Title: Merely This, and Nothing More
I realized that there is not nearly enough Raven loving, and what with the abundance of character-themed one-shot collections, I came to the only conclusion. Whom do YOU want to see loving up on everyone's favorite birdman?

Warning (for this chapter specifically): Squeasy things, such as: blood, non-con, all the things I normally write about. You should be used to this by now, yeah?

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He laughed to himself as the monitor announced the results. His fingers closed around the bowl of his glass, lifting the delicate vessel to his lips. The liquid washed warmly down his throat and he relished the heat that collected in his belly. A smile curled over his face and he waited. He knew it was only a matter of time...


Sifting a hand through his tightly-woven braids absently, every vein in his body tight, he cursed. He never thought that his Flock would fail him as badly as they had this evening. It was a simple match - how could Edge and Christian beat the Harris brothers so damn easily?

It had been a dumb bet, he had to admit, but the other man had brought it up and he was not one to resist a competition. They were watching some of the new guys spar and Gangrel had turned to Raven, his eyes hidden behind those stupid mirrored glasses, and proposed:

"I would believe that you have complete faith in your...." he chuckled, "little 'Flock'"?

Raven had raised his brow, wondering what the other man was getting at.

"Yeah, you have an issue with it?" He took the stance of offense, as was typical of him. He's not a big fan of defense - it leaves one too weak.

"The shepherd believing in his sheep, rather than vice versa," Gangrel clucked, laughing darkly once more. Raven looked at his face - fat and smirking - and wanted to bury his fist in it.

"You think your blond bitches are better? They wrestle like women... but that makes sense. Have you seen the hips on Christian?"

Gangrel's face remained stoic and Raven fumed - he couldn't tell if his jab had affected the broad man.

"Perhaps we should put them to a test then, Mr. Levy."

"Raven," he corrected.

"Indeed. Well then, why not have my... 'bitches'... fight against your sheep? Or would you rather I call them your fowl?"

Raven couldn't help the glare that creased his face at that point, looking at the snide asshole sitting beside him.

"Sure, why the fuck not. What should we bet for?"

"Hmm... the winner gets the loser as a slave for one evening?" A slave? Raven snickered on the inside, imagining how he could humble and debase Gangrel, how he could wipe that greasy smile right off his greasy face.


"I shall see you again soon, Mr. Levy," the blond rose, extending his hand to shake. The birdman glanced at him in disgust, but shook the offered hand - he noticed that the hand felt like a dead fish, but tried to dismiss it.

"Of course, Mr. Heath," he spat, and watched the other man leave.

Raven figured that 'Grel would regret it, but here he was, pacing the lower levels of the arena. He couldn't break his word - they had shaken on it. Raven would not go back on a shake - that was a felony as far as masculine etiquette was concerned.

Finally, with a sigh, he resigned himself and rang the elevator.

This was gonna suck. He'd have to beat the shit out of Ron and Don later...


Gangrel couldn't stop the smile when he heard the knock. He threw a glance at his boys, Edge and Christian, sitting prettily on the couch watching television. Without a word, Christian rose to his feet, going to the door and opening it.

Raven stood there, anger written clearly on his face and tangibly emanating from his body. His fists were clenched, his boots whunking on the floor as he entered.

"Well," he spat, "Seems your bitches won, Gangrel. So here I fucking am. What do you want?"

The broad man laughed. "Edge, Christian, scamper if you would. I have... business to attend to."

Obediently, sharing a questioning glance, both men rose and left, the door clicking quietly after them.

Gangrel stood, his eyes still masked behind his glasses as he approached his opponent. Raven felt uneasy, quickly hiding it behind a wall of rage.

"What the fuck do you want, David?" he taunted, spitting Gangrel's birth name like a curse.

Gangrel drew closer, pressing himself to Raven's side, his lips brushing the other man's ear:

"You will give yourself to me sexually," he whispered. Raven jerked away, surprise replacing his anger.

"I'm no faggot, you sick fuck. You want to put it in someone's ass, you fuck your bitches," he snarled, watching Gangrel carefully.

The younger man laughed, "You agreed, Mr. Levy; the loser is a slave to the winner for one evening. There were so specifications beyond that."

"That doesn't mean I'm letting you butt fuck me."

"Such colorful vernacular, Scott," Grel drew close, his broadness and stance almost managing to intimidate the birdman.

Raven bared his teeth, unknowingly taking a few steps back as the other approached. Then Gangrel stopped, raised his hand - and removed his glasses.

Raven froze - the blonds' eyes were piercing silver, gleaming in the dim light of the Brood's personal locker. He felt as if he were shackled to the ground, unable to move as Gangrel pressed his body flush to Raven's, backing him into the wall as he captured the shocked man's mouth with his own.

He barely was able to process as the cool tongue plunged past his lips, teeth clicking against his own as Gangrel kissed him roughly. There was nothing sensual about it, nothing erotic - it was a power play, and nothing more.

As quickly as he had frozen, Raven came back, his hands wedging against the other man's chest and pushing him back roughly. He tried to kick, but his leg was caught easily - Gangrel twisted the ankle harshly, forcing Raven to go with it and tumble to the floor in order to avoid his ankle being snapped in half.

"You wish to play this way? So be it," Grel hissed, kicking Raven swiftly in the ribs. The prostrate man gasped in pain, trying to right himself onto his feet. Gangrel was too quick, however, planting a large, booted foot in the middle of Raven's chest. Effectively pinned to the floor, the birdman scratched and tore at the flesh, but Gangrel seemed to feel no pain.

In one movement, he had straddled Raven's chest, his hands capturing the other man's wrists and completely rendering him unable to move. Again, he forced their lips together, trying to establish his dominance over the older one. Raven tried to bite but found himself somehow unable to properly do so. The kiss broke with a fierce intensity and Gangrel started to lick Raven's face. He turned away, trying to escape the odd gesture, but realized all too late that, by doing that, he left his neck open.

A hoarse scream echoed from his throat as Gangrel drove razor-sharp fangs into the soft flesh, who immediately moaned as scalding blood filled his mouth. Raven bucked desperately, trying to escape the predator atop him, but it was no use - Gangrel was way too strong, stronger than he ever had been in the ring.

Purring as he swallowed mouthful after mouthful of the scarlet aphrodisiac, Gangrel finally pulled away. Raven glanced at his attacker, seeing the blood covering his face, and felt a flash of indignity. He couldn't believe he was pinned like this!

Again lips pressed to his, the warm tongue slipping into his mouth - and Raven flinched as he tasted his own blood. He felt a fire in him suddenly ignite and he couldn't help the whine that slipped past his lips, muffled by their violent kiss. Sharp fangs nicked his sensitive skin and he whimpered when fresh blood welled up.

Gangrel smiled wickedly as he felt Raven giving in, kissing back, the strong body beginning to undulate beneath him. On a hunch, he let Raven's wrists go, instead stroking and rubbing his face and shoulders. He moved to kiss down Raven's jaw line, but then Raven seemed to remember where he was and promptly resumed fighting.

He swung a punch and this time it landed - right in the side of Gangrel's head. The force dragged the fangs halfway across Raven's face and he hissed as pain - and blood - blossomed. The younger man rolled for a moment, almost losing his balance, but quickly regained it.

"Get off of me, you fucking fag!" Raven shouted, and was silenced by a backhand. He bared his teeth and lunged up with a strength that surprised even himself, upsetting Grel and flipping them over. This time it was he who attacked, biting the other man as hard as he could. Gangrel sighed with content, his whole chest vibrating as Raven's teeth slashed open the skin just above his collarbone.

Again that taste exploded in his mouth and again Raven lost himself, drowning in the heavenly copper flavor. He dissolved into a mess of hungry murmurs, and if Gangrel weren't so busy luxuriating in the pleasure that resulted, he would have been chuckling at how the birdman had broken down. This is what he had wanted - to break Raven, and while this wasn't quite what he had had in mind, it was better than nothing.

Raven suddenly kissed the blond, the dominator now, his hands running down the broad chest as he asserted his alpha status. With a mighty push, Gangrel changed their positions, his hands clawing up under Raven's shirt and pulling it off. Alpha status, indeed.

"I'm fucking... serious," the brunet groaned as sharp nails caught his nipples, tweaking them. That warm mouth found the sunken part at the base of his throat and sucked eagerly, but Raven's hands tangled themselves in the long hair and he pulled back fiercely. With a howl, Gangrel's head wrenched back and Raven managed to reverse their positions once more. "I don't take it, Gangrel... I don't think you realize that," he whispered, "I'm no bitch, least of all a bitch for your fucking haughty ass."

He was caught off guard when Gangrel laughed.

"What the fuck is your problem?"

"It's nothing, my dear Scott. You are just..." he chuckled again, "It's hard to take you seriously when your face is flushed, you have lost your shirt, oh... and the very prominent arousal in your jeans."

Raven then realized, with a sickening lurch in his belly, that he did indeed have a raging hard on that longed for... something.

"Perhaps you are so upset because you are in denial... that you are a 'fag' as well?"

"Fuck you!" Raven socked him in the face, but it did nothing to remove that shit-eating grin. "You son of bitch!" He punched him again, but this time Gangrel caught the fist in his wide hand.

"Not so fast, Mr. Levy," he laughed, "You really aren't very good at this game, are you?"

Somehow, faster than Raven thought was possible, Gangrel bucked up and got them both to their feet. The way he moved, shoving Raven up against the wall and pinning him, anyone would have thought that he wasn't quite human.

And those eyes... boring into Raven's now as he brushed their lips together. "I knew you would fight," he murmured, "That's why I made the bet... nothing will be as sweet as taking your precious pride. Maybe then you will lose your cocky attitude, hmm?"

"You fucking - mmpf," the angry words were cut off as he was spun about, a hand clapped over his mouth as he was bent, forcefully, over the couch. He felt those strong hands pulling at his belt and he kicked back. He actually managed to catch the blond, who groaned, but then Raven stilled. It seemed that Gangrel's favorite weapon was his teeth, and the older man was unable to move when he lashed out once more.

Reveling in the sweet pain that spread through his neck and into his body, Raven barely noticed that his pants were yanked down. When the fangs finally retracted, he heard the buckle of Gangrel's belt and stiffened.

"No!" His cry turned into a scream - it felt like he was being split in two, and he knew exactly what was happening. He grit his teeth, trying to buck Gangrel off, but the pain consumed him.

The overwhelming heat that surrounded him felt like all of the world's pleasure condensed into one place. Gangrel moaned, long and loud, as he sank deep into Raven's unwilling, writhing body. He knew that Raven would fight until the bitter end, but that made it all the better. Almost immediately he began to drive into the warm form, each movement stealing more of his victim's pride.

Gangrel pressed himself tighter to Raven to hold him still more effectively, one arm wrapped around the muscled chest while the other tangled in the mess of braids. The latter was more for balance than to keep Raven from escaping, helping the blond to keep his footing as he roughly fucked the screaming man.

"You... son of a..." Raven's muffled cries came through gritted teeth, his forehead furrowed in pain, his face buried in the dirty cushions of the couch. He could barely breathe, and the agony striking through him with each of Gangrel's movements was mind-blowing.

"Take this... as a lesson... you stubborn little man," Gangrel panted, his words coming in time with each snap of his hips. Raven could only reply with a curse, whimpering suddenly as he felt a weird explosion of pleasure. The attacker had slipped a little, changing his angle, and -

Raven moaned again, his hands clenching fistfuls of the sofa, as that pleasure sparked again. Gangrel instantly recognized the sound and held his position, thrusting quickly to elicit more cries. It worked - the victim began to wriggle, but not in pain.

"You like this?" Gangrel murmured, "You like being fucked?"

"No!" The reply was a little hard to believe, considering it ended in a drawn out sob. Freeing the tight braids from his fingers, Grel reached down to find Raven's member - as he had expected, it was hard, pulsing against his hand.

He curled his long fingers around the shaft, pumping his unwilling mate in time with his thrusts. Raven was reduced to a mess of pleased whimpers, the faint remaining tinges of pain only adding contrast to the increasing bliss.

Gangrel knew he couldn't last much longer, but was determined to break Raven fully. He tightened his grip, quickening his pace, and as he felt Raven's body tensing, he knew he had won.

Wrenching his face free from the confines of the sofa, Raven announced his orgasm with the intensity of a freight train. His body coiled in upon itself and he came, the warm liquid spilling over Gangrel's fingers.

As Raven climaxed, his insides clenched down hard on the invading length and Grel knew it was over. Rearing up and raking his fingers down the sweaty back, he emptied his seed as deep into the other man as he could, groaning as the last drops were pulled from his body.

He was still for only a minute before yanking away. Raven fell to the ground like a bone-less mess, panting as he was awash in the ocean where he could not discern what hurt and what didn't anymore. He barely noticed Gangrel getting dressed, but then a strong hand grabbed his chin and he was forced to look into those silver eyes.

"Remember, Raven... always read the fine print," Grel snickered darkly, "Because you never know what your agreements will bring, hmm?"

And then he was gone.

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