Well, this is the last chapter on this story. My friend was ok with it. He gave me my audio book. This chapter takes place nine months after the last chapter. Byakuya has a son named Ginrei and this is the last day on the job. I went kinda crazy on this chapter. But this maybe last story for a while. I have been asked to continue the story from the 'So He Creeped' series. I might do it, if I can come up with a decent story. Again thanks for supporting me with this bet and also reviews. Enjoy _______________________________________________________________________________________

Byakuya woke up to see Gin looking out on the door to the garden.

"What are you looking at?" Byakuya asked.

"Letting your son know that he is not old enough to go outside by himself," Gin said as he turned around hold their son Ginrei in his arms.

Byakuya sat up in the bed with his arms out wanting to hold little Ginrei. Gin walked over and placed Ginrei on the bed. He crawled on the bed toward the waiting arms. Byakuya picked him up and smothered him with kisses until Ginrei started to giggled.

"Are you ready for today?" Gin asked as he got back in the bed with the both of them. He gave Byakuya a kiss as he watched Ginrei search for Byakuya's breast. Byakuya assisted him by opening his pajama top. Gin placed a pillow under Byakuya's arm so that Ginrei could find a comfortable position in Byakuya's arm. Gin always loved to look at the two of them when it came to that time. With the changes in Byakuya's hormones, they knew that Byakuya would develop breast during his pregnancy. It took his family and friends sometime to get used to seeing Byakuya body develop with breast and wide hips. His dark raven hair grew longer which was now below the bottom of his back. Gin was glad when Unohana encouraged Byakuya to consider breast feeding the baby. He was uncomfortable at first but Ginrei seemed to settle down when Byakuya would breast feed him. With encouragement from Gin, Byakuya continued to have 'quiet time' with Ginrei.

"Yes, I am ready for today. I am not going to look back or have any regrets," Byakuya said as he looked at Ginrei sucking on his breast with his eyes closed.

Gin started to place more pillows behind Byakuya's back to give him support when he is feeding Ginrei. "Okay, I will not ask you anymore. I know that you are serious and that will be the end of this discussion with me." Gin smiled and gave Byakuya a kiss. Ginrei must have felt Gin close by because he reached out to Gin and grabbed his finger as to keep his close. Gin got very close the Byakuya. He laid his head on Gin's shoulder as both of them smiled their baby.

After a few moments, they heard a knock at the door. They heard a familiar voice. "Hey, I come to get my grandson so I can feed him some breakfast and get him ready for the day."

"Come in mama," Gin said. Aimi came in the room and saw Ginrei attached to Byakuya's breast.

"Look at him," Aimi said as Ginrei looked at his grandma and started to smile. He pushed Byakuya away and started to reach for Aimi. She held her hands out and grabbed Ginrei. She gave him kisses on his face until he started to giggle. "Tell your daddy you will see him later. Give him a kiss." Ginrei was held down low enough to give Byakuya a kiss. Byakuya leaned forward and accepted a kiss from Ginrei. Gin had worked his way over to give his mother a kiss and Ginrei a kiss too.

"Bye Bye baby," Byakuya cooed as the two left the room.

"Let's go and see your granddaddy. He's making breakfast this morning," Aimi said as she walked out of the room and down the hall.

Gin removed the covers off Byakuya and pulled him out of the bed.

"Time to get ready because Renji will be sitting out on the steps waiting for you," Gin said as he pulled Byakuya to the bathroom. Byakuya was pulling back. Gin pulled harder to make Byakuya fall in his arms. "Let's play house. We got a couple of hours before we have to be out of the house," Gin said as he got Byakuya close enough to kiss him and drag him in the bathroom for their shower.

"You better stop Gin, what if I am not in the mood?" He laughed as he closed the door.

After an hour, Gin and Byakuya came in the kitchen where Aimi was trying to feeding Ginrei. Everyone had on their 'kitchen robes'. These robes are for Ginrei because he is learning to feed himself. Most times Ginrei has food everywhere except his plate. He was in his high chair with mashed food all over his mouth, face and hair. He held out his hand with all the food on it to Byakuya. He leaned down and kissed his hand like he was eating what was being fed to him. Ginrei smiled and gave his daddy a kiss. Byakuya then sat at the table with Gin on one side and Ginrei on the other.

They loved the kitchen because it was one of the rooms that Byakuya built before they moved back to the Kuchiki Manor. After the incident with Keiko Toshiko, the kitchen in Gin's house became a gathering place. Since Kyoshi and Aimi decided to stay with them for a while, Byakuya wanted to make their part of the manor more family oriented. Since Kyoshi loved to cook, Byakuya made the kitchen smaller and got rid of the staff. Aimi wanted to stay and help Byakuya care for Ginrei, so Gin wanted a family room for them. Between the kitchen and the family room, they wanted to make the mansion more of a loving home than a place to live. When Rukia and her friends would come over to see her nephew, it always ended in the kitchen. Rukia and Byakuya started to have better relationship and Rukia started to understand Gin more.

"Are you ready for today, Byakuya?" Kyoshi asked as he placed a breakfast plate in front of Byakuya and Gin.

"I am ready. This is the day that Gin and I have been working for together. I trust Renji will do well.

About eighteen months ago (Flashback)

Since the fifth Division needed a captain, the commander asked that names be entered replacements. Byakuya took this opportunity to speak to the commander about his situation and leaving the Gotei Thirteen. The commander was very hesitant about granting Byakuya his wish unless he put his lieutenant's name as a replacement. After three months, the list was narrowed to the top three candidates. Renji's name was on top with Hisagi second and Kira third. The commander wanted Byakuya and Gin to be in charge of their training.

Later that day, he called Renji into his office. When Renji entered, Byakuya was standing, looking out of the window.

"Renji, I mean, Abarai fukutaichou please come in."

Renji came in the office and bowed to his captain. "You wanted to speak with me?"

"About three months ago, the commander wanted us to present names of lieutenants who we felt were candidates for captains," Byakuya continued to look out the window. "I placed your name in as a candidate to be considered." Byakuya turned and placed a book on his desks.

"You made the list," Byakuya stoic stance did not change, "in fact you were the top candidate. This book will help you in your studies for the captains' exam. I will help you prepare for the administration side, which you have a very good grasp of and my hus…. I mean Ichimaru taichou will assist in combat skills." Byakuya finally turned and looked at Renji who looked shocked and surprise. "Congratulations, Abarai fukutaichou." They both stood in silence for about thirty seconds. Renji broke the silence.

"Are you sure, I mean, thank you, no, no, I . . mean," Renji said, "Thank you, Kuchiki Ichimaru taichou." Renji bowed. As he walked to the desk, to get the book, he looked at his captain.

"Do you think I will have what it takes for Fifth Division Captain?"

"Renji, I place your name in because," Byakuya looked Renji in his eyes, "I want you to become the captain of Sixth Division."

"There is no way I can replace you."

"Renji, if I did not think you could do this, I would not have placed your name as a candidate. Besides," Byakuya place his hands on his small swollen stomach, "I am four months pregnant. I want to be home with my child." He smiled as he rubbed his hands over his stomach. "That is why I am wanted to help you. Gin is going to help also. But your friends, Hisagi and Kira, made it also. We will help them also. You were the strongest out of the three, so we were ordered to work with you first."

"So, if I am to be the captain of the sixth division, who get the fifth?" Renji smiled jokingly.

"Don't worry about it Abarai," a voice came from behind him said, "we got you now." Renji turned to see Gin standing in the door. Renji always wonder how he and his captain stayed together for so long. "Just you be ready for you training tomorrow. You be at the field before sunrise." Renji turned and got his book and bowed to both the captains as he left the room.

"Yeah, we both have been working on this. Renji will be just fine," Gin said as he got up after he finished his breakfast. Gin saw that Ginrei was getting sleepy. He cleared his plate from the table and picked up Ginrei from his chair. "Now little man, it is our quiet time." He placed his head on Gin's shoulder and closed his eyes as his back was being rubbed by his Poppa Gin. "Let's get you cleaned up for the day." They both left the kitchen. Aimi, Byakuya and Kyoshi continued to eat their breakfast and have small talk around the table.

After Ginrei's bath, Gin sat in the rocking chair with Ginrei in his arms. He hummed a lullaby as he rubbed his back. Ginrei had just closed his eyes when Byakuya came in the room.

"He's asleep," Byakuya whispered as he stroked Ginrei's cheek and leaned down to kiss Gin. Byakuya gently picked up Ginrei and placed him in the crib. Gin placed the blanket over him and they both kissed their baby and left the room.

Gin and Byakuya got dressed, kissed Aimi, hugged Kyoshi and were out the door. Renji was there to walk his captain to work. Gin kissed Byakuya and told him he would see him at the meeting. He had to go ahead to speak with Shuhei and Kira.

"Renji, please make sure he is not alone. If I find him walking alone," Gin smiled as he placed his hand around Renji's chin, "I will kill you." Gin continued to smile as he patted the side of Renji's face. He turned, winked at Byakuya and flashed away.

Renji looked at Byakuya. They started to walk toward the Sixth Division.

"Your husband is scary. Was he kidding?" Renji said as he kept close to his captain.

"He is just being overly protective and yes, he was just kidding, kind of," Byakuya said with sly smile.

They talked about the exam Renji took the other day and also about the vote that was to come up at today's meeting. They also talked about why his family moved to the mansion.

"Renji, you are to move in the third division captain's housing because the sixth division housing was always Kuchiki manor. Since we decided to move to the manor, the housing will be yours, I mean for sixth division."

As they came close to Sixth Division, Renji stated that he needed to pick up some paperwork but did not want him to be late for the meeting. Byakuya told Renji to go ahead. Ukitake and Kyoraku were walking by and told Renji they would walk Byakuya to the meeting since they were going to the meeting also.

The three captains walked towards the First Division.

"How is my godson, Ginrei doing today?" Ukitake asked.

"He is fine. He's trying to feed himself, and he walking more. Gin caught him trying to go outside to the garden this morning. He is becoming a hand full," Byakuya said as he smiled about the events this morning.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" Ukitake asked him.

"As I told everyone today, yes I am. Of course, I will miss it but my life has changed so much over the last year," Byakuya said.

"Besides, if this one is a girl, your life is going to change again," Kyoraku said and he placed a hand on Byakuya's stomach. "How much time before my godchild comes in this world?"

"I am in an 'any day' now. So after today, I am on bed rest," Byakuya said as he placed his hand on top of Kyoraku's hand. "Besides, Gin always joked about keeping me pregnant for five years but this one is the last one for a while. Ginrei got us on our toes already and when 'Gina' is born, I got a feeling we are going to have our hands full."

They continued to walk until they reach the meeting hall. Gin was standing outside with Renji, Shuhei and Kira. Gin saw the three captains walking toward him.

"Good morning, sirs," all of the lieutenants said as they bowed in unison. After they were acknowledged, Gin dismissed them.

"I guess I have to keep you moving," Gin said as he joked with Byakuya.

They were in the meeting room. Byakuya was sitting with pillows all around him to give him support. Gin was sitting next to Byakuya and Ukitake was on the other side. As the meeting began, both Gin and Byakuya could not vote because both were closely involved with Renji's training. They too were subject to questions. As the meeting progressed, Renji was asked in to take the oral examine and a Q&A section. After Renji was excused, they went over all their notes and it came to a vote.

After the vote, Renji was called back into the room. He stood in front of the group as Yamamoto announced the results.

"Renji Abarai; based on the result of all test taken," Yamamoto said, "I hear by accept your application for the position of captain of the Sixth Division."

At that time, Gin and Ukitake helped Byakuya get up. Byakuya took off his haori and assisted Renji with putting it on. Byakuya bowed to Renji and stood in front of the group. The commander spoke again.

"Byakuya Kuchiki Ichimaru, you have served the Gotei Thirteen well. You have assisted Ichimaru taichou with the training of our new captain and also with the continued training of Hisagi fukutaichou and Kira fukutaichou. I know that you have your reasons to resign your captain's position. It is anything I can do to stop your resignation?"

Byakuya looked at Gin then he looked at his hands that lay on his stomach. He smiled. He looked back at the commander. "No, there is nothing you can do to change my mind," Byakuya said as he rubbed his stomach.

"Byakuya Kuchiki Ichimaru, I hereby accept your resignation for the position of captain of the Sixth Division," Yamamoto said.

Byakuya smiled and was about to bow when Yamamoto continued.

"But, I will not allow you to leave the Gotei Thirteen. I will not allow you to seal your zanpakuto. You are one of our most powerful shinigami and you will continue to be a part of the Gotei Thirteen. We will not interfere with your decision, but when needed, we will call on you." Yamamoto cleared his throat before Byakuya could interrupt. "I hope that we never have to call on you. Byakuya Kuchiki Ichimaru, you are excused."

Byakuya looked at Gin as he bowed and walked out of the room. Sasakibe helped Byakuya with his shoes and escorted outside to where Aimi holding Ginrei. Kyoshi walked up to Byakuya to help him to the area they were waiting for him.

"What happened? You look upset," Kyoshi asked as he held Byakuya's hand.

"They let me go as captain but will not allow me to leave the Gotei Thirteen." Byakuya looked Kyoshi in the eyes. He looked in Byakuya eyes and saw how upset it made him. "I don't understand why?" He walked him over to Aimi who was patting the back of a sleeping Ginrei. Byakuya smiled as he was about to take him when Gin came out with the other captains.

"Hey Bya," he said as he cupped Byakuya face in his hands and kissed him. When he finished he looked into his eyes. "See the Soul Society is still standing even after I kissed you in public," Gin smiled as he thought how Byakuya said that if they ever kissed in public, all of Soul Society would fall into despair. He continued to look at Byakuya. He smiled widen as he looked deeper into his eyes. "It's time isn't it?"

Byakuya smiled and said, "This was supposed to be Renji's day. Not our day or her day." Byakuya looked and as he rubbed his stomach.

"Well, let's get you over to Fourth Division. Can you walk?" Gin asked as concern came over his face.

"Yes, I walked here, didn't I?" Byakuya said as he went into his stoic stance.

Gin told his parents. They all started to walk toward Fourth Division. Unohana, Ukitake and Kyoraku caught up with them. Kyoshi and Aimi told them that Byakuya is in labor and we are going to Fourth Division. Unohana went ahead and told them she would be there to meet them when they arrived.

Aimi, Kyoshi, Ukitake and Kyoraku walked behind Gin and Byakuya. Kyoshi held his sleeping grandson in his arms.

"Aimi, do you think they know?" Kyoraku asked in a low tone.

Aimi smiled and placed her arm in Kyoraku's arm. "All they know now is they love each other and they love their children. What they don't know how important their children are to the survival of the Soul Society."

"When the time comes, we will tell them," Kyoshi said as he hugged Ginrei. He looked at Gin and Byakuya walking ahead of them, holding hands. "For now, let them enjoy their life."