Chapter 1: The Ultimate Enemy

Foreword: Well I didn't quite finish my last major Teen Titans and Justice League crossover, but I thought up an original idea for the Titans inspired by the events in Justice League Unlimited and decided to see what I could with it. It's a sequel to my last story, but a brief overview of the previous story is summarized at the beginning of this story, and it's NOT necessary to read the other story at all because this one is different to the point where it isn't influenced by the previous one at all. (I hope that made sense)

Don't worry if you're not a Justice League fan, because true to my word this is a Titans fanfiction story, and a continuation of the animated series, only mixed with the DC Animated Universe in an attempt to expand the relative small Titans universe. In truth the creators of both shows were planning on connecting them together, but didn't get the chance.

Disclaimer: I do not own any DC characters or logos.

Raven was always a very complicated individual when it came time to matters of emotion, but as long as they had been together she had felt a certain sense of tranquility among her friends. It was probably safe to say that they were not the same five teenagers who had joined forces five years ago to save Jump City from the Gordanian threat, but their friendship had withstood the test of time. In truth it had been several years since the defeat of the Brotherhood of Evil and for four years the founding Titans had gone separate ways to discover themselves.

During this span Robin adopted a new alias known as Nightwing and spent several years in solitude, devoting his life to training in the martial arts. The former boy wonder then returned to Gotham City to aide Batman and his old teammates for a large portion of time. Beast Boy went back to the Doom Patrol to spend some time with his adopted family, the other two members of their former team proved even more ambitious.

They too had journeyed alone for the greater part of several years, but found new employment under a much more powerful organization than the Teen Titans had ever been. Following the expansion of the Justice League to include many of the world's greatest heroes, Cyborg and Starfire accepted Superman's invitation without hesitation and joined together with the dozens of others to form the Justice League Unlimited.

Raven had nowhere to turn to, and wandered place to place without destination for most of this time. Alone and unsure of her life, the young sorceress did not seek out new comrades, but after a few years passed without event, but one day something happened that she had never expected. One day a cloaked man approached her with the offer to teach her how to utilize new types of magic that she had never before used.

Naturally she spurned his offer at first, having rarely been offered the hand of friendship during her life, but the strange individual spoke comfort to her weary mind. He agreed to open his home to her as long as she required shelter, and with time she grudgingly accepted his gesture. The cloaked man was none other than Doctor Fate, a famous and powerful magician and one of the more prominent affiliates of the Justice League.

Meeting the wizard and his wife was a big step, and per the conditions of her arrangement, Raven had eventually agreed to become his apprentice. Under the tutelage of Doctor Fate, she learned amazing new feats of magic, but the day came when trouble would bring her back to her old friends once more.

Months passed before she reluctantly accepted Superman's offer to join the League, but disaster struck soon afterwards when Slade returned with a legion of the world's most powerful super villains at his command. Having gathered the remnants of Gorilla Grodd's Secret Society, the masked madman had resurrected the old organization under his own leadership. Needless to say that his new associates were reluctant to trust another leader after Lex Luthor's plans almost got them all killed, but Slade had revived their broken ambitions and recruited dozens of more villains to bolster their ranks.

Despite the atrocities created by this new group, the league had been triumphant during the final clash between both opposing teams, and Slade had once again disappeared without a trace. Imagining their longtime enemy at large was truly a disturbing prospect to say the least, but many of his cohorts were captured and jailed in the process, making his escape seem less significant.

Raven however was not as optimistic as many of her fellow leaguers. The former Titans new how dangerous an opponent that Slade really was. He could have killed them so many times, but had always enjoyed their attempt to defeat him so much that he spared them out of amusement. He was known in the world of villains as the most efficient killer alive, a title truly befitting of his alias… Deathstroke… …

The blue-clad sorceress sighed as she these thoughts floated through her mind, and with a wave of her hand she opened a vortex and deposited her book into a pocket dimension of her own creation. She had actually learned this trick from Doctor Fate, and found it useful for any number of things. The special tear that the spell created could hold large amount of objects, and if necessary she could call them back at will. It was more convenient than carrying her possessions around by hand, especially the twenty of so spell books that she studied in her free time.

With a flick of her wrist, Raven closed the fissure above her head and attempted to relax. It had been a while since she had been inside of her old room, and very little had changed during her absence. Titans Tower held a lot of memories for them, and it was only very recently that the five friends had moved back in. Her eyes remained unfocused as she gazed at the ceiling, but for some reason she felt her thoughts returning to Beast Boy.

The green knucklehead had done a lot of growing up during their time apart. His voice was noticeably deeper than before, and he towered over her whenever they were in the same room together. Yes he seemed much more mature in a number of ways, but despite the changes in his appearance and voice, his sense of humor remained almost exactly the same as it had been during their first meeting years ago. There were moments when she secretly enjoyed his jokes, but she knew that Beast Boy would never let her live it down if she were ever tactless enough to admit it out loud.

She attempted to relax again, but a familiar crackling noise sounded on her communicator. "We're receiving an urgent message from the Watchtower right now." Cyborg's voice echoed through the earpiece. "The Martian personally requested that everyone is present to receive this information."

Raven sat up and shuffled towards the door, as she pressed the button on her communicator. "I'm already on my way. Over and out…"

Increasing her speed to a stride, she exited her room and traversed a handful of corridors as she headed towards the main room of their headquarters. The tower was actually quite large for the most part, but her room was rather close to her destination and in a matter of moments she had arrived in the primary living space.

It was rather different than it had been several years prior, when large couches and creature comforts had filled the room's specious interior. Ever since they re-commissioned Titans Tower for hero use, they had changed a number of things around to fit their new job as members of the Justice League.

Cyborg personally moved the television and videogame systems into a room set aside for entertainment. Now the main floor was filled with large computers and monitors that they used for super hero work, and the sofa replaced by a circular counsel table where the five former Titans would meet to discuss their work. The one thing that seemed unchanged was the glass window that comprised the entire back wall of the room, and it still gave them a magnificent as view as ever of the city below.

As Raven entered the room, she found her friends already seated around the table, and immediately took her place between Beast Boy and Nightwing. The green changeling grinned in her direction, but for some reason his expression irked her and she forced a weak smile out of courtesy.

"What is this about?" she questioned in an uncharacteristically blunt fashion.

Cyborg raised an eyebrow. "Well to be completely honest, I have no idea… Batman contacted Dick a little while ago and told him to get us together in this room for something important."

"He didn't specify, but something tells me that whatever is going on has him visibly worried." Nightwing replied with a small nod. "He didn't say much else, but I've known him for a long time, and he sounded urgent."

The green shape-shifter wrapped his knuckles against the table to garner their attention. "After what Slade did last year, I was hoping we would get a break from high-level missions. I'm seriously beginning to miss the days when all we needed to do was stop Dr. Light from robbing a local bank."

"When you become a hero, life is never that simple…" Nightwing answered.

Starfire nodded her head gravely. "If there is one thing that I have learned during my stay on this planet, it is that evil never truly disappears forever."

"The light and darkness are locked in an endless battle with each another, but in the end there can be no total victory on either side." Raven explained with a dark expression. "Good and evil are two sides of the same coin, and one cannot exist without the other."

At this assertion a strange silence fell over the room. Beast Boy shifted uncomfortably in his seat, and the other seemed stared into their own laps as if they were stricken with a sudden and wave of grief. Raven personally took the moment to reflect on her teacher's words, but her pattern of thought was disrupted as Cyborg stood up from his seat.

"You know, I gotta admit that what you said makes a lot of sense." The half-metal hero exclaimed.

"That reminds me of how long Mento and the others fought against the Brotherhood of Evil." Beast Boy added in. "No matter how many times we hammered those guys, the Brain and his talking monkey always crawled back to their hole to come up with another crazy plan to rule the world."

The changeling's fists tightened in anger as he thought of the atrocities committed by the Doom Patrol's archenemies, and the glass of water in his hand shattered under his unusually firm grip, but this uncharacteristic display of rage did not go unnoticed by his companions. The young sorceress sitting to his left placed a hand on his shoulder, and the effect was immediate. Beast Boy's muscles seemed to relax under her warm touch, and with a calm expression he glanced over at his old friend. Raven recoiled her hand with an awkward expression and folded her hands as if she were meditating.

Beast Boy wiped up the spill with his napkin and frowned. "Sorry about the mess… I just saw red."

"I understand how you feel, but that doesn't mean that what we do has no meaning." Raven replied sagely. "Our job is to save as many lives as possible, so that this world will be safe for current and future generations. That is what it means to be a hero…"

Cyborg folded his hands on the table and nodded in agreement. "Like Superman once said, we have to be prepared to make sacrifices."

Before any of them could resume the conversation, the screen in from of the table flickered to reveal the intimidating form of J'onn J'onzz. The legendary hero was over six feet tall with dark green skin and piercing red eyes. He wore blue pants with matching boots and a large draped over his back. The cloak was held in place by a pair of red straps fastened to his shoulders, which formed an x-shaped pattern as they crossed in the center of his muscular chest.

Of the five younger heroes, Cyborg had spent the most time with the Justice League's director due to the fact that he worked maintenance aboard the space station during his working hours. If there was one thing that he learned from that time, it was how resolute the Martian could be when he issued mission orders. Although stubborn at times, he was brutally efficient when it came time to properly coordinating the dozens of missions that the league carried out on a regular basis.

"Watch Tower to Titans Tower… … Is the signal coming in clearly?" The Martian relayed.

"Loud and clear, boss man." The half robot hero replied.

A long silence fell once again as the occupants of the room waited for him to speak again. The green-skinned changeling leaned forward slightly, his mouth twisting into an anxious line. Raven remained as stoic as usual as she stared up at the monitor, waiting patiently for the alien hero to begin the meeting.

"The information that I am about the give you is important, so I request that you pay close attention and do not interrupt until I relay all of the details we have gathered." He explained calmly.

Nightwing merely raised an eyebrow in curiosity and seemed to ignore the alien's request. "What kind of mission are we talking about? Most of us are just part timers, in the league, so we figured that you would leave us to our own endeavors after we put an end to Slade's plans last year."

The Martian seemed to take his words as a show of defiance, but merely continued on as if he had not heard. "Batman recommended you five for this mission because you are the closest to the source of the trouble. There is a large source of unstable energy located somewhere in the center of Jump City, and we require you to investigate."

"If it directly effects us then I suppose we have no choice." The former boy wonder acknowledged.

Murmurs of agreement swept down the table, as the former Titans deliberated. Raven exchanged a sideways glance at Nightwing, while Beast Boy shrugged wit a bemused expression. Starfire and their former leader seemed deeply worried by the prospect. J'onn J'onzz observed them for a few moments before speaking again.

"You team is the most familiar with the area to begin with, but in the case that you cannot pinpoint the anomaly in question, Mr. Terrific has prepared a map for you to follow." The green-skinned alien explained.

J'onn stepped aside to reveal a tall man with a design similar to the letter T on his face. Although much less intimidating than the Martian, Mr. Terrific served as the assistant mission coordinator for the Justice League and often filled in for his superior when needed. Reaching into his pocket, the man withdrew a remote and pressed a small sequence of buttons to transmit the files to the computer in Titans Tower.

"In a moment the map I just downloaded into your system should appear." Mr. Terrific began. "It should show give you an idea of where the energy signal is coming from, but once you arrive in the general vicinity, the rest of you guys will have to finish the job personally."

The robotic hero nodded from his seat. "I'll take care of it right away."

A wire shot out of Cyborg's arm as he linked his own system with the tower's computer. His mechanical eye flashed a few times as he located the image that had just been sent, and quickly activated the room's secondary monitor. After a few moments of silence, a secret panel on the opposite wall swung open to reveal another screen, which flickered a few times before bringing up a satellite picture of Jump City with a single section of the city flashing red.

Nightwing stood up from his seat and observed the information for a moment before confirming his suspicions. "Looks like this source of power is coming from the main square in the center of the business district."

"Yeah, I remember we used to head down there to hang out when we were kids…" Beast Boy leaned forward slightly. "Too bad a lot of the restaurants closed down in the last few years, they had the best veggie pizza in the world."

"We shouldn't lose focus of the main objective. " the former boy wonder replied grimly before turning to face the main monitor once more. "All right J'onn, tell us what you know about this energy disturbance so far in case we can do something to plan ahead."

The Martian resumed his explanation as the main screen focused back onto him. "Unfortunately we have been unable to fully analyze the energy signature. The Atom observed what little data the instruments aboard the Watchtower were able to record and concluded that it is a manmade anomaly that could be used for dangerous purposes."

"Do you guys have any specifics yet? Why would someone want to build a power generator like that in the middle of the city, and what could they possibly do with something like that?" Cyborg took his seat one more.

J'onn J'onzz merely shook his head in response. "The circumstances surrounding this situation are currently unknown, but the massive output of power coming from this location are interfering with our teleporters, and we are currently unable to send anyone in to assist you in this regard."

"I'm sending you whatever information we have on the energy readings." Mr. Terrific replied as a series of graphs and charts appeared on the opposite screen. "All of the information that we have been able to gather about the anomaly is contained within this file."

Although he was far from being en expert, Beast Boy had seen similar readings once when the Brain triggered his own inventions. The power levels that such sinister devices consumed were immense. After observing the information on the second monitor, the others seemed to have similar reactions. Cyborg seemed to recover first and quickly shifted his attention back towards the Martian.

The half robot's eyes widened slightly in surprise. "I can't believe that someone would build something so unstable in the middle of the city. I'm not sure if even the Watch Tower's system uses that much energy to sustain it's orbit around the earth."

"My guess is that whoever's responsible for this mess isn't exactly stable in the head if you know what I mean?" Beast Boy sighed with a dismal groan and turned to their former leader for an answer. "You used to deal with psychopaths all the time, Nightwing. You think anyone you know is responsible for this?"

The young vigilante seemed just as stumped as his companions. "A lot of the guys I used to fight back in Gotham City had major issues, but I doubt that any single one of them would have the ambition to try something this large scale."

"We believe that the culprit may be a Jump City rogue." J'onn J'onzz commented, forcing the room's attention back onto himself.

"In either case we can't afford to wait for reinforcements." Nightwing interjected. "I have a strange feeling that whoever is behind this isn't trying to do us any favors."

"If you run into any hostile factors, we give you the authorization to do whatever you must to resolve this problem." The Martian replied solemnly. "I am certain that you are all experienced enough to understand this. Handle the situation as you see fit, but I highly recommend you so not stray from the boundaries of the law."

The former boy wonder nodded slowly before speaking again. "We know what to do…"

J'onn J'onzz copied the younger hero's gesture. "Very well then, I leave this matter in your hands. If the situation proves to be too dangerous then you are to retreat and report back as soon as possible with your observations."

"I think we can handle it." Nightwing sounded slightly insulted by the alien's insinuations that they would not be able to resolve the matter on their own, but instead of reacting turned to his friends for help. "I say we head down there right now and take care of this situation before someone gets hurt."

Starfire did not hesitate at all. "The notion is seconded." She added firmly.

"Report back as soon as possible." Seemingly satisfied with their reaction, the Martian merely gave them one last look of approval. "Watch Tower out…"

The large screen flickered as the image vanished, leaving the five heroes sitting alone once more. A series of murmurs came from the remaining Titans, but it only took them a few seconds to come to an agreement. Standing up once more, Dick Grayson stood up from his seat and swept towards the exit without looking back. One by one the others rose from their seats and followed him through the automatic door.

As they entered the hallways beyond, the former Titans picked up speed as the girls took flight. Nightwing followed after his friends with a serious expression as they entered the mission room to prepare for battle. While the two female heroes and their green-skinned companion seemed more than ready, Cyborg stopped to do some new adjustments to his weapons arm. To the surprise of his friends, their team leader reached up and removed his mask, replacing it with a pair of dark sunglasses seconds later.

"Dude, what are you doing." Beast Boy questioned with an odd expression. " For someone like me it doesn't make much sense for me to wear the mask, but I thought you were the kind of hero who always kept his identity a secret."

Starfire nodded in agreement. "Surely this is not a good idea."

The former boy wonder seemingly ignored them for the moment as he pulled a large coat onto his shoulders that covered his entire body, making certain to button down the front. Seconds later he tucked his mask away into the folds of his pockets. Normally he wouldn't expose his secret identity while on duty, but this time he had an ulterior motive in mind.

Seeing the puzzle expressions worn by his friends, the former boy wonder grimaced. "Over the years I've learned that charging into battle without proper planning doesn't always produce the best results."

The alien princess looked as though she was about to protest, but Raven understood his notion and agreed completely. "It actually makes sense when you consider that we're heading into a populated area in broad daylight. If we go into town in uniform, it might place the enemy on high alert, and could increase the change that innocent bystanders might be harmed."

"That's what I was trying to say… We'll go in disguise so whoever's behind this won't know we're in the area." Nightwing reiterated to the others.

With a reluctant sigh, Starfire retrieved a jacket and sweater from the nearby closet and slipped into them as best she could. Although the cold weather hardly had any affect on her, she knew that humans liked to wear heavier clothing in the winter and immediately began squirming into the incognito clothing in an attempt to hide her blatantly revealing Tamaranean garb. The sweater was made out of wool, but she did her best to ignore the irritating sensation caused by the material rubbing against her skin.

"Were it not for the mission, I would not be wearing this terribly itchy clothing." The alien princess grumbled to herself.

Cyborg pressed a button on his arm, creating a holographic disguise over his metallic body. "At least you guys don't have to use special equipment to blend in."

"It's been awhile since then, but didn't you use something like that when you infiltrated Hive Academy?" Beats Boy questioned.

His half robot friend nodded as he adjusted the device he had built into his arm, a grumpy expression appearing on his face. Fortunately the remaining Titans seemed much less reluctant to follow through with the plan. Raven snapped her fingers causing her blue cloak to enlarged and envelop her entire body like a giant curtain. A few flashes of light shown forth from the folds of her garment, which fell away seconds later to reveal a significantly different appearance than before. While she often preferred not to conceal her own appearance, magic made the job much easier then before.

Raven's skin was no longer pale and the marking on her forehead seemed to have vanished as well. Her hair was now slightly longer than before and had taken on a light brown color that complimented her violet eyes. Her clothing had also changed, and in the place of her black leotard and blue cloak she wore a semi-formal winter dress and a jacket that hung loosely from her shoulders.

"Wow Rae, you look pretty good." Beast Boy commented casually.

Raven ran a finger though her hair. "I hope you aren't implying that there was something wrong with my appearance before."

The green changeling reddened slightly in embarrassment. "No, I just… Can't a guy just be nice once and awhile? Gee… … Sometimes it seems like there's no winning with you."

"Enough you guys, we've got other things to worry about right now." their team leader interrupted.

"I don't think it's smart for us to leave here in disguise." The half robot replied warily. "We should use the secret passages leading out of this place in case the bad guy is waiting for us to make a move."

Nightwing acknowledged his teammate's concern and reacted accordingly. After crossing the room, he punched in a small series of numbers into his old Titans communicator, causing a small section of wall to slide open, revealing a series of hidden exits connected to underground tunnels leading into the city. They had been built for emergency use, but he guessed that now was as good a time as ever.

After glancing at his teammates, their leader headed towards the nearest passage with his alien girlfriend trailing behind. "We'll meet at the old pizza shop if you guys can't pinpoint the source of the energy within thirty minutes."

Once Cyborg exited the room after them, the two remaining heroes exchanged quick glances until Beast Boy spoke up. "You mind if I hitchhike?" the shape shifter asked his partner.

Raven turned her back on him and followed her teammates through the hidden exit. "I don't know exactly what you mean, but I'm fine with it as long as you don't do anything inappropriate."

Leaping into the air, Beast Boy transformed into a lizard and landed directly in her pocket. She cast a shadow of a smile as the reptilian nuisance poked its head out and playfully shoved him back down knowing that he could protest against her actions while cycling through his animal transformations. Satisfied with the green changeling's uncharacteristic silence, she followed after the others and closed the wall panel behind her with a wave of her hand.

Once the Titans exited the tunnel, they split up into teams and headed into the business district in the center of the city that they had called home for many years. Starfire and Nightwing headed towards the western sector, leaving their remaining teammates to the search the eastern half of the area that the Martian had given them to search.

It took them a fair span of time to reach their destination by foot, but once they entered the main vicinity, the others glanced up at Cyborg almost expectantly. He took out an ordinary looking cell phone and held it up as if searching for a signal. In reality the robotic hero was attempting to look as casual as possible as he scanned the area. They continued on in silence as the group's technical expert continued his attempts to pinpoint the exact location.

After a few minutes, the shape-shifting hero left his friend's pocket and crawled onto her shoulder, transforming into a green parrot moments later. "What do you think?" the bird squawked. "Now I can speak without giving us away."

"Parrots just make noise, but they really have no idea what they're talking about." Raven replied

Cyborg smirked at the assertion. "That pretty much describes him most of the time, so it pretty much fits either way."

The green bird clicked its beak with disdain. "Even after all these years you guys still think I'm stupid, huh?"

Raven's expression softened slightly. "We each have our strong points, and I would say that your power lies in resourcefulness. You also seem to know enough about animals to fight reasonably well in any number of different forms. That's also an important quality to have in battle."

"Thanks guys…" the parrot sitting on her shoulder squawked loudly, causing his friend to wince in irritation.

"We're just goofing on you, bird-brain." The robotic hero explained. "Can't say that you were ever good at dealing with the technical stuff, but you were always a valuable member of the team in your own way."

"Speaking of which, is that phone in your hand some kind of tracking device?" Raven inquired. "Looks like something you invented yourself."

"I wouldn't use anything else…" Cyborg said with a sense of pride. "I grabbed it from the equipment room before we left the tower earlier. It's small, but this little monster could find an MP3 Player in a snowstorm."

Beast Boy seemed to smile at the thought. "Too bad you didn't have that gizmo five years ago when I dropped mine somewhere in the park. It would have saved me a lot of trouble considering how I spent all afternoon as a dog and still didn't find it."

The robotic hero covered his ears for a second. "In any case I think that the parrot disguise might not seem so convincing if you keep talking so much."

"You know I might be able to use my powers to find the answers we're looking for." The young sorceress interjected.

"By all means go ahead and give it a shot." Cyborg replied challengingly.

"The sooner we finish this job, the better…" Raven paused for a second and help out her hands as if she were feeling the air around her and softly chanted. "Azarath Metrion Zinthos…"

Doctor Fate had recently been teaching her minor forms of foresight. Although hardly and expert in the field himself, the wizard had given her enough practice so that she could see minor events happening in other places even though her abilities were limited by distance and time. As she spoke, a series of images flashed through her mind like a slide show, and amidst the flurry of pictures came a familiar sight. Her eyes fluttered open and widened as if she had been hit with a sudden realization.

She stumbled backwards as the realization hit her, only to be caught seconds later by her shape-shifting friend. Positioning himself behind her, the parrot morphed back into human form and caught her second before she hit the ground. Raven looked up at her rescuer and blushed when she realized how close his face from his face, but quickly snapped out of the moment as she remembered what had just happened.

"Whoa, are you all right? What happened?" he asked curiously.

Cyborg lowered his detection device and turned around to face her. "What did you see?"

She pushed him away and moved into a standing position, her face looking unusually pale even though she had cast a spell over herself to appear less conspicuous than usual. "The vision was fragmented, but I saw a strange device… … Then I saw an imagine of the shopping center… and the old pizza restaurant."

The metallic hero struck a thinking pose for a moment before readjusting his phone-like device, but before anyone else could add anything to the mystery, a giant beam of light shot up from the center of town several miles away. The three heroes stood paralyzed in awe for a second as they saw pieces of debris scattering around like confetti in the wind, but the sheer force of the following impacts quickly alerted them to the seriousness of the situation. With a giant explosion, several of the surrounding buildings burst into flame and exploded into clouds of ash, the remains of the destroyed structures sinking into the ground like sinking ships into the sea.

"Likes like you guys didn't need to go through all the trouble." Beast Boy shouted. "Like Raven predicted, that explosion just came from where the old mall used to be."

With a press of a button, Cyborg undid his hologram projector and reappeared in metal form. "Let's get going!"

Raven nodded in agreement and waved her hand in a circular pattern, instantaneously revealing her true appearance as the concealment spell completely dissolved. Reaching over her shoulders, she pulled her hood back over her face and took the skies, taking her friends with her with a platform of dark magic. The green changeling transformed into a large pterodactyl and chose to travel by his own means, easily keeping up with Raven as they headed towards the source of the chaos. When they arrived at the scene, the damage done to the city was immense.

Several overturned cars littered the ground along with the smoldering remains of buildings that had been destroyed by the sheer force of the explosion. Jets of water were bursting from the streets where fire hydrants had been as a handful of survivors attempted to flee the destruction by any means necessary. The three heroes breathed a sigh of relief as groups of medics arrived on the scene to tend to handle the rescue, because they were tasked with finding and stopping whoever was responsible.

As they observed the path of destruction from the safety of sky, a large series of machines rose from the ground where the mall had been standing moments ago. The towers were each several stories tall equipped with gigantic instruments that appeared to be oversized satellite dishes. The new arrived seemed to stir up a panic in the crowds of bystanders as a large metal platform rose from the center of the destroyed shopping center. Standing atop it was familiar figure that the Titans knew all too well. Granted his appearance had changed since their last meeting, but that did not stop them from recognizing him.

"Is that Control Freak?" Raven shouted loudly.

Her half robot friend looked positively shocked to see that their old nemesis was behind this incident, but even more surprised by his drastically altered appearance. The nerdy villain's face had not changed since their last encounter, but his body appeared large and muscular and a large black cape adorned his shoulders. Raven slowly hovered closer to the ground to get a better look, but found it unnecessary as the villain approached them instead.

A large stream of fire shot from the enemy's heals as his flew over to greet his adversaries, and his face cracked into a devilish smile. "Ah, well if it isn't the Titans… No longer teenagers as I can see, but that doesn't mean I'll find it any less entertaining to destroy you!"

They quickly realized that the villain was about seven feet tall up close and quickly realized that the muscled physique and ability to fly using jets was the result of some kind of robotic suit that Control Freak was wearing over his body.

"I see you haven't changed!" Cyborg replied with a sneer. "I see you spent your free time making that oversized robot costume."

"Surely you jest… This if far more than a costume, and what you see before you is my life's work." The villain laughed like a madman before turning to reveal the gigantic structures that had rise out of the ground. "Enjoy your last breath, Titan!"

The arms of Control Freak's robotic suit transformed into reveal a pair of missile launchers. He fired a series of projectiles at his old adversaries, but the three heroes were prepared. Raven seized her friend by the shoulder and pulled him through a portal of swirling energies, the two of them appearing on the ground seconds later. The green changeling darted away in pterodactyl form to avoid the oncoming blast and quickly joined his friends standing amongst the ruins of the mall.

Fired a blast of energy at their enemy, but he flew out of the way to avoid it and landed on the metal platform once again. Raven followed up the attack by adding in some of her magical blasts, but the nerdy villain's robotic suit generated a large barrier that seemed to absorb the oncoming assault.

"Do you honestly think I haven't planned a proper counter for each of your abilities." Control Freak bellowed obnoxiously. "I spent months hiding underground planning this little excursion, but now the time has come for you all to bear witness to my master plan."

The three heroes watched in horror as the five towers sticking out of the ground crackled with electricity, the staggering amount of power levels it consumed easily causing a series of rolling blackouts throughout the entire region. The currents of energy channeled their way towards the tips of the towers, and in a matter of moments they erupted with giant beams of light, which combined together in the center of the perimeter created by the structures.

Beast Boy screamed, his eyes nearly bulging out of his head in surprise. "Whoa… What in the world is that?"

"I don't know, but the energy readings are way off the charts!" Cyborg took a step backwards as he observed the gigantic collaboration of machines that their longtime nemesis had created.

The robotic hero standing beside him punched in a sequence of buttons on his machine, but the colossal amounts of electricity quickly overwhelmed his detector, causing it to explode in his hand. He grunted in annoyance as his prized invention burst into flames and tossed away the remains of the broken cell phone, looking significantly concerned with what few readings he had been able to pick up before the system overload.

"What could Control Freak possibly do with that kind of power?" Raven mused out loud.

"I'm glad you asked, my disagreeable little witch." The enemy answered. "By maximizing the power my television remote and adding in my wormhole generator, I will create a powerful enough to shatter the space-time continuum. Thus dragging the earth into my television world were my power will be virtually limitless."

Seconds later the swirling mass of energy began to enlarge, as if the sky were being ripped apart as they watched, but a loud rumbling noise quickly stole the attention of everyone present. One of the beams of power issuing from the towers flickered and stopped as if the power source had just been removed, and then the structure began to crumble to the ground. The Titans turned towards the deteriorating mechanism just in time to see a giant green explosion destroy the base supports. The top smashed open shortly after, as Starfire came crashing through the self-made exit.

Control Freak screamed in fury as the anomaly's growth began to slow down. "You pests, I'll exterminate you for this."

Nightwing soared onto the scene using his special cape as a sort of glider and landed gracefully on the ground in front of his teammates, the Tamaranean princess touching down shortly after. "Sorry we're late, but I had to go back to base and fetch the proper equipment for a job this big."

"Did you guys see that disturbance when Star struck the power channelers? It looks like those giant towers are the weak point…" Cyborg alerted the others. "If we aim for the power source we can still stop him from sucking the world into his messed up television world."

"You heard him, aim everything you've got at the towers, and once the power goes out we can deal with Control Freak!" Nightwing shouted before turning to the magically inclined member of the group. "Raven, do you think you can stop that giant anomaly from devouring the city?"

Raven hesitated for a moment. "I might be able to delay it, but I don't know if I'm powerful enough to stop it alone."

"Fine, just do what you can." The young vigilante nodded in acceptance before motioning towards he other members of the team. "All right guys… Titans Go!"

Note to Readers: Not much new in this chapter, but you might have guessed that Control Freak's insane actions as just a catalyst for the real story, which is coming up soon. Hope you enjoyed what I've written so far, and I would appreciate some reviews and maybe even some ideas. You'll find I can be open to applying good ideas if you come up with any that I like and submit them. If you like this story so far, check out my other works for Teen Titans.