It had been a long week for the Legion, the Dominators had hijacked a cruiser full of tourists to use as hostages in an attempt to provoke another full blown war with the U.P. yet again. A week of minor crisis after another, almost no privacy other than a quick nap here and there. The team had debriefed, then quickly grabbed and ate food they couldn't recall before Querl and Kara headed for their quarters. It was mostly mental and emotion fatigue then physical. They were barely able to shower standing up, making it back it bed together and passing out in each others arms.

Hours later they woke up refreshed and hungry. Those who had been on the team had been given the couple of days off. So Kara felt like dressing casual in a blue sundress with spaghetti straps and short blue boots and to please her Querl dressed casual too in matching long sleeved shirt, blue jeans and shoes. His force field belt hidden under the small illusion of a leather belt. They started to step out to eat in the Legion mess hall. He let her go first and admired the way her hair bounced and her hips swayed and decided food could wait for awhile longer.

Just as soon as Kara stepped into the doorway Querl suddenly grabbed her arm and pulled her into his chest as the door slid open and pulled both of them into the bedroom she had just left. Her breath quickened as soon as her back came into contact with his chest and she could feel every delicious muscle, feel his breath against her neck. The sound of the door moving back into place caused her pulse to quicken and she became aware of him as a man more than she had ever done before. Damn, he was hard.

The sound of him unbuttoning his shirt snapped her out of her thoughts and she felt his breathe move from an area on her head down to her neck and it started to become difficult for her to catch her breath. When his lips touched her neck she lost the ability to breathe for a few minutes so she couldn't move while his lips went down her neck, couldn't even think as his lips explored her neck and rose to her chin and behind her ears.


The whisper sent a shiver up her spine and it snapped her out of her daze and she started to struggle against his hold only to let out a shriek of surprise as his hands found their way underneath and lifted her dress up and started to climb. She meekly struggle to get out his grasp. However it was hard to break free from his grasp as every stroke of his hands was causing her breath to quicken even more making it hard for her to find her strength as she lost the ability to think completely.

His hands had found her breasts and at the first touch the sensations she had been feeling intensified leaving her completely breathless for a few seconds and her strength just left her. His hands then began to massage and pull at them making wonderful sensations spread through her whole body and a feeling of pressure start to build in between her legs. The only thing she could do was squirm and rub up against him as he continued to massage her which in turn had her feeling his hardness up against her back; she let out a little gasp knowing exactly what it was and a pool of heat suddenly flared between her legs. She heard him pull an in take of breath and she continued to rub and squirm against the very spot that was making her hotter and hotter. His hands stopped and pulled away from her and she whimpered in protest only to have those same hands grab her waist roughly and turn her around and gently shove and pin her into the door.

The gasp of surprise that escaped her mouth was cut off by a thrust of his wet mouth into her mouth. Her own tongue was dueled with his and when he pulled away she was left gasping for air and for more, he was only happy to oblige and she let out a moan of satisfaction as they continued their duel. His hands started to climb up underneath her sundress again, starting to slip it off, leaving her nothing on but panties and boots. She arched her back as his hands stroked and glided across her skin and when they pulled away she actually reached out to grasp his hands and pull them back only to stop at the feel of fabric finally slipping off and the rush of cool air against her heated skin. She went to protest only to have it stopped by his mouth claiming her left breast and suckling it. She let out a moan at the waves of pleasure coursing through her body and the pressure starting to build and build but his mouth and hands left her and she protested and squirmed to try and get him back.

Kara's protests were cut short as a finger suddenly stroked her between her legs causing her whole body to jerk at the new sensation and her mouth was caught by his as he started a steady rhythm. Her whole entire body was now completely on fire as both his mouth and finger built the already burning pressure up so much she was whimpering and begging him for release in between their moments for air. When Querl finally pulled away she was left with no feeling in her legs and he caught her before she fell on the floor, she looked up at him with heavy lidded eyes and she saw his smirk, the smug look of satisfaction at her reaction. She tried to say something only to have his mouth silence any attempt at speaking and both his hands went underneath her panties and slowly slid it down her legs to slowly slide her soaked underwear off.

She looked at him and their eyes met and held and she could see the burning desire in his incredibly sexy eyes. Her gaze lowered to his mouth and she felt her self get even hotter at the memory of his skillful mouth. She watched a smirk appear and her eyes went back up to meet his as he stepped in between her legs loosening his jeans as he went to free his hard, throbbing member. He grabbed her legs and wrapped them round his waist and he pushed himself slightly into her. She arched her back and she tried to lift her hips to take him even more but his hands gripped her tightly to pin her in place. She cried out and pleaded with him to give her more but he held onto her firm and she looked at him.

"Kara I want you." And with that he pulled away then pushed his hips forwards sending his shaft deep into her.

All while pulling Kara up against his body, spreading her apart. Her hands clung to his waist, her mouth still fastened to his shoulder, as he pushed her body back against the wall and plunged into her again. Querl leaned against her, wanting to go as far inside her as he could get. He stood panting, for a moment, savoring the feel of being enclosed by her, enjoying her feelings, of being so full, so stretched. He exulted. She moved against him, trying to get him started with the rhythm she wanted, no, needed now. She whispered his name against his shoulder. He began to rock against her, pulling out, thrusting in, meeting her own movements, flame running through them.

Leaning backwards, pulling her toward his face and burying his tongue against hers. Kara moaned loudly, writhing as he grabbed her hips and pulled her closer so that she was crushed against his face. It only took him a few minutes to make her scream at him, clutching handfuls of his shirt in an effort keep herself upright. When Querl's tongue ceased, he slid further finding a soft breast to fill his mouth, hands working to remove his jeans at the same time. When he was free, his hands circled her waist, pulling her against him, thrusting up at her, filling her up again, fast and hard. She cried out, clenching against him, driving him up, up, as he thrust against her again, feeling her all around him, wet, feeling himself inside her, hot. He moved his mouth to the other breast, pulled hard at the nipple, felt her begin to slid over the high edge into ecstasy, thrusting up and letting go to plunge them both into the melting heat.

Kara lay collapsed against him, totally and completely relaxed. She was sure she did not have an unmelted bone in her entire body.

"Wow!" She whispered hoarsely against his shoulder.

"Well, Um!" stuttered Cosmic Boy, as he looked at the Daily Planet reporter standing beside him. As they stood in the Legion lab, just outside of the door to Brainiac 5 and Supergirl's living quarters. "It appears their busy at the moment Ms. Blackheart."

"Apparently," Ms. Blackheart manage to get out, "This is an impromptu interview being done on the spur of the moment. There was no way for them to know I was coming here." Ms. Blackheart wore nerdy black horn rimmed eyeglasses over her ruby red eyes and her silver-white hair done in a tight bun to help give herself a stern professional uptight look for interviewing purposes but even Rokk could see there was steam behind her eyeglasses.

"Perhaps we should go to the mess hall and see who's there," Cosmic Boy offered.

"Yes," Ms. Blackheart said quickly and they left the legendary Legion lab.

They walked by a supply room on the way to the mess hall.

"Oh! Yes! To the right Blok," cooed a light feathery voice that could be heard in the hallway. "Now slowly to the left."

"Yes, Mysa," came Blok's gravely voice.

"Now down and around in a slow circle," said the White Witch. "Oh, Blok you do have the touch!"

"Why thank you Mysa," Blok said.

Cosmic Boy and the Daily Planet reporter Ms. Shoria Blackheart scurried away as fast as they could down the hall.

A moment later the White Witch and Blok stepped out carrying supplies for the mess hall.

"My shoulder feels much better after your little massage Blok," Mysa said while she adjusted her grip on a package in her hands.

"You had twisted it, lifting for the spices," Blok said. "I wanted to help."

"Maybe I can return the favor sometime soon," the White Witch said too casually, "Perhaps smooth your back with a file or do you prefer fine or course sandpaper?"

"I...I...I..." If Blok was human he would have been blushing a deep red.

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