Eternally Yours.

Summery: The gang decide to spend Christmas in Gardenia; however Stella is not sure of the whole experience and tries to find happiness in the holiday.

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Note: Despite the summery this story is about all couples! From now until Christmas I aim to post a chapter a Day until Christmas Eve, it could work or fail, let's see shall we!

Chapter 1, Persuasion

It was the first of December in Gardenia, the girls were all planning on leaving Earth behind and going back to Magix, but for some reason something kept on stopping them, there was something about using magic on Earth now that made them want to stay.

Bloom was standing in her room looking at a calendar in her room, she paused and looked at it, it was the first day of December today, and in twenty four days it was going to be Christmas.

Bloom hadn't spent a Christmas at home for years; Christmas on Earth was so magical, everyone went round with a smile on their faces, the streets and houses were decorated with festive lights and decorations and the excitement of Christmas shopping too was fun.

But what would it take for Bloom to convince the other girls to stay on Earth for Christmas? Christmas was a realm wide celebration, so she was sure that the girls were going to go home for the Christmas holidays.

Right now they were still staying at Love and Pet, even though it went out of business long ago they still stayed there because it was the only place that could home all six of them, and the boys occasionally.

Bloom walked into the small living room where she saw girls doing they're normal things, Flora was watering some plants, Musa was listening to music, Stella was sorting through some clothes that she had bought and Layla was watching a dance show on TV.

Bloom decided to take action, "Girls. How would you felt if you spent Christmas here on Earth?"

The girls all looked up, "Why do you ask?" Flora asked.

"Well I think it would be awesome if we all spent Earth here, together as the Winx Club, I mean Christmas on Earth is beautiful and I've never really gotten to experience Christmas with you girls because whenever Christmas came around at Alfea everyone went home and left me on my own for Christmas". Bloom told them.

"Well we left you with presents!" Musa told her as she put her headphones back in.

"That's not the point, Christmas isn't about the presents, it's about being with the people you love, and I want to spend it with you girls" Bloom said.

The girls all groaned and looked away, "Oh come on" Bloom cried out, "We can have a traditional Christmas, with a proper Christmas dinner together and we can buy presents for each other and watch the town lights get switched on, I'm sure if we asked the guys they would join us too".

Flora stood up, "Well I'm in for it Sweetie, we can make it good I'm sure".

Bloom smiled at Flora, "Anyone else?"

Tecna turned around from her computer, "Go on then, a traditional Christmas sounds like fun".


Musa took out her headphones, "Well if you're in I'm in" She said.

The girls then looked at Layla, "Ok, I'm in too" She said, the girls all knew that she was very sceptical on returning to Tides after Nabu's death.

"Alright!" Bloom cheered, "So we're all in for Christmas-."

"Count me out".

The girls all looked at Stella who was sitting crossed armed in a chair.

"What?" Tecna asked.

"Count me out, I'm not too big on Christmas" Stella explained.

"Why?" Bloom said, "Stell it won't be the same without you there".

"I've just got some bad memories of Christmas that's all, I haven't celebrated it since I was a kid" Stella told them.

The girls all gave Stella questioning looks and she sighed.

"Ok, well when I was eight I used to get all excited for Christmas knowing that Santa would come and visit and all that junk" Stella started.

"You got freaked out from a scary Santa didn't you?" Musa interrupted.

"No!" Stella snapped, "It was Christmas Eve, I remember sneaking downstairs to see if Santa had been yet, and well…let's just say I saw Mommy kissing Santa Claus".

"You saw your Mom kiss your Dad dressed as Santa?" Flora asked.

"I didn't think that kings would dress up as Santa" Musa sniggered.

"No, it was my Mother kissing someone that wasn't my dad dressed up as Santa" Stella explained, "After that it soon destroyed my family's marriage, that's why Christmas has always been bitter for me, its nothing but heartbreak".

Bloom hugged Stella, "Please Stella, stay with us, we promise if you do we'll make this Christmas special for you again".

Stella sighed, "I don't know because to you Christmas is all about fun and having a good time when to me it's about heartbreak and families being torn apart".

"Stella I'm sure Brandon won't be happy if you're not there to spend Christmas with him" Flora told her.

Stella furrowed her eyebrows and bit her lip, "…Fine" She gave in, "I'll stay".

The girls all cheered and hugged Stella, "Look we're going to forget about your bad experience and we're going to have a good time, ok?" Bloom told her.

The girls all nodded, and Stella sighed to herself, 'this is going to be a long month' she thought.

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