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Chapter 7 Eternally Yours

It was now Christmas Eve, the day was supposed to be full of festivities and happiness, however for Stella it wasn't. She awoke the next morning looking very miserable.

She had no idea what to think anymore, Brandon was off with some beautiful girl while she was here crying about what happened yesterday, slowly she sat up and looked outside her window, she saw all her friends outside, looking happy, Stella had told them to go off and have a good day without her. She knew that without Brandon there she wouldn't be happy at all.

She shivered and pulled a blanket around her and cuddled back down on her bed.

She didn't see why Brandon had to do that to her, if he didn't want to get caught then why would he start something on an earth girl and date where her friends were most likely to go.

And after hearing what she had to say about Christmas she thought that Brandon would have at least one nice bone in his body.

But apparently not.

Stella didn't even notice the sun set, it was drawing nearer and nearer to midnight, someone had once said to her that if you make a wish at midnight and if it starts to snow, then it would come true.

But she really didn't care.

Stella didn't notice the knock on her door either, Sky then walked in, not saying a word he walked over to Stella and placed a hand on her shoulder; Stella jumped up and looked at him.

"We need to talk" He said.

"If it's about me and Brandon, don't bother" Stella said turning away.

"It is" Sky said, "look Brandon didn't mean a word he said to you last night, the girls told me everything, he was just a little frustrated".

"What? With having two girlfriends?" Stella hissed.

"No!" Sky snapped, "With trying to find you the best present he could give you".

Stella looked up, "If he wanted to get me such a great present then why was he hanging out with a girl all day yesterday?"

Sky sighed, "You saw Melissa?"

"So you know her too?" Stella asked.

"Yes, I was the one that told Brandon to go to her" Sky explained.

"WHAT?" Stella cried out, "You're the one that did this? Sky I thought I could trust you but clearly not, what is it? Why did you do it?"

Sky stood up and pushed Stella back down on the bed, "NO!" He yelled, "Melissa is a jeweller".

Stella fell silent.

"She was helping Brandon find something special for you, and to get it at a good price too, she's a friend of Roxy's not his girlfriend" Sky explained.

Stella looked down at the ground, "Why…why didn't he tell me?"

"Because he just wanted it to be a surprise" Sky said, "He couldn't tell you about your present because he wanted it all to surprise you".

A tear fell out of Stella's eyes, she let it fall down her cheek before wiping it away.

"Look, Brandon didn't come home last night, he's gone missing, we need to find him and fast, we think he might be going back home" Sky said.

Stella gasped, "No…no he can't…I…I'm sorry".

Sky got up, "I think you should say that to Brandon, not me" he said before leaving.

Stella sat alone in silence trying to get her head around this, Brandon was leaving and she needed to stop him.

Quickly she grabbed her coat and scarf and sprinted out the door.

As Stella ran down the lit up streets of Gardenia she scanned them for Brandon, but there was no sign of him, she ran towards the big town centre with a huge TV screen on it with people saying their Christmas messages.

Stella passed it not bothering to look at it, when a TV crew member grabbed her, "Hey" He said, "Want to do a Christmas message to the one you love?"

"Not right now" Stella said trying to break away.

"Come on its fun" He said turning a camera on her.

"FINE" Stella snapped, "My wish…is to be with Brandon".

The man gestured her to continue, "I want to be with you Brandon, I don't know if you can see this but I love you, I didn't mean to start off yesterday but I didn't realize that you were doing all this to surprise me, I don't even think you deserve me, but…I'm sorry, I want to be with you so please…come back".

Stella's message was broadcasted all over Gardenia, far away Brandon saw it, not even thinking twice he spun round and chased back into the town.

Stella had left again and was running to try and find him, until…


She looked up and saw Brandon standing in front of her, Stella let out a small gasp; there in front of her and slightly out of breath was Brandon.

Not saying anything she ran over and hugged him, Brandon hugged her back and let he cry on his shoulder, he even let out a few tears he had been holding back.

"Brand I'm sorry, I'm so sorry" She sobbed.

"I know Stell, I'm sorry too" Brandon said kissing her forehead, "I shouldn't have shouted at you like that I just…I wanted to keep a surprise…I guess Sky told you"

Brandon slowly pulled out the necklace and handed it to Stella, she gazed at it and gasped, "It's beautiful".

"I knew you'd like it" Brandon said with a smile.

She looked on the back and saw a message 'I will always be Eternally Yours'.

Stella hugged him again, "I love you so much" She said with a smile.

"Me too" Brandon said, hugging her back.

The clock struck midnight and then two embraced in a kiss, and the snow slowly came falling down upon the two.

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