Chapter 13: Means and Justification

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Earth 2- The Watchtower

Nightwing marched through the door leading out of the cell, his hand instinctively moving towards the pouch on his utility belt and withdrawing a fistful of birdarangs. His eyes narrowed as he caught sight of the remaining security cameras, but in a matter of seconds his wrist, his curved projectiles had completely destroyed them. Holding his left hand in the air, he caught and pocketed his weapons before signaling to the man behind him with the opposite hand.

"The coast is clear!" the young vigilante replied hastily.

"Hold your horses… I'm still getting used to this new power pack!" Cyborg peaked his head out from behind the door before entering the hall, his human eye gravitating towards the destroyed cameras. "I see you still got it goin on!"

"I never lost it." Nightwing stated with a witty smile, which quickly faded as they proceeded into the empty hallway.

Nightwing walked in front as they crept through the silent hallways, both keeping an eye out in case they were being watched. The former Titans proceeded as quickly and quietly as possible, running through the corridors while utilizing an odd combination of speed and stealth. In addition to their own skills, they had seen the Watchtower's systems countless times and easily knew where to run and when to stop and search for more security cameras. Unlike enemies who were brought in from the outside, they could use their familiarity with the system against it.

The duo ran into several guards along the way, but most of them were ordinary humans carrying conventional weapons. Whoever was unfortunate enough to cross their path received a blow to the head for their troubles. They had no intention of causing any permanent damage to the victims of these sudden attacks, but it would only take a second for a guard to sound an alarm, and the last thing they needed right now was to put the entire space station on high alert while they were leading a jailbreak.

After several minutes of navigating the corridors, they came to a stop outside of a special wing reserved for prisoners of war. Cyborg pushed against the smooth surface of the door with all of his might. After a few seconds, it was apparent that even his mechanical arms were not strong enough to move the door. Having helped design the station's security grid, he guessed that it was vacuum-sealed titanium, something so strong that even the most powerful intruder would have trouble opening it.

"This sucker's a lot tougher than I thought!" the robotic hero smashed his fist into the barricade in frustration. "Who would've thought that the system I designed for this rug would eventually come back to bite us."

"You keep forgetting who I am…" Nightwing answered as if this rationalized everything.

Although the door appeared completely devoid of any handle or knob there was a small circle- shaped indent where it should have been. Nightwing reached into his utility belt and pulled out a metallic object resembling an old skeleton key, although the end was shaped very similarly to the indent on the door. He thrust the key into the hole, causing several numbers to appear around the hole like a combination lock. After turning the device like a student opening his locker, the action triggered a panel to open along the wall. He placed his hand on the scanner behind it.

"Identity confirmed! Dick Grayson…" a computerized female voice rang out. After a second of waiting, the doors slid open with metallic clang, revealing the next room beyond.

"After you!" Cyborg gestured mockingly into the darkness beyond.

"Fine by me…" Nightwing clapped his hands three times, causing the lights to flicker on.

The former Titans stepped into the newly lit room, silently taking in the sheer size of the prison hold they had entered. It was a spacious area with metallic paneling covering the walls, floor and ceiling in a similar style to the rest of the Watchtower, the difference being that there was several large titanium doors lining the walls of the room, each one leading into a high-security cell. A number pad outside each entry indicated that a password was needed to unlock them. Nightwing withdrew a folded sheet of paper from his pocket.

His half-robot friend raised an eyebrow in confusion. "What's that for?"

"The unlock sequences are listed on that paper, so we can use them to unlock all of the cells." he forced the sheet into Cyborg's hand. "Just pray these guys don't kill us as soon as they get out."

Just then a loud crunch emanated through the room, causing Nightwing to glance around wildly in an attempt to find the source of the noise. Both heroes were fairly certain that they already knew who it was, but their suspicions were confirmed as a fist shot out from the door. The new arrival wrenched through the metal entry with bare hands, a powerful kick knocking the door clean off of the wall. The face of Superman's cousin eyed them hungrily as she entered the room, sending chills down their spines.

"You won't have to worry about those invalids doing the deed." Supergirl replied with vindictive glee. "The way I see it, you're dead either way…"

Nightwing stood up to her without fear despite his lack of superpowers. "Kara… How did you know what I was up to?"

"You must be pretty stupid to think the rest of us wouldn't be suspicious after you stormed out of that meeting. When the dispatcher confirmed that you had returned to the Watchtower, the council began wondering what your intentions were." The female Kryptonian glanced at her curled fingers as if admiring a manicure. "Naturally Superman sent me to keep an eye on you, but imagine my surprise when I came in here and found you freeing the prisoners."

"And you actually came here alone to handle the situation?" he pressed her.

"My cousin didn't want to jump the gun until we found out that you were really a traitor because it would cause civil unrest if one of the Justice Lords turned against the others." She mused sickeningly before revealing a small button in her hand. "Either way, now that we know the truth, it's safe for me to sound the alarm."

Cyborg sat the glint of metal in her hand and reacted instinctively, using a blast from his pulse cannon to destroy the device she was holding. This sent the device flying from between her fingers, causing it to smash into pieces against the wall behind her. Supergirl shook her hand in a minor display of pain, gently stroking her digits like someone who had a cut on their finger. Despite the fact that she was largely unharmed, her facial expression changed into one of unbridled fury, causing both of her targets to step back.

"Looks like your call was disconnected. Don't you hate it when that happens?" the robotic hero commented with a nasty smile.

"Do you idiots honestly think this makes a difference? I don't need any help stepping on a pair of vermin!" Supergirl crunched her knuckles threateningly. "You know, taking you in myself might actually be more fun for me!"

Nightwing spat on the floor. "You got a lot of confidence thinking you can take us both on at the same time…"

"It'll take more than a guy with no superpowers and his leaky robot to put me down. You guys are a joke." She let out a cry chuckle, her gaze hardening abruptly less than a second later. "And not a very funny one, either!"

The young vigilante sprung to life immediately, tossing several of his trademark birdarangs at the Kryptonian girl. She moved ever so slightly to avoid the first, swatting the second out of the air with a movement of her wrist and catching and breaking the third with her opposite hand. Nightwing was hardly surprised at the ineffectiveness of the assault, but his action had given Cyborg the second he needed to make a move of his own.

"Booyah!" the robotic hero screamed as he jumped out from behind his friend, charging and firing off a powerful energy blast at their adversary.

Reaching onto the floor, Supergirl picked up the damaged metal door and used it as a shield to block his attack. She hesitated as her opponents continued their assault before peeking her head out from behind the makeshift barricade. Her eyes turned a deep red as she shot several beams of heat from her eyes. The former Teen Titans scrambled around to avoid her counterattack, and she tried to catch them off balance by tossed the door at them with all of her strength.

"Look out!" Nightwing screamed, roughly shoving his teammate away.

They both scrambled away to avoid getting hit by the flying remains of the metal door, both landing on their feet and facing the enemy together. Nightwing tossed several birdarangs at their opponent in an attempt to slow her down, but Supergirl responded by clapping her hands together with immense force, the shockwaves and wind created by the attack pushing his flying projectiles out of the air. Although Nightwing did not back down, Cyborg looked uncharacteristically hesitant to jump into the battle.

"Something wrong?" Dick Grayson questioned his friend.

Cyborg shook his head with look of revulsion. "I fought this girl once before, and she literally took my apart the last time. Our chances of winning this are pretty low."

The smaller man nodded confidently. "Well now's your chance to get some payback!"

"I won't get beaten by someone of you caliber!" Supergirl screamed as she moved into position above their heads. The smaller man made a move to reach for one of the pouches on his belt, but she reacted quickly and blasted off the masked hero's bag of tricks with well-placed shot.

"You rotten little witch!" he raged at her.

"Looks like there'll be no more toys for you." she wagged her finger like a mother scolding a child.

Nightwing somersaulted backwards as the attack struck, but his friend was not so lucky. She punched him in the jaw and seized the mechanical hero by the arm, pulling him into the air above their heads and ending he brutal combo by tossing him across the cavernous room. He smashed full force into the wall, although it hurt even more due to the fact that the prison hold was made to contain super-powered fighters rather than ordinary convicts. He now sat wedged in a large crevice shaped like his body inside the thick metal walls.

Seeing him incapacitated, Kara turned on the former boy wonder, this time coming at him at full speed. He dodged and weaved around her fists as she left indents in the walls and floor, each blow coming seconds from killing. Dick Grayson knew from years of dealing with meta human enemies that even a single hit could mean death, and in this case he knew she was aiming to put him into an early grave.

"Stand still! I promise it'll only hurt for a second!" she called out with a sinister smile.

"Yeah, as tempting as that sounds I'm gonna have to refuse!" Ducking under another punch, he shunted sideways to avoid it, cringing slightly as a kink in the prison wall appeared where his head had been moments before. "Unfortunately for you I intend on living through this fight!"

An ordinary person could never hope to win under normal circumstances, but Bruce had taught him years ago that a martial artist must fight without wasting a single movement during a fight. While the enemy was stronger, faster, and possessed several distinct advantages over him, Nightwing knew that so long as he moved with her assault, she would still have a hard time landing a hit. The major concern right now was that her Kryptonian invulnerability made it pointless for him to counterattack, and she would most likely outlast him.

He felt his body weakening after a minute or so of avoiding her strikes, but was rescued as Cyborg reentered the battle. The robotic hero wrenched himself from out of the wall and snapped his arm back into place before rugby tackling their adversary from behind, giving his friend a second to get to safety. Nightwing attempted to rejoin the fray to stop his friend from being torn apart, but he wouldn't hear of it.

"Free the prisoners!" Cyborg screamed as he wrapped his arms around their enemy in an attempt to buy some time. "I'll hold her off as long as I can!"

Nightwing nodded once and quickly began to run towards one of the cells. He began pressing in the pass codes as they appeared in his mind, but found it hard to concentrate due to the amount of stress they were under. If the loud crashes shaking the room were not enough, it was still only a matter of time before the Watchtower staff realized he had taken down the security cameras and sent someone else to investigate. Maybe it did seem pointless to try this suicide mission, but no matter how crazy it seemed, Dick had made up his mind and was too stubborn to give up.

In a matter of seconds, the sequence of numbers finished processing and the cell door unsealed itself, allowing Nightwing to wrench it open with relative ease. No sooner had he opened the entry that a body fell into his arms. Seeing he dark-skinned woman wearing yellow and black stripes, he immediately recognized her as his former teammate, Bumblebee. He did his best to support her limp form, but the female hero quickly rejected his help.

Her eyes fluttered open with shock as she realized who had rescued her, a look of disgust filling her face as she backed away from the Justice Lord. "Come to finish off your former friends, Nightwing?" she seethed angrily.

"No time to explain!" he shouted, bolting across the room to retrieve his utility belt.

She crossed her arms in contempt at first, but the battle going on quickly forced her to reassess the situation. It was odd enough that a Justice Lord free her without any explanation, but now it looked as though one of their friends was fighting off another Justice Lord in order to ensure their safety. Awestruck and distracted by the battle going on, she froze as though someone had trapped her in a train of thought, but due to the confiscation of her weapons she could only stare I horror as Supergirl slammed Cyborg into the floor repeatedly.

Dick Grayson quickly took the list of codes he had given to Cyborg earlier and forced them into girl's trembling hands. "The release codes are on this paper! I need you to free the other heroes being held by the Justice Lords!"

"But why would you…" the insect-themed hero began confusedly.

Her question went unanswered as he ran back towards the fray to save his friend's life, leaving her dumbfounded for a moment. She quickly came to her senses and ran to the other cells, using the bee-like wings on her back to fly as she avoided Supergirl's beams of heat vision. Hopefully someone would explain what was going on soon enough, and even if they didn't she was not willing to leave her comrades behind so long as she could save them from execution.

Across the room, Cyborg had been taking a beating similar to his last bout with Superman's cousin, although this time he made certain not to get too close to her and had mostly focused on using his cannon while doing his best to outmaneuver her. The new power source Nightwing had given him also enhanced his own speed, which proved helpful despite the fact that it was still not much compared to his opponent's flying ability and enhanced agility.

"Yo, psycho-girl! Is that all you got?" he screamed challengingly as she flew above him. "I remember you being a lot tougher the last time!"

"I decided to make it nice and slow this time." She retorted with an evil flare.

Without warning Supergirl darted into position behind the robotic her. He attempted to respond, but she seized him by the skull and began smashing his head repeatedly into the wall, several more cracks appearing on his metallic body as she increased the brutality of her strikes. Cyborg attempted to pry her hands off of him, but she elbowed him in the gut and began wrenching at his arm in an attempt to pull his limb from its socket, causing him to cry out in pain. Changing her mind mid-way, she prepared to crush his face instead but was stopped as a grappling hook wrapped around her arm.

Nightwing stepped forward, having retrieved his gadgets along with his belt. "Let him go, or I promise you it will be the last thing you ever do."

"That's fine with me… I was pretty much down with him. Maybe I should kill you first, instead!" To his surprise, she tossed the robotic hero aside with a look of disappointment and yanked him towards her by his own grappling hook. "Did you seriously think that would work?"

"It's over… For you!" he retaliated with his confident smirk.

The young vigilante released the rope to avoid being pulled in and regained his footing with a small leap. Using his She began to charge at him, but Nightwing still refused to back down from the threat she posed. Popping open the lead-lined pouch of his miniature arsenal, he revealed to her a tiny shard of glowing green stone that had been confiscated during one of the Justice Lords raids on the rebellion. He had made certain to keep it for himself in case of such an emergency, and now was beginning to realize just how important the decision had been.

Supergirl fell to the floor as her flying ability ceased, landing unceremonious on her now unsteady feet. "Ugh… Kryptonite!"

"The one thing in this entire universe that can render your powers completely worthless." Dick Grayson replied, his face bathed in the eerie glow of the radioactive stone.

She stumbled backwards away from him with an unsteady stride as the radiation began to take full affect, falling to her knees with an agonized groan and crossing her arms over her chest as if to protect herself from further suffering. Her opponent extended his hand holding the stone challengingly, as if daring her to fight back with full knowledge that she could do no such thing. Although Kryptonite was extremely rare and difficult to find even in small quantities, even a small amount was enough to weaken a member of her species who had taken in the yellow sun's radiation.

"You scum!" she hissed with a poisoned expression. Supergirl tried to sound unfazed by what was bound to happen now, but found this exceedingly difficult in the face of her current situation.

His expression remained cold and pitiless towards her plight, while in reality he was feeling a certain sense of satisfaction towards this sudden turn of events. Nightwing had been appointed a member of the high council around the same time as Supergirl, both having been brought in to replace Batman after his treachery and the Justice Lords' return to power. From this first meeting there existed a sense of hostility between the newly appointed heroes, but now it was almost like poetic justice to see someone so drunk with power trapped in such a state of vulnerability.

"You always thought it was funny to joke about my lack of superpowers, but now it looks like you're the one who can't fight back." He answered calmly.

"What's the matter, you don't have the guts to kill me?" she pushed the issue, displaying a small shadow of her previous arrogance.

His eyes narrowed dangerously. "Since Luthor's death all those years ago, I've done plenty of things that I never would have imagined myself doing before…"

Reaching into the sleeve of his costume, the ninja-like hero withdrew a small knife that he had concealed on his person in case of emergency. Once the weapon was drawn, he gave it a gentle twirl between his fingers before moving the sharpened blade in a stabbing position, his fingers tightening into a fist around the handle of the dagger. The powerless Kryptonian actually flinched slightly at his sudden display, having gravely misjudged her enemy's willingness to finish off an enemy.

"After all those times you refused to kill your targets, who would have thought this would be the result of your treachery. I guess we had you pegged wrong…" She spoke with a bitter sense of mingled fear and respect.

"I guess you did!" he raised his hand and brought down the knife. "This is for everyone you've ever killed, and the countless others whose lives you destroyed."

Before he could complete the strike, a large hand seized him by the wrist, halting the execution. The young vigilante turned around to see Cyborg standing behind him, having stopped his friend from committing blatant murder. Further investigation revealed that they now had an audience consisting of Bumblebee and the other imprisoned heroes, all of whom had been freed from their respective cells during the previous battle. Green Arrow, Vigilante, Stargirl, and Captain Marvel had watched the spectacle from a distance, only now approaching their saviors.

The green-clad archer supported Stargirl as they proceeded with the cowboy-themed Vigilante walking not far behind with a slight limp. Captain Marvel followed from the rear of the group, having turned back into his superhero form shortly after being released. They had each been held in an isolation cell devoid of light and sound, and were all extremely disoriented upon their initial release. To make matters even more complicated, none of the group's members were sure of what to think about the story Bumblebee had given them, and they remained too confused to fully comprehend what was going on.

"This isn't the time for you to take another life!" Cyborg scolded, gesturing towards the small crowd standing behind him.

Although he realized how many people were watching them, Nightwing ignored their presence and scowled at his friend. "What I'm doing is justice, not murder!"

Green Arrow stepped between them as he appeared on the scene, extending an arm to stop them from fighting. "Insect girl over there says you were the ones who freed us. Would someone mind explaining the us what's really going on?"

"In a moment… Once I finish this first." Nightwing turned a cold gaze towards the woman on the ground, but what he saw was sickening.

Kara had begun to take in the full affects of the Kryptonite, her body having absorbed too much of the radiation that she couldn't kneel anymore. Too weary to muster up the energy to insult her enemies, she was now situated in an uncomfortable position on the floor, her hands pressed against the floor to prevent her from kissing the ground. Now feeling incredibly sick, the female hero couldn't help but wonder how much longer it would take before the enemy finished her off or the green stone completely sapped what little was left of her power.

The masked vigilante shoved them aside and raised his weapon, but this time it was the green clad archer who stepped in, swatting it from his hand with an angry expression. "You may have rescued us, but that doesn't make you a real hero!"

"What did you just say?" Nightwing retorted challengingly. "You know that she deserves this more than anyone else!"

"If that's the case, then so do we!" Cyborg screamed at the top of his lungs, roughly pushing the other man back. "You and I also committed murder while serving this messed up system."

The smaller man glared at his companion. "Even so, do you think it's a good idea to let her run free now that she knows what we're up to. You're just lucky that Kara was too arrogant to set off the alarm or call in backup, or else we would probably be dead! She's too dangerous for us to keep her alive!"

"Spoken like a true Justice Lord!" The robotic man returned his hostilities. "Don't you get it? Using justice as a reason to take away someone else's life is how this system started… That fateful day in Washington when Superman killed President Luthor!" he seized his friend by the collar and lifted him a few inches off of the ground so that they were face-to-face. "Would Beast Boy want you to kill her because you can?"

The scene froze for a moment, the other heroes in the room remaining quiet as they watched the scene before them without comment. In that instant everything seemed to freeze as Nightwing's memories replayed themselves inside his head. He remembered the old days when life was so much simpler and all they did was fight crime in Jump City and enjoy each other's company.

His mind returned to what he had been about to do, now realizing that despite his intentions to help others, his ruthlessness had remained the same as the other Justice Lords. Considering what he had almost done made him realize that any of the people he now hated most would have done the same, and he comparison sickened him.

"All right…" he nodded once, prompting his friend to put him down. Nightwing kicked the fallen knife away with the side of his foot, instead taking out a pair of handcuffs from his trademark utility belt. "Cyborg, lift her up!" he gestured to their enemy.

"Get your filthy hands off of me!" she groaned weakly as the heroic robot helped her into a standing position.

Bumblebee watched carefully before coming closer. "What do you plan to do with her now?"

The young vigilante did not answer right away, as he was too busy with the task at hand. Forcing his prisoner's hands behind her back, Nightwing placed the shackles around her slender wrists before setting her body back down on the floor, retrieving the piece of Kryptonite from beside her as he did so. Once the glowing green shard was back in the lead-lined pouch of his mini-arsenal, he used the broken cord of his grappling hook to bind her legs together and left her to fall back onto the cold metal floor with an unceremonious plop.

Captain Marvel raised an eyebrow as he saw the prisoner stirring. "You do realize that a pair of metal handcuffs won't be enough to hold back someone of her caliber."

He nodded in agreement. "Those binders are actually power disrupters like the behavior collars we used at Titans Prison. The affects won't kill her like Kryptonite, but as long as Supergirl wears them her powers are completely gone."

"I knew we'd find another way to stop her." Cyborg added with a sense of pride.

Vigilante leaned against the nearby wall with an irritable expression. "Now that you boys are finished dealing with that, I really wanna know why you big important Justice Lords moseyed on down here and set the prisoners free?"

"Don't call us that!" Nightwing snapped, looking equally as annoyed.

"Yeah, I would also like to know what's going on." Green Arrow raised an eyebrow.

Dick Grayson shook his head frantically. "We should really get out of here before someone else comes down looking for the source of the noise."

The former prison warden shook his head. "Dude, did you forget that I helped design this piece of scrap. Most of the walls are sound proof to prevent people from eavesdropping on each other. Not to mention that you and I sent all the guards on this floor to dream land before busting into this place."

"In any case we really should leave here before someone does show up and set off the alarm." Green Arrow remarked.

"Now just hold on a minute!" Vigilante stood up and rounded on their saviors. "Even if what Bumblebee said was true, I don't see why we should trust these guys. What if this whole jailbreak is some kind of trap?"

Cyborg looked as though he had just been slapped in the face. "If you'd rather go back into your cell, just go ahead and say so!"

The two men looked as though they were about to argue more, but Nightwing moved between them, silencing both with a quick glare "Look…" he began with an earnest tone of voice. "We have our own reasons for waiting to help you guys."

"Cowboy over there has a good point." Green Arrow stared at the two Titans pensively. "Those isolation chambers may have screwed with our minds, but I still remember that you were the one who brought us in to begin with."

"Pardon us if this sudden change of heart just don't seem right." Vigilante added in.

Stargirl shrugged. "I'm not sure what to think after everything that's happened."

In spite of their lack of trust, Nightwing understood that the others were only telling the truth and judging by logic. He sighed and ran a hand through his hair before answering to the best of his abilities. "I'll explain once we get to somewhere safe, but right now you should know that my friend and I are fugitives just like you guys."

Their audience became quiet and quickly discussed the matter, Bumblebee actually vouching for them after seeing the battle with Supergirl that almost cost them their lives. Most of the others seemed convinced of their sincerity if not curious as to why two heroes affiliated with the Justice Lords would suddenly turn traitor, but the fact that both men had fought to save them from incarceration meant something.

Being the youngest among them, Captain Marvel was more accepting of the idea. "C'mon guys… They did risk their necks to help us. No matter who they are, I believe everyone out there deserves a second chance!"

Green Arrow acknowledged the boy's opinion, although as the group's unofficial leader, he took everyone's opinion into account before making a decision. They quickly came to an agreement despite the fact that most usually found the junior hero's optimistic views to be overly idealistic and not particularly helpful the majority of the time.

"Okay… We're willing to give you guys one more chance. Any sign of a double-cross, and this could get ugly!" Stepping forward, the archer extended a hand to the former Titans. "Do we have ourselves a deal?"

Dick Grayson flanked back at his friend before shaking hands with the green-clad hero, cementing the agreement with a firm nod. "Yeah, that's fine with us!"

"All right then, let's get to coming up with an escape plan!" Cyborg added hopefully.

Stargirl raised her hand like a student in class. "Excuse me a minute… Most of our group doesn't have superpowers. We should really get our weapons back before attempting an escape."

"I believe that can be arranged…" Nightwing stepped past her as he walked up to the next door, using his hand to punch another code into the keypad.

In a matter of seconds the door unsealed itself to reveal a room where the Justice Lords kept most of the equipment taken from their prisoners for evidence. The five heroes followed him into the next chamber, their eyes growing wide in surprise as they realized just how many different types of weapons had been confiscated over the years. Tools of all different types were preserved in glass cases, the objects varying from conventional weapons like guns and knives to futuristic weaponry comprising alien technology and dangerous inventions.

Cyborg noted the similarities between this room and the one the former Titans had used back when their tower in Jump City was still a superhero base instead of a prison. "Kinda reminds me of our old evidence room back home."

"Yeah, I suppose…" Dick Grayson answered his friend before addressing the group. "Listen up! We handed any weapons to the guards following your capture, so regardless of what you had it should be somewhere in the room!"

The group split up as they began searching through draws, boxes, and cases to find what they were looking for. Green Arrow poked through several cases before locating his bow and quiver while Bumblebee pulled her B-shaped weapons from a storage box. Stargirl retrieved her golden staff rather quickly, her weapon being the easiest to find as it was being used as a hanging display on the wall.

"Dang… This is the kind of place a cowpoke like me could get lost in." Vigilante was much less picky in regards to his weapons and instead looked through several gun cases.

He was silently comparing the different types of firearms to determine which would be best to take for himself. Due to the sheer number of guns he decided that keeping his eyes out for a suitable substitute for his own pistols would be easier than trying to signal them out. He saw a particularly large handgun that seemed too big for practical use, although the smaller models and shotguns weren't really his style either. Scanning the shelf one more time, he seized a pair of old-fashioned pistols similar to his own and pulled the trigger to test the feel of the weapon.

Nightwing on the other hand had made an infinitely more useful discovery in the section reserved for more curious items. Using a small blade in his pocket, the young vigilante sliced a hold one of the cases, gently pushing the indent inwards the remove the obstacle. With the skills of a master thief, he gently reaching into the case, pulling out a square metallic box roughly the size of a tape recorder.

"Looks like I just found our way out of this dump." He mused with a satisfied smirk.

The rest of the group joined him, although they all looked rather confused by his sudden statement until they came close enough to see what was in his hand. Cyborg was pleasantly surprised by the discovery as he glanced over his friend's shoulder, while the others already had a good idea of what was going on. They recognized the device as an advanced piece of alien technology known as a Mother Box, a powerful yet dangerous device that was often used by the denizens of Apocalypse and New Genesis.

"We're gonna open a boom tube?" Bumblebee made a sour expression as she saw the box.

"Do ya'll got enough juice in that piece of techno junk to get us oughta here?" the cowboy-themed her questioned.

"I checked it out a second ago… From what I can tell it looks this particular weapon wasn't touched after Superman took it from Kalibek." Dick Grayson replied.

Green Arrow nodded with a sigh. "I'd rather we didn't have to, but the other option is fighting our way back through the Watchtower, getting to the bridge, and then hijacking a Javelin and escaping through the satellite's security field. The way I see it, there's really no contest."

Nightwing tried his best to ignore them as he pressed a few buttons on the machine, making an attempt to set their coordinates despite his lack of familiarity with the technology. After several moments of playing around with it, he seemed to yield results. "I can use this little toy to get us back to my headquarters before Superman finds out what we did."

"I say you should let me do it, instead." Cyborg snatched the remote from him.

Captain Marvel who had remained quiet while the others looked for their weapons, finally spoke up. "Why did you do that?"

"I'll bet that they'll probably search Nightwing's base first once words gets out, which means we won't be safe for too long there." The robotic hero replied as he continued to type in his own series of coordinates. "However, I've got a few hidden bunkers that no on else knows about that we might be able to use instead."

Nightwing looked like he was ready to retort, but upon hearing this explanation he quickly backed down. "All right, go ahead and boom us out of here!"

"Will do!" Cyborg responded as he pressed the button on the Mother Box.

The machine crackled with energy before releasing a large vortex a few inches away, allowing them all to pass through. Although Green Arrow's previously incarcerated group looked hesitant to trust their newfound allies, Nightwing stepped through the portal first to ease their nerves, quickly earning the trust of the others. One by one they disappeared into the pulsing waves of light and disappeared into the tunnel-like vacuum, leaving behind Cyborg. Placing the Mother Box in a small compartment in his leg, he also moved into the light and vanished.

Earth 2- ?

Beast Boy followed Speedy through he a series of halls with Red Star following the rear, all three feeling a certain level of tension in the air. The passageways were dark an empty save for the occasional worker passing them in the halls, but none attempted to start a conversation and things stayed relatively quiet. The passed several doors during this silent march, all of which looked as though they were sealed shut to avoid any possible breach of privacy. He occasionally heard strange noises coming from the other side, but asking about it proved worthless.

To their green-skinned guest, the silence was almost maddening. Both of his escorts had refused to tell him anything until they reached their destination for security reasons, although this only made him even more impatient. They had promised him answers to his questions and so far he had received none even after cooperating, although his lack of knowledge about this world only complicated matters, because he was not sure who to trust or if these people really were trying to do what they claimed.

"Dude, where are you taking me? It's about time someone gave me some real answers!" he burst out angrily. Not realizing that the others had stopped moving, he ran into the red-clad archer.

"We have arrived…" Red Star stated in his typical military style.

Speedy stood aside and pointed to the nearest door. "If you want your questions answered, then head through this door."

"Just what do you mean by that?" the shape-shifter asked with a confused expression.

"We've both been told not to give you too much information about anything until our superiors are sure that they can trust you." The red-clad archer explained. "Don't take it the wrong way. It really wasn't our decision to keep you in the dark like this."

Red Star placed a supporting hand on the green hero's shoulder to get his attention. "We shall both wait outside for your return. Good luck!"

Beast Boy pondered whether or not to go through with it, but seeing how they rescued him he really didn't see any reason not to believe their sincerity. It wouldn't do much good to press them for any answers, although his own curiosity was what was driving him at this point. With the high hopes of finally hearing the other side of the conflict that ravaged this world, the green-skinned hero opening he door and entered the next room the new entry revealing a stairway leading upwards to the next floor.

He ascended the flight and opening the next door at the top of the stairs, stumbling slightly as he entered the darkened room. Beast Boy heard the door seal shut behind him as he moved through the shadows, straining his human vision to see where he was. Without warning the lights flashed on, revealing the full details of the place in which he stood. It was a room with futuristic metal paneling and a horseshoe shaped lining the walls, wrapping around him like a snake as he stood in the middle. There were large banners depicting a bat-like crest representing the rebellion.

Batman sat in the central seat, and several other people were also present, his hands were folded in thought. To his direct right was Barbara Gordon still sitting in her wheelchair, while the two chairs farthest from their leader were occupied by Black Canary and a heavily armored technology expert that he scarcely recognized as Steel. The chair directly to Batman's left was noticeably unoccupied, although their guests did not think much of it.

"So, I take it you guys are in charge of this place?" Beast Boy began hesitantly.

Bruce Wayne nodded in agreement, although he quickly moved onto business. "Upon learning that a hero from the Justice League's dimension had entered our world and was on the run from the Justice Lords, we sent Speedy to bring you here."

The green skinned man scratched his head subconsciously. "Wait just a minute. How did you guys even know I was?"

"We may not be winning this war, but don't underestimate the effectiveness of our intelligence network." Barbara Gordon straightened her glasses with an air of confidence.

"Moreover, it is important for us to know exactly how much you have learned about this timeline before we proceed any farther. "Batman cut in suddenly, his gaze sharpening behind the pointy-eared cowl. "Tell us anything you can about the experience, and then we can determine what is to be done with you."

Beast Boy paused in thought as if contemplating on how much he should tell them, although looking around and considering his current situation, he honestly had very little to lose. Sticking a finger into the collar of his uniform, the green-skinned hero stretched it nervously as if trying to give himself some air. The heroes sitting around the table bore down upon their visitor with impassive faces, making it difficult for him to tell whether they were scrutinizing him or simply observing him.

"All right… It's like this." The transforming hero swallowed his fear and stood up a little straighter. "I was on a mission with my team in our world to stop a villain from sending the Earth into his own pocket dimension. Before we could destroy the device, I was taken out of the battle and somehow ended up trapped in this dimension." He shrugged with a puzzled expression, knowing that his story wasn't very detailed. "Sorry dudes, that's really all I know."

Steel exchanged glances with the others. "It must have had something to do with whatever type of technology the bad guy was using. What do you think, Barbara?"

"Most likely, although this hardly my area of expertise." Oracle responded with a frown.

"We can handle the details later, but right now we have more important matters to discuss at the moment." The Caped Crusader quickly shifted the focus to his next question before they could deepen the discussion, his gaze settling back onto their guest. "If you really are from the Justice League's dimension, we can assume that you might have been somewhat aware of the events that transpired in our world."

Beast Boy shook his head. "Only the Seven Founding members of the League have any major knowledge about what happened here. The rest of us weren't given the full details, although some of us were at least aware that there was a timeline where heroes seized control of the Earth." His expression became rather distraught. "I never thought that I would get stuck here."

The panel of heroes muttered amongst themselves as if they were deliberating what else to say, although it was hard for Beast Boy to get the full gist of what they were talking about due to the low volume of their voices. From what he managed to catch it didn't seem as if they distrusted him, which due to his limited knowledge he could only assume was a good thing. After a minute or so had passed, the group all turned back towards him and Batman continued the interrogation as if they had not stopped.

"Describe your experiences in this world in as much detail as possible." The dark-clad man demanded of him.

Beast Boy was slightly bothered by the bluntness of his demands, although it reminded him a little of Dick Grayson, making it clear where his team leader had picked up the habit. It must've been an unspoken law that members of the Bat Family didn't like to mince words, especially since they always issued commands rather than requests while extracting information from other people.

"Can't say it's been a picnic so far." The green-skinned hero cleared his throat before beginning his explanation. "It started when I woke up in some dark alley at night, my butt still sore from the pounding I took back in my world. At this point I had no idea where I was, but a bunch of cops attacked me for staying out past curfew and the next thing I knew they were carting me off to Titans Tower."

"That sounds like something they would do… Talk about justice to the extreme." Barbara Gordon rolled her eyes as she actively mocked the system they now lived in. "It must've been ironic to end up imprisoned a place you considered your home."

Black Canary shook her head. "In his world perhaps, but here that building was converted into one of the most exemplary government prisons on the planet."

"I believe he was quickly made aware or this." The Caped Crusader dismissed her comment without much though before returning focus to their guest. "We have some knowledge about the incident that went on that night, but you could help by filling in the details."

The green-skinned hero responded quickly. "The blonde chick wasn't lying… I figured out how things worked here really quick, although it was pretty scary to learn that my best friend was in charge of jailing people in this world." he paused with a distasteful expression as if he has swallowed something disgusting. "In my world Cyborg was my friend, but here he thought I was an imposter. It was pretty scary when he told me that I was dead in this freaky timeline."

Faint murmurs of interest were muttered by the group's heroes, but Batman raised a hand to silence them and quickly addressed the shape-shifter. "Despite siding with the Justice Lords, your friend isn't stupid enough or impulsive enough to kill without reason. I expect he figured out what was going on at some point during this conversation."

"He figured out that I was from the Justice League's dimension and gave me the heads-up, but he left saying that if he stayed too long he might start thinking I was the friend he lost." Beast Boy's expression became pained. "Unfortunately I got the full story from Slade when the guards brought me to my cell that night."

"That jerk helped the government persecute superheroes during the purge." Oracle replied bitterly. "He's partially responsible for Superman going rogue and establishing the current system where his inner circle of superheroes calls all the shots."

Steel shook his head solemnly. "Even that's an understatement, especially since all decisions made by the government have to go through him first. It's as crazy as it's ever been…"

"We're getting off the subject!" their leader intervened in a stern manner, his patience thinning as he turned to face their guest. "Now, continue…"

Beast Boy swallowed once before speaking up. "Well, I wasn't happy to see Slade because he was my team's arch enemy back home. He thought it would be fun to explain everything that happened during this demented hero genocide, and all the stuff about Lex Luthor. Apparently after they executed a bunch of heroes including this world's Beast Boy, my friends invaded Washington alongside the Justice Lords, and Superman murdered the president."

Batman's expression remained inscrutable. "So you're aware of that as well…"

"I also heard that you helped my world's Justice League stop the Justice Lords once, but they got free and turned this version of Earth into their personal paradise again."

He looked for a reaction, although when the others still remained impassive. Their leader acknowledged his comment with a small nod. "Hearing what my alternate self had to say made me realize just how far heroes had fallen in this world. Because of this, I did everything I could to fix what went wrong."

"You aren't alone… I think I had the same affect on my friend." Beast Boy began with a saddened expression. "Once they Lords heard where I came from, they must've considered me a threat and sent someone to kill me." He paused to take a breath. "Cyborg realized what he had done and set me free at the last minute while fighting off Superman's deranged cousin. I just hope he made it out in time…"

"According to some information we were able to steal from the enemy's mainframe, your friend survived the battle." Barbara Gordon frowned at this. "Although he was incarcerated aboard the Watchtower for his actions, I assure you he was still alive up until that point."

The green-skinned hero heaved a sigh of relief, although he felt guilty about having left his friend behind. Cyborg stayed back at the tower to distract the enemy long enough for him to get away, but hearing of his defeat and imminent capture only made Beast Boy feel worse. If he had been able to help, there might have been a chance they could have both escaped. As outmatched as they were in that fight, he still wondered if things would have turned out better for them if he had gone back to help. Of course had he actually done this, there was also a good chance that they both would have been captured in the struggle. At times like this he wasn't really sure what the right thing to do really was.

"What were the exact circumstances when were you found by our rescue team?" Batman questioned, jarring the younger hero from his thoughts of guilt.

"They found me being chased down by a team of trackers. I finally got tired of running away and ended up fight some of the guys, but then a psychopath named Major Force appeared and killed his teammates so that he could deal with me alone. That walking nuke almost killed me until Speedy and Red Star showed up to help."

"The Lords must be serious if they sent someone like him to deal with you." Barbara added in.

Black Canary pushed aside a curtain of her long blonde hair. "You must be some hero if they were willing to let Major Force run rampant and destroy half the quadrant."

Batman shook his head as is berating the others. "It's not the danger this boy poses as a fighter, but rather as a hero. While Beast Boy possesses a strong shape-shifting ability, he also represents an entire world of heroes whose ideologies came close to changing this entire world." he looked down at the boy. "In this world, you would be a symbol to every person who has ever doubted this system, especially those who were your friends."

"I suppose the Flash was the same for you." Steel interjected suddenly.

"Moving on…" The Caped Crusader dismissed his comment. "We believe that they want to kill you because of your world's ideals." He stood up and gestured to the group as a whole. "These beliefs you represent are the same ideals that this resistance force was built upon."

Beast Boy stiffened up as he realized why he wanted to talk to them to begin with. "Speaking of which, it's about time you guys explained to me what's going on here." He spoke out, resulting in disapproving glares from his hosts.

After several moments of awkward silence, their leader stood up from his seat, causing his guest and fellow heroes visible discomfort. "The part of this catastrophe you might be unaware of is what happened after the Justice League tried to fix our world."

"I heard that the Lords were originally sent back to this world and imprisoned for their crimes against humanity." The green changeling began.

"Unfortunately it didn't stay that way for very long…" Batman lamented. "I destroyed the device that we created to traverse dimensions so that the timelines would return to they were always meant to be, but shortly after this the Justice Lords were freed by their followers. At the time I was still working with governments to restore democracy and independence, but most heroes remained loyal to the Lords and thus freed them from their prisons."

A dawning realization hit the younger hero. "So that must mean this resistance you guys started up must've been made of the guys who tried to stop them."

The rebellion's leader inclined his head. "Although the old system we had tried to revive was quickly trampled underfoot, the heroes that supported our cause founded the resistance. The rest of us were driven underground once Superman tightened his grip on the Earth and we've been losing this war ever since."

These last few lines caused a wave of sorrow to wash over the heroes, and for the first time since the meeting began, Beast Boy could see distinct emotion in their faces. Although they kept their composure, looking into their eyes was enough to see that it was just a façade, Each resistance leader displayed a sense of regret by this pessimistic but truthful notion, and the dreariness that permeated the room was so powerful that even he took a moment to share in their sorrow. Upon considering their previous words, he remembered something that gave him some hope.

"Hey, didn't you mention a device that opens doorways to my dimension?" he began with a sense of urgency. "Maybe we can open the door so that my Justice League can help you guys win this war. If they did it once, they might do it again!"

Batman shook his head somberly. "First of all we have no right to force others into a conflict that has nothing to do with them. Secondly, we lack the resources to create another trans-dimension reactor. When the device was built I was a Justice Lord with access to the best technology and an unimaginably large power source. We have neither… You do the math."

"We're sorry that we can't help you." Steel looked genuinely concerned as he apologized.

"No sweat, in my experience nothing's ever that simple." The green changeling sighed with frustration, although he did not appear bitter towards them.

The resistance leader quickly called the meeting back to order. "After hearing of your exploits in this world, we believe that you may be able to help us win this war. You converted Cyborg despite the fact that he was one of the most loyal supporters of the Justice Lords, and rattled the chain of command among Superman's group just be existing in this timeline."

His words quickly piqued Beast Boy's interest. "So where exactly are you going with this?"

"Our proposal is simple." Batman began with a serious glare. "Join the resistance and fighting alongside us so that you no longer have to fight alone. If we win this war, there's also a good chance that we may be able to obtain the technology necessary to send you back to your own world."

"What do you say, greenie?" Barbara Gordon smiled at him in an attempt be courteous. "You help us return this world to the way it's supposed to be and in return we'll do whatever we can to sort out your affairs… Sounds good, right?"

Beast Boy looked upon the faces of the heroes again, although he knew he that refusing their offer would probably mean returning to the wilds and fighting for his life all alone. At least here he had friends and someone to trust, despite his initial suspicions about them. If he had to choose between them it was like being asked whether he would prefer life or death. He was still unsure of whether or not he should be involved in this world's dangerous affairs, but in this moment the choice seemed clear.

The green shape-shifter swallowed the lump that had begun to form in his throat and stepped forward with a sense of pride. "Count me in!"

Earth 2- ?

The demonic aura emanating from Raven's body was much stronger and distinctively darker than it had been in her youth, although over the years she had embraced her destiny as Trigon's daughter and embraced the power that she had long locked away. Ever since that fateful day when her best friend died, she no longer saw a reason to shun the shadows and instead used their power to unlock a strength that her human side could barely comprehend let alone control. There were times when she considered herself a different person than the girl who had founded the Teen Titans all those years ago.

As these thoughts moved through her mind, she tried to banish them for fear that any hesitation would disrupt the flow of her powers. The young sorceress had been sitting in the darkness of her citadel for several hours now, and was working on a new spell to conjure demons similar to those that Trigon had always created and utilized in his evil endeavors. As strong as she was, her demonic powers were still only those of a hatchling compared to those of her father.

Caught up in her meditation, she winced when a knock came from the outside, signifying that someone wanted to enter. Taking a deep breath in an attempt to control her unstable emotions, she couldn't help but winced violently as the rapping grew louder, this time shattering her focus completely. The bright red marks on her body began to glow so strongly that they began to show through the long-sleeved black gown she wore to hide them from others, her eyes widening with a sense of innate fury.

Floating over to her cauldron-like basin, she waved her hands over the surface of the liquid to reveal the scene see at the gats to her manor. It looked as though the front door had been ripped off its hinges by some force when she refused to answer the call, and in a matter of moments her ears detected the sound of footsteps down the hall. Before she could properly react, the magically sealed door to her personal quarters was splintered and fell to pieces in the doorway.

"Rise and shine, demon girl!" an angry female voice screamed through the darkness.

Raven snapped her fingers, causing the chandeliers above her head to light up. Despite her annoyance at the intrusion, she actually was curious to see who could have broken through an entryway protected by one of her sealing spells. The eerie glow from the lights revealed the faces of her intruders. Shayera Hol stood holding her mace out as John Stewart entered the room from behind, the former looking impatient while the Green Lantern appeared frustrated by the obstacles they had encountered on the way.

Despite the fact that both were top members of the Justice Lords, the young sorceress appeared rather indifferent to their presence. "I hope you have a good reason for ruining my door."

"Someone in your position has no right to speak to us like that." John Stewart replied angrily.

"Had you chosen to answer us immediately, perhaps we wouldn't have had to force our way into this oversized ruin." Hawkgirl snapped.

"Do you have any idea what I was doing?" Raven seethed angrily, her eyes flashing red for a moment. "Get out!"

With a wave of her hand, she summoned dozens of large birds comprised entirely of her dark energy, each with four glowing red eyes and sharp talons. They circled around overhead twice before descending upon her unwanted visitors like a pack of angry crows, but before they could even tough them a strange green glow exploded from within them, causing each of her conjured pets to disappear in a flash of lantern energy. Both of her guests looked equally upset that she had tried to attack them, but Raven responded by holding out her opposite hand and sending a wave of darkness at them.

"What the devil was that?" Green Lantern raised his ring and blocked her magic with his power.

"Magic…" Shayera answered with a confident smirk. "Lower that shield and get behind me."

He followed her orders and the blast of demonic energy vanished before it could even touch them, the power of her Nth Metal Mace having disrupted the flow of her magic and as a result it completely cancelled out the spell. Raven tried to use her powers, but the properties of the Thanagarian weapon rendered her abilities completely worthless when in range. Hawkgirl closed the gap by flying towards her and hit the young sorceress in the stomach with her mace, the strike causing her to fall from her meditation platform and onto the cold stone floor.

"Get up…" Shayera replied with a pitiless expression. "I only tapped you to disable your powers, you'll be fine in a minute."

Raven gasped in pain as she attempted to assault her attackers, but having been in direct contact with the weapon disrupted her entire being, and she was unable to cast any more spells with that accursed mace so physically close. "You wretch!" she hissed.

John Stewart came from behind her, creating a pair of floating green shackles comprised of lantern energy. They wrapped around her arms, pulling the young sorceress upwards and securing her against the nearby wall. "I suggest you listen or this might have to get ugly."

Hawkgirl pounded the mace against the wall only inches from her prisoner's head, although she was surprised when the half-demon did not even flinch. "While I would live an excuse to get rid of you, we've got an important mission handed down directly from Superman."

"I'm no puppet like the rest of you… What'll you say if I refuse this so-called mission?" the dark-clad witch retorted as if daring them to kill her.

"We're certain that you'll enjoy this particular mission." Green Lantern began his explanation with an uncharacteristically amused expression. "This mission is regarding an old friend of yours, and it's a good bet that you'll jump at the chance to see him again."

Raven glared at her two captors like a snake ready to strike. "Who are you talking about?"

"Garfield Logan… alias Beast Boy." The Thanagarian hero added with a relish.

The captured sorceress looked as though she had just been doused with ice water for a second, but once it had passed her lips curled upwards and she let out a feral growl. "What the Hell are you two imbeciles prattling on about now? That man died several years ago during the great purge, or have you both forgotten?"

Green Lantern released the binds that held her, dropping the prone woman so that she was lying at their feet on the ground. She groaned again, but he purposely ignored it. "This Beast Boy comes from an alternate timeline, meaning that technically he's the same guy."

"According our reports, he came from the Justice League's world through some type of anomaly, and you remember how heroes from that less-appealing timeline almost ruined this world. Therefore he could pose a threat to us I not sanctioned immediately." Shayera explained.

When the girl did not answer, John Stewart pushed the issue. "You are to join the search for this man and eliminate him on sight. This mission is not up for debate, and any attempt to do otherwise will be considered treason."

Raven was still trying to process what she had just learned when the silhouettes of her captors began to disappear. Looking up from her place on the floor, she watched as they departed from her lair. The Thanagarian flew upwards and smashed a hole in the roof, causing the light to shine into her citadel as her partner followed by enveloping his body with the ring's green energy, thus allowing him the ability to fly and limited invulnerability. He turned around one more time before exiting the building to address her.

"You've got three hours to report to the Watchtower for the mission briefing. If you refuse to appear, consider yourself terminated for lack of cooperation." He said before disappearing through the hole in the ceiling.

With these notions made clear, the young half-demon stood back up and ascended the stairs leading to her meditation platform. She limped slightly due to the assault on her person, although the pain was nothing compared to the chaos of her mind. The idea that her best friend was still alive was a source of much conflict, even if he was from a different strand of reality. She had researched such phenomena in the past, and it was quite intriguing.

A feeling of nostalgic sentimentality coursed through her being at the thought of see Beast Boy again, but she worked to shake the thought from her mind. After all, perhaps he did deserve to die for being too weak to avoid capture during the superhero genocide. She quickly rationalized this reason to hate him in an attempt to blot out the rush or emotions that came with this new knowledge, as it unsettled her.

"Human emotions are weakness!" she muttered with disgust.

Seconds later, her eyes shifted to her hands, seeing her pointed nails and the red marks on her skin. In that moment the feeling of doubt in her own past decisions returned again, but she couldn't have been wrong. It didn't make any sense after all, seeing how embracing her demonic powers had made her so much more powerful. In a world like this power was everything, and so she had ascended to a level far beyond anything that her weak human half was capable of achieving.

She was determined to hate him… Or at least she knew she should be. This thought made her doubts vanish again, but in that instant she suddenly felt overcome with an unnatural rage. It felt almost as if some force beyond her control was fostering her anger. She felt two extra glowing eyes force their way open on her forehead as this demonic power gushed through her being, and in that instant, it was all too clear what she had to do.

Over the years the pain of losing Beast Boy had caused her to hold onto a shred of the emotions that she had worked so hard to cast aside. Now was her chance to finally rid herself of that pain and suffering. To preserve this great power she had gained and finally complete her full transformation into a demon, all she needed to do was destroy this last link to her humanity, this time by her own hands. Instead of the pain of loss, she could experience the joy of gain!

The idea brought a demonic smile to her lips, but her joy quickly subsided as she realized what this would mean. She pushed the thoughts from her mind again, focusing only on the power she would obtain by doing this. Raven always felt as though there was something broken inside of her, but if she could block out her emotions and complete this task, the void would hopefully be filled at last.

Her hands trembled, although she could not understand if it was hesitation or joy that prompted this. Finding her center, the young sorceress settled down and found her voice. "For me to finally be complete, this nuisance must perish!"

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