Rated: T [PG] for foul language and violence.

Based on characters and situations from the movie written by Diablo Cody and directed by Karyn Kusama. Original characters are my creations and completely fictitious.

Thanks to everyone who read this far—let me know how you liked the ending. A special thanks for those who posted comments—they helped keep me on track.

The Passion of Needy by Diablo Priest

Part V

Needy was alone in another shabby motel room. She sat on the bed and sighed. What will become of me, she thought as she looked around—better to have the light off. She wrinkled her nose; the place smelled funny too. Stale cigarette smoke and cheap furniture polish. She got up, turned the light off, and lay down.

She was not alone for long. She heard Jennifer enter and walk over to the bed. Ghosts are surprisingly noisy. The springs of the mattress creaked as Jennifer sat down.

"You've been a bit scarce lately," Needy said.

"You were in good company," Jennifer said. "Sometimes it's difficult for me to come through. I could never contact you in that place—the institution."

"It was a bad place, and I was in a bad place, Jennifer. You wouldn't have wanted to contact me then."

"Yes, the negative energy was strong," Jennifer said. "But I come in stronger now, don't I?"


"I'm still learning things. I'm sorry that you're sad because you had to part from Stevie. Maybe this little trick will cheer you up."

"You always cheer me up."


A small ball of light appeared over the bed. Very bright.

"Oooh," Needy said, extending her right hand.

"It's not hot."

The little orb of light pulsated a few times, and then it flew around in a heart-shaped pattern. "Just for you," Jennifer cooed.

"That's cute!"

"Okay," Jennifer said, "time for sleep. I'm watching, so sleep tight."

The bed squeaked, and Needy felt Jennifer kiss her.

"That's nice," Needy said. "But it's weird being kissed by a spirit—I can't kiss you back." A tear came to her eye, and her voice choked. "I miss kissing you, Jennifer."

"One day we'll kiss each other again, Needy."

For the first time in many months, Needy fell asleep with a pleasant thought on her mind: the thought of kissing Jennifer.

In the morning, Needy found a message from Jennifer written on the mirror with one of those greasy little bars of soap:

"Love you forever XOXOXXX"

Thereafter, Needy, running out of money, found herself near Omaha at a shelter for runaway youths. In the small hours, she first smelled Jennifer's favorite perfume, then heard her voice and felt her hot breath on her ear.

"Needy," Jennifer said, "you're in danger. You must get up. They're coming for you."

Needy knew to heed the warning from her friend, she sprang up instantly; Jennifer had come through strong and clear—the warning was serious for her to break through the negative energy. Quickly Needy put on her sneakers and jacket, then scrambled to the fire exit with her backpack. The people operating the shelter had locked the doors from the outside.

"What if there's a fire?" Needy said out loud, but the locked doors were no obstacle for her.

Two blocks away, someone had stopped at a convenience store to buy cigarettes and left the car running. Needy hopped in and sped off with it. A few moments later, she heard the sirens. She led the cops on a chase across the countryside, and roared like a rocket through the one-traffic-light town of Trinity Junction. The yellow railroad crossing signs on the far end of town were a promise of salvation, not a warning. A three-engine freight train was coming on at full speed, it would cut off her pursuers, if she could only beat the train. She heard Jennifer's voice scream, "No, Needy!"

The explosion was heard for miles around. The train shattered the car Needy was driving into hundreds of pieces and derailed with thunderous concussions that shook the ground like an earthquake. The diesel from the engines and the chemicals from the tanker cars burned for three days. It was like hell. The town was evacuated, but only Needy perished. Her body was never recovered; but, several days after the fire had been put out, an investigator heard a mourning dove crying; and when he looked up into the twisted old tree where the bird was perched, he saw, glinting in the sunlight, Needy's BFF pendant. Somehow, it was not even tarnished.

Mrs. Check and Mrs. Lesnicki decided the proper thing to do was to place Needy's necklace with Jennifer. No one was certain what transpired between the girls during the last few months of their lives together, but they had been inseparable since they were toddlers; and it was thought that they should be united for eternity.

It was unusually warm for springtime, the grave diggers were wiping sweat from their brows while Father Paulson led the two mothers and a few mourners in prayer. Chip's mother and sister were there and Mr. Wroblewski from school. Stevie, the trucker Needy had ridden with, was there also. The old Polish undertaker, Bordynski, and his men stood by to unseal the coffin when the priest was finished. In the nearby trees chickadees were chirping, and a dove was cooing softly. The world seemed tranquil, almost joyous.

The priest concluded with these words:—"'And taking bread, He gave thanks, and brake; and gave to them, saying: This is my body, which is given for you. Do this for a commemoration of Me.'"

When the undertaker opened Jennifer's coffin, Father Paulson heard a loud gasp; and one of the undertaker's men hurriedly crossed himself. The priest stepped forward and looked inside. Jennifer appeared to be only sleeping, except that her arms were crossed on her chest in an old-style death pose. The sunlight sparkled off her BFF pendant. She was radiantly beautiful, her coal-black hair, shinny and silky; her complexion always pale still possessed a living glow. The most stunning thing, however, was that snuggled up with Jennifer was Needy: equally life-like and beautiful, her golden tresses scintillating in the sunshine, the skin of her nude body with a hale tone and hue.

"H-how is that possible?" the undertaker stammered. "How is that possible?"

"My God! It's like they're on a sleep over," Mrs. Check said.

"It's a miracle," Mrs. Lesnicki said.

Father Paulson said a prayer, buckled Needy's BFF necklace around her throat, and told the undertaker to close the coffin.

"Don't you have to document this for the Church or the Vatican?" the undertaker asked.

"The Lord knows his saints," Father Paulson replied. "Let them rest in peace."

The End