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Oh Shit. Oh Shit. Oh Shit. Oh Shit. Oh Shit. Oh Shit. Oh Shit. Oh Shit. Oh Shit. Oh Shit. Oh Shit. Oh Shit.

I am not afraid of a bunch of girls. I am not afraid of a bunch of girls. I am not afraid of a bunch of girls.

"We don't like you, Puck" Rachel said bluntly

"I like Puck" Brittney said airily

"No you don't" Santana said slowly, trying to help her best friend to understand

"I don't like Puck"

Everyone shot Brittney a look and sent their attention back to Puck.

"We don't like you" Rachel started again "And frankly you don't even deserve Kurt's time"

"So listen up" Quinn said "Kurt's happy with Charlie. Ecstatic in fact. And if you break them apart I will shove my foot up your ass so hard you'll shit sideways."

"You hardly know the guy!" I scream at them

"We know him well enough to know he's better than you" Mercedes snarls at me.

"Look Puck" Tina said "We'll keep this easy for you; STAY. AWAY. FROM. KURT."

And with that they left me there, standing ad staring like an idiot.

I wake up the next morning a little groggy. It was out last day there. Tomorrow, at exactly 5 am we'd be boarding the buss and we'd be leaving this hell hole and stupid buttfuck Charlie.

I sit up from the couch , where I've been sleeping for the past days. As soon as we hit Lima, I'll start operation win Kurt back.

I inhale deeply, I could smell breakfast being cooked in the kitchen.

I stretch a little and get up, my back screaming in pain. Stupid couch. Tonight, I don't care what Kurt thinks, I'm sleeping on the bed.

That's just an excuse to sleep right next to him

Shut Up.


"Oh, Hello Noah"

I tiredly looked up to see stupid Charlie and Kurt, wrapped in each other's arms as though they were just slow dancing moments ago, John Legend playing softly in the background. Kurt's cheeks were bright red. His smile the biggest I've ever seen. His eyes shining with love and happiness.

Stupid Craphead Charlie.

"Hey" I grumble back at them.

I don't get how Kurt could like this guy. I mean, look at him! Okay, so he's in college. Big deal? He's not even buff, I bet he doesn't even go to the gym.

"So Charlie" I say while grabbing some bacon they made "You watched the game last week end?"

"Sorry, No" HA! "I was a bit busy this week-end. I was at good will, helping at the soup kitchen"

I hear Kurt give a sigh of admiration, a sudden surge of hatred pounded through my body.

Stupid ass Charlie.

I take an angry bite at my bacon and instantly I swoon. This is the most delicious thing I've ever tasted.

"I see you're enjoying the bacon" Kurt said an amused grin on his lips "Charlie made them"

Stupid Charlie and his amazing bacon.

The group slowly tickles in, small talk being exchanged over some breakfast.

"Oh hey" Charlie says to the group. Everyone turns to him and giving him their full attention.

Stupid Charlie, the attention grabbing shit head.

"Since it's your last day here, why don't I give you a tour of the place?"

After a few minutes, it was agreed; we'd have the tour in the morning and swimming in the beach at the afternoon

All with stupid assface Charlie.

During the tour

Okay, Why did I do this again?

Oh, yeah. Cause Finn said it'll be fun

Fun my ass.

The whole damn tour Charlie and Kurt were holding hands. And sometimes he'd bend his head low and whisper something at Kurt's ear, sending him in a fit of giggles. Like they were a couple.

A couple

They weren't supposed to be a couple!

You don't have a right to get mad, a part of my brain argues, Kurt's not yours

I like him first!

Why can't you just let him go? He certainly gave you up. I mean, look at him, he's happy!

Go away!

They haven't kissed yet, have they?

So what if they kissed? That stupid part of him brain argues again It's not like you and Kurt are a couple

Didn't I tell you to shove off?

Tell me to get away all you want, It's not like Charlie will


The whole day, Charlie and Kurt turn from guy-I-just-met-days-ago to long-time-friends-turn-to–lovers. Even in the beach. While everyone was swimming, Kurt and Charlie stayed in the house, telling everyone that they had to stay indoors because they easily get sunburned.

Stupid shit head Charlie.

"You okay?" Finn asked as he plopped down next to me on my beach towel

"Yeah, Why are you asking?"

"Cause you've been muttering 'stupid fucking Charlie' to that hermit for ten minutes now"

"I haven't-"

"Don't lie to me. I've been watching you"

"I don't like him"


"Kurt just met him. He could be a murderer for all we know"

"I went to camp with him. He's pretty cool"

"To you maybe, but to Kurt" I give a long look at the house where Charlie and Kurt were at "You never know"

"You have to stop babying him" Finn said in such a gentle tone, I wanted to punch him "He can take care of himself"

"I dunno…"

"C'mon you guys" Brittney said going towards us and grabbing our hands "We're playing volleyball"

We played until night fall, where the girls tied us 30-30

"C'mon guys" Rachel said "let's get back at the house. I need to finish packing"

Living Room


We walked into the living room to see Kurt sprawled across the couch and Charlie on top of him, fully clothed thankfully, each kissing each other fervently

Stupid Mother Fucking Charlie

They both broke apart as soon as they heard Mike

"I-er-hi" Kurt said, flushed yet smiling

Stupid Whore Face Charlie

"We were just-uhm" Charlie said, equally flushed "Watching TV"

"Whatever" Mercedes said, rolling her eyes "C'mon, we're making dinner. Heaven knows where Miss Pillsbury and Mister Schue are."

"I'll help" Charlie said immediately

"There's no need" Tina said briskly "You already did breakfast. Why don't you go to the porch or something?"

After 10 minutes of Kurt and Charlie leaving for the porch, I sneak into the living room, turn off the lights and sit on the chair that's near the door.

"Mmm" Kurt softly moaned "Charlie…"

"If you really enjoy it" Dumbass Charlie said huskily "Just say it and I'm yours"

"Puck!" Rachel called, drowning out Kurt's answer "Help us with the salad"

Dinner( Where stupid Charlie was invited)

During dinner, While I was arguing with Finn about fight club, Charlie stood up and softly tapped his glass with a fork

"Er-guys?" He said, getting everyone's attention. Everyone fell silent as Charlie turned to the person beside him. "Kurt, when we were talking yesterday, you said the only reason we can't be together is because of the distance. Well I called my professors today and they signed me up to a program called 'small town' where I go and study the theater program of a certain small town. And I've chosen Lima. SO for three weeks, I'll be staying in Lima. And I know that's not even near a long time but I really want you to give us a try"