter what.

Doesn't really remember fleeing to Gath.

Doesn't really remember winning the war.

Doesn't really remember being crowned king.

What David knows and remembers is that Michelle forgave him.

And That Jack gave him his love and his trust.

Jack always knew one day David would be King

Knew but tried to stop it.

When he couldn't, then he got angry.

Got Resentful.

Jack knew David would make A great King.

It's what made accepting him so much harder then it had to be.

Jack choose a side.

It wasn't has hard a choice as he thought it would be.

He gave in to David.

He knew what he was to him now.

David to Jack was Love, pure and simple Love

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