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Chapter 5:

"So, any idea how to call forth our children?" Akira asked the small group of travelers about her. She, Mai, Mikoto, and Shiho had agreed upon moving while discussing how to claim their children, since time was really running out.

"No," Mai and Shiho both answered, sadly, while shaking their heads lightly.

"Maybe," Mikoto said with a wide grin, "They'll show themselves if we ask them nicely!"

The three girls with Mikoto all glanced down at her with similar expressions, each one saying something along the lines of "that will never, in a hundred billion years, work". Mikoto didn't capture this though and continued to smile up at the taller girls. "I'll try it first!" she announced. "My dear child, will you please appear for me?"

All was still and silent.

"Child, if you don't come out now, you're grounded!" Mai said loudly, deciding to go along with Mikoto's idea since they had no other ideas.

Still, nothing stirred in the fields.

"Let's just keep moving, we'll find out eventually how to call forth our children."

After about thirty more minutes of walking, the four HiMEs heard singing. "What is that?" they all asked of each other in unison. Then, without words, they all started to run in the direction of the voice. As they drew nearer, the words started to become clearer.

"Who are lonely young girls in pain?

Just trapped in castle on dark side moon?"

"These are weird lyrics," Akira thought to herself.

"Twelve of them shining bright in vain,

Like flowers that blossom just once in years."

Wait- twelve of them? There are twelve HiMEs… is this song referring to us?" Akira thought in her head.

"They're dancing in the shadows like whispers of love,

Just dreaming of place where they're free as dove.

They've never been allowed to love in this cursed cage.

It's only the fairytales they believe."

"Never been allowed to love? Does that mean-"

"OH MY GOD!! THIS SONG IS TALKING ABOUT US!" Mai screeched once the song ceased. Akira glared at Mai for being so loud.

"Who's there?" The group of four stopped in their tracks after hearing a new voice.

"There they are, Miyu," they heard a young voice say. "Dispose of them, we can't have random traveler's knowing of this business."

"I don't think that they are random, Ojou-Sama."

"Who are you? What do want from us? Don't hurt me!" Shiho hollered to the air. "Please, I need to get to my onii-chan!!"

"Stop shouting, you'll hurt Alyssa-sama's fragile ears." While that was being said, two figures appeared before the adventurers.

Mai was flabbergasted. "Wha-how- where did you come from?!"

The grey-haired one replied. "We were here the entire time. We were just invisible to your eye, but we could clearly be heard."

The shorter one with yellow hair spoke next. "You do know that it's rude to eavesdrop, right?"

"W-we weren't eavesdropping!" Mai exclaimed, scared of the two newcomers before her. "We were j-just walking and we heard singing! And umm, it was beautiful singing by the way- PLEASE DON'T HURT US!!"

"We won't hurt you," said the small blonde. "Since you all seem to be who I think you are."

"Who do you think we are, then?" Akira questioned.

The girl with yellow hair smiled. "HiMEs, of course."

The four HiMEs looked at one another, each of them containing the same question in their heads. "How do you know about the HiMEs?" Shiho finally managed to question the blonde. "Are… you a HiME?"

The young child smiled. "I'm not a real HiME, though I was designed to be just like one."

"We have information on all of the real HiMEs," the girl with the cyan hair stated robotically.

"Do you know who our children are?" Mikoto interjected. This spiked the other HiMEs interests and they all stared at the odd pair before them.

The blonde girl smiled. "I do believe that we have that information. Don't we, Miyu?"

"Hai, Alyssa-Sama."

"Can you tell us?" Akira questioned Alyssa.

Alyssa shook her head. "This carnival is, in a sense, a competition. I am not permitted to aid any of the HiMEs, that would be cheating."

"What if you told all of the HiMEs what their children's names are?" Shiho spoke up.

Alyssa seemed to consider Shiho's question for a moment. The black clad child then nodded. "I suppose that if I were to give everyone an equal amount of information, then that would be fair. You would need to find a way of gathering everyone in one place, however. I do not feel like hunting each of the twelve HiMEs down."

Mikoto nodded with enthusiasm. "I'll gather everyone here right now, hm!" With that, Mikoto started calling out, "Would all of the HiMEs please come here now, pretty please?!"

Only a few seconds passed before Mai started to scold Mikoto. "Ora, Mikoto. You can't expect things to happen just because you ask nicely. Especially considering the fact that no one else is probably within ear shot!"

Mikoto shrugged. "I thought it was a good idea," she said.

Elsewhere, Midori Sugiura's stomach started to itch. "Nani?" she wondered aloud. When the itchiness failed to cease, the hyperactive woman decided to pause.

"This feeling," she wondered. "Could it be a form of telekinesis between HiMEs?" With this thought in mind, Midori called forth her machine-like child. "GAHH-KAHH-TE-NOOOOO!!!"

As Midori's child appeared, the red head hopped onto its back, shouting her orders, "Bring me to the nearest HiME!"

And she was gone in a flash.

Yukino walked timidly behind Nao, being careful not to trip over the younger girl's heels. This action proved to be difficult, since Yukino had larger feet to begin with and she was constantly tripping on seemingly nothing.

It was very silent between the two young women. They hadn't spoken to each other, aside from when Nao would bitch at Yukino for tripping over and over again. Yukino sighed, generally exhausted from the days events.

Suddenly, Nao spoke up. "There must be poison ivy or something around here, my hand is itching like crazy."

Yukino looked about, and saw no poisonous plants, or any plants for that matter other then trees and tall grass. "I don't think that's it, Nao-san," she timidly piped up while rubbing her elbow.

Nao noticed Yukino's scratching and her curiosity rose. "Are you itchy in just that one spot?" she questioned.

Yukino nodded. "Hai," she said. "Is it only the palm of your hand that is uncomfortable?"

"Yeah," Nao stated, pissed from the fact that she couldn't stop scratching her hand. "Do you think it has something to do with the HiME's?"

"It's the sign of the HiME mark!" came Nagi's voice. Within a few seconds, the albino man appeared before the two HiME's.

"Now what bullshit story are you going to tell us?"

"The itchiness is caused by your HiME mark. The feeling means that all of the HiME's are attempting to be formed together. In short, you have to meet with them soon."

"Umm, where are they all? Where are we supposed to meet with them?" Yukino voiced out to the white haired man.

Nagi shrugged. "Even if I know, I can't tell you!" Then, as suddenly as he had appeared, Nagi vanished.

Nao snorted. "What a worthless piece of crap," she said, referring to Nagi. Then, as she turned to her brunette comrade, she asked, "How do we know that this itchiness has to relate to the HiME's? What if it's just us?"

Yukino adjusted her glasses. "Well," she said, "First of all, Nagi-san informed us that it is related to the HiME issue. But, other then that…" Yukino then noticed something on Nao's hand. "Nao-san, may I see your hand for a moment?"

Nao was taken aback. "Nani? Why do you want to see my hand?" the red head asked while drawing her hand away from her fellow traveler.

Yukino pulled up her sleeve slightly, exposing her now red skin due to her scratching it. Miss Kikukawa showed her arm before Nao. "Does your hand have a mark like this?" she asked, gesturing to the swirled birthmark that rested on her arm.

Nao stared at the mark. "Y-you…" she stammered, bringing her hand up to compare it to Yukino's arm. "They… match." And, indeed, the two teenagers came to realize that they had identical birthmarks on their bodies.

After coming over the brief shock, Yukino found her voice once more. "So, I'm guessing that these are not actually birthmarks." Yukino's glass-covered eyes linked with Nao's unguarded ones. "They are HiME marks."

"Shizuru," Natsuki grumbled in a warning tone. "Would you stop tickling my back?"

Shizuru held a clueless expression on her face. "Ara, Natsuki? I don't understand."

Natsuki smirked. "Very funny, Shizuru," she stated flatly. "But seriously, it's a little too odd for me."

"Natsuki, I am not tickling you at all. See?" the honey haired woman held up her hands to convince the bluenette that she was innocent.

Natsuki could still feel a tingling sensation on her lower left back, however. "If… it's not you then… what is it?"

Shizuru squirmed slightly. Then she cracked a grin. "I think that Natsuki is pulling my leg," she said.

Natsuki's face grew red. "Nani, what are you saying? I'm not touching your leg!"

Shizuru shook her head. "I meant to say that I think that Natsuki is playing a trick on me. For I feel something tingly on my left side."

Natsuki looked puzzled. "I'm not tickling you, either."

Shizuru seemed disappointed and pouted. "Natsuki doesn't want to tickle me?"

Natsuki blushed yet again. "Shizuru!" the dark haired beauty exclaimed. "This is serious! If neither of us is tickling each other then what's going on?!"

"Natsuki, let me feel your back."

"This is not a time to feel me up!"

"I want to check your back for anything irregular," the Kyokan girl explained herself.

Miss Kuga looked embarrassed, "…Oh," she managed to get out. The younger girl was honestly surprised that Shizuru could act seriously for a moment.

Natsuki obliged, and allowed Shizuru to examine her backside. After a few moments, Shizuru seemed to have found something. "Ara, this is intriguing."

"W-what is it?" Natsuki asked.

"Kuga-san, you have a birthmark here that is very similar to one of my own," the older of the two stated, while showing her own mark to the fellow HiME.

Natsuki appeared bewildered. "Identical birthmarks? Could it be a sign of the-"

"HiME's," Shizuru ended.

As Fumi Himeno walked through the tall grass, she felt an itch on her right ankle. "There must be ticks present," she thought aloud, dismissing any concerns.

"Ticks, Himeno-san?" Yukariko questioned her companion.

Fumi smiled her charming smile and nodded. "Hai," she confirmed.

The nun looked hesitant for a brief moment. "But, my neck itches. Wouldn't that be a sign of flies, not ticks?"

The pink-haired lady shrugged. "Either way, I'm sure it is nothing." Then, a thought suddenly appeared in the young maid's mind. "Actually, Mashiro-sama did mention something like this." After this statement, Miss Himeno worked hastily on removing her shoe.

Yukariko gasped at the sudden halt in their movement. "Himeno-san?" she questioned the fellow HiME.

Fumi continued to examine her ankle, until she found what she had been searching for. "There it is!" she exclaimed. Then, facing Sister, she sweetly demanded, "Yukariko-san, can I have your permission to examine your neck?"

Yukariko was shocked, to say the least. "W-why?"

Fumi smiled again. "See this mark on my ankle?" she asked, gesturing toward her uncovered foot. Yukariko nodded in response. "This, I believe, is a HiME mark. Each HiME has one somewhere on their body. If my suspicions are correct, your mark should be on your neck, seeing as how that is where you are feeling uncomfortable at the moment."

The nun gave a hesitant nod toward the other HiME, and soon it was revealed that Yukariko, too, had a swirled mark on her neck. "So, all of the HiMEs have this birth mark?" Sister Yukariko tried to clarify.

Fumi smiled sweetly and nodded, "Hai. And I believe that we should all be gathering somewhere right about now."

Yukariko stood still, slightly shocked by Miss Himeno's knowledge on the subject. "Did Mashiro-sama tell you everything about these events?" she questioned the pink haired lady.

Fumi grinned yet again. "She just gave me subtle hints." With that, Fumi took a hold of Yukariko's hand, "Let's try to find them, neh?"

Akane plopped down on the grass beneath her with her iPhone in the palm of her hand. The teenager started to press buttons rapidly, trying desperately to obtain some type of signal.

"No, please work!! I have to get to… Kazu-kun…." All of a sudden, Akane heard strange (and, not to mention, loud) noises from behind her. Turning around, Miss Higurashi witnessed a blinding light, and was forced to shield her eyes.

A few seconds later, the light dispersed and Akane was able to look up again, only to see Midori standing before her. "Darn, you're the closest HiME?" the red head questioned while searching about herself for other HiMEs.

Akane just continued to sit on the ground, her mouth agape. The young woman was too surprised to respond properly.

Midori shrugged. "Oh well," she said. "I guess now I have a companion to travel with."

Akane, though she still had trouble forming words at the moment, found her voice. "Wh- I… where- what?"

Midori raised an eyebrow at Akane's odd statement. "I'm trying to find all of the HiMEs right now because I think that we're all supposed to be having a meeting," the taller of the two explained.

Akane seemed to have recovered from her previous shock and was able to form a coherent sentence. "What makes you think that we're all supposed to be meeting?"

"Aren't you itchy near a birthmark-type thing?" Midori questioned.

Akane was puzzled. "Can you answer a question with a question?" she asked.

Midori shook her head, "We're getting off the subject," she stated then. Midori then pointed down at Akane. "You are a HiME," she stated. Then, pointing to herself, Miss Sugiura said, "I am a HiME. As HiMEs, we have a few things in common with all of the other HiMEs, too. This similarity is something that I refer to as a 'HiME mark'. This HiME mark is proof that you are an authentic HiME and is located somewhere on a HiME's body. This mark resembles a common birthmark, except for the fact that it has a peculiar swirl-like shape to it. My HiME mark is located on my stomach, where I am currently itchy. Therefore, I will assume that wherever you have an itch at the moment is where your mark is located."

Akane only blinked.

A sigh escaped Midori's lips. "Fine, if you won't say anything, I'll just have to check you for that mark."

"NO!" Akane blurted out suddenly, surprising the red head. "I'll look for it myself," Akane then stated, more calmly.

Midori placed her hands on her hips. "No need, it's on your back." And, indeed, at that moment, Akane felt an itch develop on near her left shoulder blade.

"How did you know?" the brunette asked.

Midori Sugiura shrugged, her hands now placed upon her head. "Lucky guess?" she offered. "Well, we need to get going," after saying that, Midori called forth her child. "GAHH-KAHH-TEE-NOOO!!!" she hollered, scaring Akane.

As the robot-like creature appeared, Midori wasted no time in climbing on top of it. The hyper woman then offered her hand to Akane, "Hop on," she said. "We need to find the others."

Akane stared apprehensively at the large animal, but then decided that she could trust Miss Sugiura and, within a few moments, the two HiMEs teleported away.

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