Chapter 13: Eventually

"It's beautiful." Rosalina said. The band was sitting on tip of the tour bus, which was parked at the lake. The sun was setting right in front of them.

"You're beautiful." Nat said, tightening his grip around Rosalina, who was sitting in between his open legs. She turned her head and they shared a quick kiss.

"Has anyone else realized that this trip has changed everything?" Cooper mentioned.

"Not everything Coop." Alex said.

"Well let's see, the destined to be together, I'll love you forever couple finally realized how stupid they were being and fixed things. The two people in the band we never thought wed be dating are now together. The baby of us all finally told off the loudmouth babysitter. The ladies man got his lady. The shy guy manned up and scored himself one on Hollywoods leading ladies. And me, I finally beat down Pinfield." Cooper said.

It's been one crazy week." Kristina said. Thomas had his arm around her.

"This week was made me finally realize the meaning of Eventually." David said, gazing at the sun set.

"That when youre having the worst day of your life, it will eventually get better." Qaasim said.

"That no matter what, everything will eventually work it self out." Alex said.

"That eventually, everything will go back to normal." Rosalina said.

"That eventually, your wildest dreams will come true." Kristina said.

"That eventually, you'll grow up to be who you wanna be." Thomas said.

"That eventually, your biggest goal will be a memory from the past." Cooper said.

"That the sun will find us all eventually." Nat said. "Because it's us guys. This week almost drove us apart from each other. And then Pinfield's rumor would have been true and we would have lost touch. I mean, look us, were so much different than each other."

"But, we all fit together perfectly, like the pieces of a puzzle." Rosalina said, smiling at her friends around her. She sat up and in between Nat and Alex, putting her arms around them. The rest of the group did the same.

"Grab your suitcase, pack your bag..." Nat sang, kissing Rosalina's cheek.

"Cause youre obviously lost..." Rosalina sang, tousling Alex's hair.

"And the sun will help you out..." Alex sang, winking playfully at Kristina.

"In the depths of your despair..." Kristina sang, leaning up against Thomas.

"When you're down and all about..." Thomas sang, fist pounding David.

"You can remember what I said..." David sang, punching Qaasim's shoulder lightly.

"On top of the world but what you see..." Qaasim sang, high fiving Cooper.

"Is not what's in you're..." Cooper sang, grinning at all his friends.

"And the sun will find us all eventually, eventually!" They all sang together.