Chapter 1: Spring Break Planning

Taylor Swift was blasting from Rosalina's sound system in her basement. She and Kristina were dancing like little girls at a concert. They were waiting for the boys to come over so they could all plan the details for their upcoming vacation to New Orleans.

"Oh goodness, you guys look ridiculous." Thomas said, plopping himself on the huge leather couch.

"Aha, I wouldn't be laughing." Kristina said, as they each grabbed one of his hands and pulled him up. "Join the party!"

Thomas got up and started breaking it down with his two favorite girls. Even though Thomas and the girls didn't always get along, he was happy to have them around.

"Ohh man, where is the camera when you need it?" David asked Qaasim as they walked down the basement stairs, spotting Thomas with his arms around Kristina and Rosalina. They were all dancing together.

"Ohh shut up, don't make fun of him. You guys are next." Rosalina said, grabbing both of their hands and pulling them towards the dance party. The song changed to Miley Cyrus song, Party in the USA, and everyone started laughing and started to dance.

"Woo-hoo, party in the USA!" Alex shouted, running down the stairs and joining the party.

"Put my hands up, their playing my song and the butterflies fly away…" The gang sang, waving their hands in the air. Nat walked down the stairs and stared at his best friends. Thomas glanced over at Nat and stopped dancing, causing everyone else to stop. Rosalina quickly turned off the music.

"You guys are so weird I don't even know how to explain it." Nat smiled, shaking his head. "We probably should get going on these plans and crap. Coop can't make it because he's got a meeting or something so he said have someone write out everything."

The group all sat down on the couches and floor with Cooper's briefcase in the middle of them.

"So, who's gonna do the writing?" Alex asked everyone. All at once, they all pointed at Rosalina.

"What? Why me?" She asked.

"Uh, hello, you have the best handwriting!" David said.

"Ughh fine, give me the papers." Rosalina said. Nat handed her the briefcase and she opened, pulling out the papers inside. "Okay, first we need to decide what were selling at the concerts were doing."

The band spent all night planning their spring break vacation to New Orleans. They were crashing at Little Grace and Big Ella's new house and were having 2 concerts, with all the money going towards the victims of hurricanes. Everyone was so ready for the week to be over and was excited for the trip, especially Qaasim.