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AN: Takes place during chapter 66.

It was his fault.

It was all his fault.

If he hadn't caused so much trouble…

He hadn't wanted anything like this to happen.

All he'd wanted… all he wanted was to see his father. And now… everyone was…

No! Not everyone! Nekane… Nekane-oneechan was still here! Her-her legs were gone now, but she wasn't stone like everyone else!

But… that man was there. The man who had destroyed all of those monsters… he was still here too. There was just the three of them left.

…That man was scary. He… he could hurt Nekane-oneechan like he hurt all the monsters. Even the monsters had been afraid of the man.


Negi picked up his wand and pointed it at the man shakily. He wasn't going to let anyone else get hurt because of him.