AN: This is my first venture into the Merlin fandom, having just started watching it last week and then deciding to buy the first season and the first half of season 2 and watching them all in the space of two days. This also is a little different from my usual writing style, but I felt it would work for Merlin and Morgana. Hopefully you like it. :D


I wish for something more than you and me.

There is fire of pure gold in his eyes as he kisses her, his lips pressing with a desperate urgency she never knew he had. He is searching for something in her – salvation, she thinks – but there is nothing more she can offer than these meetings under the fading moon.

I wish that our love and hate was simple.

Her nails are scraping through his hair, biting into the scalp hidden beneath. He shivers at her touch because he is warm and she is cold and everything they were then and are now can only consist of contrasts. It is who they are; who they were destined to be, but they are drawn to each other by more than destiny or fate. No one had prophesised this; not even the seer whose kiss had sealed the unspoken treaty with her enemy, if only for these nights.

I wish we did not live in fear.

He whispers words of power and courage and magic; all the things she had never suspected he had when she was first drawn to him so many years ago. She whispers her own set of chants until their words mix and merge until the earth demands payment for their actions and lightning cracks the sky overhead and the rain pours heavy sheets down on them as their magic grows louder. They do not notice; they do not care – this is the only place they can be free.

I wish we were not ruled by Camelot.

Magic alights the kingdom as his hand curves her thigh; as her teeth sink into his shoulder, claiming her to be his and no one else's – not Arthur's servant, not magic's saviour, not Camelot's silent protector; just hers.

I wish for your unyielding love.

He cries her name within a hush of power, and the air crackles around her as their eyes pierce gold as they stare into each other's soul; trapping them in a moment as everything is laid bare. He kisses her then with less urgency than before; just a sweet simple kiss. It is something she feels she has no right to be given from him, but no matter how much she pushes him, it is only his love burning her as a tear slips from her eye.

I wish for forever.

They dress quickly, silently, avoiding each other's eyes because they must not let gold burn within them. It has had its time and they cannot afford the temptation a look could give. They are meant to be enemies, each standing on the side of magic but a different ruler separating them from uniting together; from ruling over everything with gold glorifying their never-ending reign. She knows of the wonders they could do; she has seen it in her visions, but he would never betray Arthur...he would never betray Camelot. Not like she has.

I wish for no more goodbyes.

She watches him as he departs on the road to Camelot and crosses her arms, hoping to push away the chill his absence has brought. He cannot help but look over his shoulder at her one last time as words stick in his throat.

He turns, and her jaw clenches.

"Morgana..." He begins, and there is something in his eyes – something other than gold of magic and blue of everything else – that tells her everything she needs to know.

I wish...I wish...I wish...

"I know Merlin," She says softly, a sadness tingeing her tone, "I know."

Our wishes are not meant to be.


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