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Lise sighed unhappily as she laid down on her bed after having puked out half the contents of her breakfast yet AGAIN.

'Danm pregnancy symptoms' she thought bitterly 'Damn morning sickness- stupid thing's supposed to be only for the first 3 months and it's my fourth!'

There was a light knock at the door.

"Honey I heard coughing, are you alright?" Jinx called from outside.

Lise sighed wearily.

"'M 'kay mom, I'm alright" she mumbled.

Her mother was not fooled. Jinx came in smiling weakly.

She helped Lise clean up and then gave her daughter a few pills, Lise laid back on her stomach.

"I hate this" she grumbled "it's unfair"

"Oh honey it'll pass" Jinx said soothingly rubbing her daughter's somewhat bigger stomach "I used to get it all the time as well you know?" Jinx said and then she chuckled lightly.

"What?" Lise demaded seeing nothing funny about her current condition.

"I used to think it was the worst imaginable as well- only- well I don't know why- but it was harder with Kyle than it was with you or even Speranza and Valete and you'd think THEY'D be the most difficult"

Jinx caressed her daughter's messy hair all sprawled on the pillow, Lise quickly averted her mother's eyes, she knew what she would see in them:

Love. Pain. Disgust. Anguish. Dissapointment and not-so-nice others...

"Maybe because boys are so cruel and heartless to us girls from the moment they exist" Lise mumbled darkly (A/N: Please guys I mean no offense I'm on Jinx's side on this one)

"Oh honey" Jinx sighed "Not all guys are like that"

"Speak for yourself" Lise said angrily.

"There, there Lise- you can't generalize like that just because of something ONE man did to you" Jinx replied.

"Yeah, YOU should know" Lise said "Mom! Look what he did to me! The jerk was dating another whore along with me and then when I turn pregnant from HIS baby- he runs away saying he doesn't want a kid."

"Now see here Lise" Jinx said firing up at once "This is not only his fault- it's your own too- had you listened to your father and me you wouldn't be in this mes- so now don't go blaming the guy for something YOU made a mistake on, something YOU did"

"Oh yeah mom- blame me! As if I could help myself and do anything better- surrounded by the same example all around- hell you and dad are the worst example POSSIBLE!" Lise screamed.

"Don't you get your father and me into this lady!" Jinx snapped back.

"Why not? It's true! And you know it!" Lise fired back "If you don't like the truth then fine, live a life full of lies but don't expect ME to be a part of them!"

"Ahh! You're impossible" Jinx screamed back at her daughter

"So are you!" Lise retorted.

"Sometimes I think your father is SO right!" Jinx yelled back at her.

"Then FINE!" Lise screamed back "Think like him! Do like him! Throw me OUT! I don't CARE!" and once her mother was out she slammed the door on her face.

Lise sank back into her bed weeping bitterly.

'Fine' she said in her mind 'Fine, if my own father and mother don't want me here then there's no reason to stay' and with that said she began packing her things.

As she gathered up her stuff Lise thought back to the day she'd told her parents about her pregnancy.


I-I-I'm pregnant" 16 year-old Lise stammered to her parents that night.

"No!" Jinx and Kid Flash cried outraged.

"You're just sixteen for crying out loud! You're just sixteen!" Kid Flash fumed and he slapped her.

Lise cried even harder, knowing she deserved the pain, had she listened to her father she would not be in this mess.

"Who is the father?" Jinx asked coldly.

"Bryce. And he dumped me when I told him" Lise said...

End Of Flashback

Lise finished packing her stuff, Speranza came in

"Hey Lise have you seen my-?"Speranza stopped dead in her tracks, wide eyed at the suitcase on the floor.

"W-what are you doing?" she asked fearfully.

Lise sighed she hadn't been planning on running into her younger sister.

"Look Speranzana- I'm leaving okay? I don't belong here- not anymore, dad doesn't want me here, mom doens't want me here, nobody does Sissy, understand? I've got to leave" Lise said using her sister's pet name "Sissy" which she had invented.

"No- no you're doing this because of dad, I know you are! Don't listen to him! When he's calmed down he-" Speranza stopped mid-sentence because her sister wa sadly shaking her head.

"No Sissy it DOESN'T work that way, and you know it as well as I do- after I have the baby dad will hate us both and I don't want my kid to be in a place where nobody loves him"

"I'll love you both" Speranza said tearfully. Lise smiled and ruffled her sister's hair.

"Yes but just this once that doesn't make a difference- I need to leave" she said.

"No, no you don't" Speranza said backing away "I won't let you" she cried louder and then she hollered


"YOU STUPID BRAT!!" Lise screamed and pushed her sister so hard she fell to the floor.

Jinx and Kid Flash came running to Lise's room.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?" Kid Flash roared at her, it was the first time he'd spoken to her in four months.

Kid helped Speranza get up, she left the room, tears streaming down her face.

"You ingrateful little bastard!" Kid shouted and grabbed his other daughter rather harshly by her arm "You should have left when I first said so!"

"The fine!" Lise shouted jerking free if his hold "I know you don't want me here! Mom doesn't want me here! Nobody does! So fine! Good bye!" and she dashed out the front door....

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