Title: Merely This, and Nothing More
I realized that there is not nearly enough Raven loving, and what with the abundance of character-themed one-shot collections, I came to the only conclusion - that there should be a Raven one. Who do YOU want to see loving up on everyone's favorite birdman?

Warning (for this chapter specifically): Severely violent non-con. Like so bad that I almost feel bad for writing it... almost.

Note: Today's couple was brought to you by: Demoniac Bastard Scorpio.


Mark cracked his knuckles, his wrists, in boredom as he watched other wrestlers spar. Practice before the show, a couple hours of good beating where they could actually swear without getting a swift kick in the ass from Vince. It was one of his favorite times. Yeah, he liked the fans well enough, but he'd been in it long enough that the novelty had long worn off. The shit was too loud for him at this point, anyway.

"God damn," Glenn growled beside him, "Chris looks like such a little bitch with that pony tail, don't he? Fuck."

Mark shrugged, "You have a fetish for him." His mind was abruptly stolen as another man whirled out from the back, a blaze of red tartan fabric, black boots, tattooed skin...

"Like you don't get raging wood every fucking time Scott comes out," Glenn taunted back, seeing his brother's eyes eagerly devour the man below them swinging into the ring with little regard for the two currently sparring. He lounged back against the rope, watching them intently.

"So what if I fucking do, you have a problem you ugly son of a bitch?" Mark felt his anger rise, defensive although he wasn't sure why.

"Nope. I just think it's cute, little Mark having a little crush." In response, Mark snarled.

"Fuck you."

"I'll pass... I'm too busy working on Chris."

Mark rose to his feet, unable to discern the source of his anger but not particularly caring about that either. He walked down the few stairs to the floor, then backstage, heading for his locker room. Glenn was right to some degree; he did want to fuck Raven more than he could remember wanting anything. The man was just... perfect, from the way he applied his face paint to the sword inked across his chest to the kilts he wore to the exquisitely muscled calves and nondescript work boots.

Letting himself rest on the overstuffed sofa, Mark pulled his aching length from his pants and palmed it, leaning back to close his eyes as he began to stroke himself. Beautiful, perfect, handsome, sexy Raven. That wonderfully round ass. He could imagine how it would feel to be inside of that ass, giving Scott the god damn pounding of his life. Raking his nails down the tanned back to see dark blood well up... to taste it on his tongue, Scott unable to fight back due to being cuffed, spread for Mark to fuck as he saw fit...

He longed to fuck Raven raw, to make him beg and scream and sob in pain. Such a strong man, so sure of himself, so mother fucking arrogant. Tightening his grip around himself, Mark purred as he envisioned thoroughly taking Scott down a notice or twenty.

As his climax rushed through him, he made up his mind. He was going to own Scott in a way that no one else ever had, own him in a way that no one else ever would. Wiping the cum off his jeans, Mark tucked himself away and felt the malicious smile crawling across his face as he began to plan.


Scott rubbed his neck, sore and vaguely irritated. Whatever was up Edge's ass needed removed - his hits had been way too stiff tonight. He wanted a shower, to wash the sweaty makeup that lay tangy in his mouth. Ignoring the bustle of backstage as he usually did, he brushed away a few kids with backstage passes who wanted an autograph. A few short moments found him in the general locker room, opening his locker to grab his bag, and claiming a shower stall. Not caring about who was in there, not taking any note. Pretty typical, why should he give a sideways fuck about the others and their stupid antic?

He stripped quickly, turned the water on as hot as it went, and stepped under the scalding stream. A hiss escaped his lips at the heavenly sting of the water. He leaned his broad forehead against the tile, ice-cold compared to the boiling water sluicing over him, and just let his mind relax.

The usual noise of guys talking, yelling, fighting, all of that bullshit completely muted the sound of the shower curtain being pulled back, causing the metal rings to schwing against the steel rod. The background noise did not, however, prevent Scott from noticing the broad form pressing quickly against his back and thrusting him to the wall.

His hands went perpendicular to his body as curses spilled from his mouth.

"I'm not in the fucking mood for this horseshit!" he yelled, fairly certain it was Edge messing with him or one of the other jokesters. The body didn't back off though - it pressed against him harder and he felt warm breath on his ear.

"Well I am in the mood, Scott. But this is just a little appetizer, yeah?"

The voice was familiar...

"Mark?" his brow creased, confused. Mark had never been one to mess around before. Then he felt something very firm and thick brush against his ass and he realized two things: one, Mark was just as naked as he (not too out of the ordinary, it was a locker room after all), and two: Mark wanted to fuck him.

"Ohhh no," he said, squeezing his arms in so that he could turn and face the larger man, "No you don't, you fucking shit biscuit. Get the fuck offa me." He placed his palms against the broad chest, pushing, but Mark didn't budge. His wet hair was plastered to the sides of his face, a positively evil grin on his lips.

"Yes I do," he replied, and quickly wrapped a huge hand around Scott's throat and began to choke him. Raven began to kick, punch, scratch, whatever he could do as his body fought for air, but it was like the blows didn't even touch Mark. As if Raven wasn't much stronger than a light breeze, he gathered the man's hands in one of his own and pinned his wrists above his head. Raven couldn't believe he was that strong and spit angrily.

Mark just leaned forward, sealing his lips over Raven's before unceremoniously pushing his tongue into the unwilling mouth.

Scott gagged and bit down hard.

But Mark didn't scream, instead it sounded like... laughter. Scott's eyes widened and his struggles renewed. The fucker... was laughing at him. Scott was all for sadistic tendencies, he loved beating the shit out of people in the ring and he loved having the shit beat out of him, but he was NOT submissive during sex by any means.

Not to mention - men didn't fuck him. Sure, sometimes he put his dick in one of the guys, but no one dicked him. Scott wasn't a bitch.

He drew in a shuddering breath as he was allowed to breathe, Mark's lips removed from his and leaving a bloody trail in their wake.

"Bad Scott, biting me like that..." he murmured, licking his lips.

"Get the fuck out of here," Scott growled, not liking the fact that Mark's erection was grinding against his belly, not liking anything about this situation. The hand not holding his wrists moved from his shoulders and tangled in his hair, holding him still as Mark kissed him again. Scott brought his knee up to nail Mark in his jewels, but Mark must have known he'd do that because instantly the hand that had been in his hair caught his knee and pushed his leg back down.

"I'll see you again soon, Scotty," Mark breathed as he pulled away once more. His fingers weaved into Raven's hair on last time and, with a loud thunk, he slammed the other man's head into the tile.

As Raven's mind swirled and closed, the floor rushing to greet him, he saw Mark leave, a smile on his face.

You son of a bitch...


"Hey, asshole."


"You want to help me?"

"With what? Your crush?"


"... Of fucking course I do. Brother, I thought you'd never ask."


After that, though, Scott hardly saw Mark. It was like Mark had just disappeared. He wasn't backstage, wasn't on the shows. He heard something about Mark helping down in FCW because he had injured his knee again but didn't want to go on full leave. Good enough for Scott, he really didn't want to deal with Mark again. It had made him a little nervous, how strong the bigger man was. He knew that Mark was strong, but... damn.

He never told anyone about the shower incident from that night.

They had just finished a show in Oregon, and Tommy wanted to go out for some drinks. Raven went with him, he usually did. Tommy was his bar buddy. Knocking back good alcohol, looking at the pretty women flocking Tommy and a few on Raven himself, neither of them noticed the moderately-attractive girl who kept slipping tiny white tablets into Raven's drink as she wiggled over to Tommy. She was nothing special, and that's why she fit in perfectly.

Both men kept knocking drinks back, until Raven realized just how tired and drunk he really was.

"Hey, Tom... I'm... gonna go back to my room, a'right?" he slurred, looking at his friend who wasn't even half as drunk as he.

"Damn, you sure? You're never done this fast..." Tommy replied, raising a slight eyebrow.

"Yeah well I've just... uh... been feeling weird... lately."

"Come on honey," the average girl suddenly cooed into Raven's ear, "Let's go back to your room."

Neither of them questioned how she knew where to take him - ring rats were omnipotent like that.

She got a cab and took the drunken, drugged man back to his room. On the way there, he had passed out, allowing her to take his room card and set up some other things as well. She leaned down and kissed his forehead.

"You poor son of a bitch," she whispered, her voice full of guilt but her eyes aflame with mirth. She yanked his wallet out of his back pocket and left.


Raven came to consciousness like a body floating to the surface after being under for too long. He sputtered, drawing breath in big gulps, and feeling way too warm. He struggled, opening his eyes slowly. He was in the hotel. Okay, he could take that. He could remember drinking with Tommy and... that was it.

He must have gotten fucking smashed for a hangover this bad. He rolled over - but he couldn't roll over. Brow furrowing, raised his arms - but he couldn't move them.

What the fuck?

Quickly he understood that he was tied up, his arms above his head. He couldn't even feel his arms, actually... they were numb. The bonds were tight, then.

"Fuck..." he grumbled, not noticing that he had actually said anything.

"Well good evening Sleeping Beauty," the menacing voice came from the other side of the room, and Raven's head snapped up. His eyes widened, and he tried to pull his legs to his chest - but they were bound also.

"You asshole..." Raven was so full of rage that he could not get the words out, spitting and glaring at the looming Mark who now stood over Raven's bed. He leaned down, cupping Raven's face in his huge hand and forcing them to make eye contact.

"I told you, honey... that night two months ago? That was an appetizer. Tonight will be the main course." Mark's whole body thrummed at the anger in Scott's eyes, slightly clouded by the drugs still in his system. Glenn's own little concoction, a blend of barbiturates and rohypnol that could knock out an elephant.

Or a raven.

He stroked that angular face, leaning in closer to capture Raven's lips. He savored them hungrily, carefully avoiding each click of Raven's teeth.

"Now now," he shook his head as he pulled away, reaching for something out of Raven's view, "We can't have that." He thrust the cold metal bit into the back of Raven's mouth, strapping it around his head, causing the victim to bellow in response. Again Mark crashed their lips together, but now that Raven couldn't bite, he was free to explore the warm mouth as he saw fit.

Ignoring the sharp tang of metal, Mark used his tongue to fully explore Scott's mouth, grunting in pleasure as he tasted his captive. Swinging up, he straddled the prone body and ground his erection into Raven's crotch.

Scott lay there, unable to move, unable to bite, unable to do a god damn thing but allow Mark to basically tongue-fuck his mouth. He was fuming, his face bright red and his whole body coiled in disgust. He could feel the other man's arousal hard against his own genitals, and he just wanted to vomit.

Pulling away and panting heavily, Mark grinned maliciously down at the brown-eyed man, "I can't even wait, Scott... I've been planning this for so long." Raven tried to answer, but the bit in his mouth caused his words to come out garbled and thick. Mark laughed.

"What's it like to be completely helpless?" he asked, running a hand down the black t-shirt and sliding up under it to feel the warm belly. He pulled the shirt up to reveal the defined chest, the dusky nipples, and felt his desire surge. He wanted to demolish Raven so badly.

He traced a thick finger on the sword tattooed on Scott's chest, keeping his eyes on the beautiful one's face. Those eyes were full of fiery hate, and Mark fucking loved it.

"I'm gonna make you cry like a bitch," he whispered.

"Uck yoo," was Raven's garbed reply.

Mark reached over again, and when his hand returned into view Scott saw that the dead man had a large, shiny box cutter. He slid the razor out, leaning down and cutting Scott's shirt off slowly, throwing the shredded material to his side.

Raven didn't move, didn't make a sound as Mark lay the blade to his flesh, dragging it slowly along the flushed skin. A fine red line was left in its wake, blood welling up finely and leaving a perfect trail. Mark ground his teeth, lowering his face to the wound to lick it gingerly. His saliva stung the fresh cuts, causing Scott to hiss slightly. The pain wasn't too bad though - definitely not as bad as what he had felt in the ring before.

Mark seemed to be simply enjoying the copper taste of Raven's blood, trailing the razor up and down and licking after it. The liquid was feeding his hunger and at the same time enflaming it.

He rose up again, setting the box cutter right at the edge of Raven's prominent tattoo.

Raven's eyes lit up.

Don't you fucking dare.

With a mischievous grin, Mark traced the inked lines with the razor, watching red overwhelm the black. He groaned audibly at the sight.

Moving the razor and looking into Scott's eyes again, Mark resumed creating fine, intricate patterns over the muscled chest. He started to increase the pressure on the knife, each incision going deeper. Finally he was rewarded by a low whine from his victim. Mark felt his cock pulse at the sound, and pressed even harder. Nothing.

Little bitch.

He lifted the knife to his lips, licking the drops of blood clinging to the steel. He was careful not to cut himself, and as he set the blade down he got up off Raven and stood. Again he reached over to the other bed. Now he had a small, black leather whip. Raven saw it glint in the faint light, and saw the metal tips on the end of each string.

His breath hitched as Mark raised it, and there was an audible clink as he tried to grind his teeth together when it was brought mightily down onto his already abused chest. Fire shot through him like out of a gun and he somehow managed to stay silent. He wasn't going to let this sick fuck get any pleasure from his cries, not if he could help it...

The metal tips tore open small puncture wounds where they landed, bloodying Raven further and worsening a few of the previous wounds. Mark trailed the whip up and down Raven's chest, over his kilt, down his legs. Then, he lashed Raven's chest again. Once. Twice. Still no sound from his victim, so he cranked his arm back and let it fly.

The scream that resulted sounded like music. Pure, beautiful music to Mark's ears. His cock pulsed and he hit the bitch again, just as hard. Another scream. There was a continuous clinkclink now, as Raven was desperately trying to grind his teeth to numb the pain. Unfortunately for him, the bit was in the way.

Mark whipped Scott mercilessly until nearly his whole body was flecked with blood, his skin covered in welts and bright pink. Finally, it seemed that Mark was done with that toy - he tossed it aside and leaned down to kiss his little bitch. His mouth tasty bloody - he had bit down on his tongue at some point to try and escape the pain.

Kissing him deeply, thoroughly, Mark unbuttoned the tartan kilt, pulling it down the strong legs. He broke the kiss, standing so that he could render Scott completely nude.

"Sop," Raven growled, "Marg, sop."

"Shut up bitch," Mark replied, pulling the boxer briefs down to reveal Scott's genitals. A flaccid member nestled in a trimmed nest of dark brown curls. Grinning to himself, he moved down and unlaced the thick boots, pulling them off easily. Then the socks. Glancing at the kilt and underwear and realizing that he wasn't going to be able to take them off without untying Raven's feet, Mark grabbed the knife again.

Raven growled angrily as his kilt was ripped off of him, his underwear following suit. Making an appreciative sound, Mark ran his hand up the muscled thigh, caressing the tight sack and groping the soft cock.

"Not gonna get hard for me, bitch?" he asked, looking up. Raven said nothing, simply glaring. Mark shrugged, "It don't matter... I'm gonna fuck you until you can't stand anyways..."

Scott couldn't help the fear that he felt when he heard that. He hadn't wanted to face it before, he still didn't, but it looked like he had to. Mark was going to fuck him and there was shit he could do about it. He had been pulling on his bonds this entire time, but they were thick leather and chain - enough to restrain four of him. He was fucked, in every single way.

When he came back to his senses, he wanted to vomit. Mark was standing there, watching him in his bloody and naked glory, with his cock out. Jerking himself. When he noticed Scott looking at him, he smiled.

"Like what you see?" he asked. No, actually, Raven did not. That... thing... hanging out of Mark's pants was fucking enormous.

God this is gonna fucking hurt.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, a mighty hand slapped him across the face, sending him reeling. Scott literally saw stars, grunting in pain and barely noticing that Mark was moving him around. When he finally stopped spinning, he noticed that his legs had been... lifted up and re-chained. So he was completely spread open for the other man to take as he saw fit.

Shit. Shitshitshit.

"Little Raven," Mark rumbled, the bed sinking under his weight as he settled between Raven's spread legs, "Little Raven gonna get fucked by the Undertaker... I bet you're an ass virgin, ain't ya?"

Scott refused to look at him, causing him to cackle, "You are! Well guess what, buddy... I'm about to pop your arrogant cherry and there ain't fuck-all you can do about it. You ready?" He had been jerking himself the whole time, and his hand left his shaft to delve between Scott's legs.

Scott's back arched up as a dry finger wormed insistently into him, vaguely painful but nothing as bad as his chest. Mark groaned and leaned down, spitting onto the virgin entrance before thrusting in a second finger. The low grunt made his head soar, and he fingered the captive man roughly. His cock seemed to get harder with each passing minute, and he didn't know if he'd be able to keep himself in control... oh wait, who fucking cared? Like Scott would tell anyone...

"Hey Glenn, throw me the lube," Mark said and Raven's eyes practically flew out of his head as Glenn came from the corner of the room. He had been sitting out of Raven's vision, quiet enough so that he hadn't noticed. The enormous male tossed a bottle of clear lube to Mark, who used it to slick up his pulsing erection. He lined it up with the quivering hole and grabbed Scott's chin, forcing him to look in his eyes.

"Ready bitch?" he whispered. Raven said nothing, his eyes screaming contempt.

His whole body shaking with desire, Mark leaned in and thrust as hard as he could. Any resistance Raven had been putting up was instantly shattered, his whole body reacting as if it were being torn apart.

The long, gravelly scream that ripped from Scott's throat only incented Mark more and he immediately began to slam into the smaller man. Raven couldn't even believe the pain, his body breaking into a thousand pieces from the white-hot pain. God, it hurt, it felt like a fucking spear in his body, splitting him in two.

The cries turned Mark on further, not to mention the incredible tightness and the heat... God, Raven was so fucking hot on the inside, like a fire within him was burning. His thrusts were quick and strong; each wet smack of his balls against Raven's ass provoked him further.

Raven couldn't stop screaming. He just couldn't. The pain was so intense, the only way it could escape him was through his throat. He screamed and screamed and screamed and Mark fucking ate it all up. Scott knew he would have to kill the bastard once this was done.

Finally, Mark seemed to have had enough. With a forceful bellow louder than thunder, he shuddered and emptied himself into Raven's abused body. Raven had long since screamed himself hoarse, and was almost comatose from the pain. Pulling out from the broken man, Mark laughed bitterly at the arousing sight. He also had a surprise for Scott... he was still hard. It was a pretty common thing with him - he wouldn't go soft for another hour or so (or another orgasm).

"Hey, Glenn," he said, "Come here."

Scott made a pained sound as his arms were untied, and then his legs. Everything felt numb to him, and he barely realized it as he was lifted up. He didn't hear the words from the other two men, until -

"You ready for round two, bitch?" Mark. Scott cried out pathetically as he was entered again, his tender ass not even near ready for more abuse. He felt a hand roughly pulling at his head, and the bit was pulled from his mouth followed by a deluge of saliva - he had drooled a lot from having his mouth forced open like that.

The thrusts were slow, steady, and Raven realized that it wasn't Mark fucking him - it was Glenn. Even though he was facing Mark. He was being held up, against... against Glenn. He suddenly understood what was going on. Glenn was holding him up and fucking him. Mark was holding him up too, actually his legs were wrapped around Mark's waist.

"Wait..." he whispered, understanding too fast what was about to happen, "No!" His hands were cuffed and hooked to something drilled into the ceiling, so he couldn't use his hands. He realized this too late, and then -

Scott wailed, absolutely bawled with the last of his voice as Mark joined his brother in Scott's stretched body. The pain was too much, white out against every nerve ending, and Scott knew nothing but pure agony as he was violated this second time.

Each anguish cry that came from the birdman's throat served to turn both men on further, holding Raven still so that they could both fuck him.

"He is so fucking goddamn tight," Glenn's hands were clutching Scott's hips so hard his knuckles were white, bouncing Scott up and down on both of their pulsing shafts.

"This was such a good idea..." Mark replied, losing himself in Raven's body once more, "Wasn't it, little bitch? Little bitch being raped by Kane and the Undertaker. I bet you secretly love it, too... don't ya, you little fucking faggot?"

Finally, Raven could take no more. With a rattling sob, tears began to course down his face.

"He's crying, Glenn! Little Raven is crying!" Mark announced with glee, and the sight of the pained man weeping was enough to make him... "Fuck, I'm gonna... come again..." Shouting his pleasure, Mark came for the second time, filling Raven with his seed before withdrawing. It didn't take Glenn long either and finally both men were done. Tossing Scott on the bed carelessly, they both admired the blood and cum spattered on his broken form.

Raven passed out almost immediately, not hearing them shower and talk to each other, gloating in what they had done, until, just before they were about to leave... Mark backhanded him and he woke up for a moment, just long enough to see those poisonous eyes and hear the words,

"Told you I was gonna make you cry like a bitch."

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