Well heres a little drabble that I thought of when I was just laying around. It's not bee and Sam, so don't even go there.

When You Died

My best friend dies before my eyes

And the watery tears start to arise

I feel so helpless

For I feel like I didn't try my best

To save Sam from that Megatron pest

He is dead now, gone from me.

I want to go, but I am frozen

In shock.

It kills me to see all of their faces

So sad, so alone

Yet to see his face is worst of all

Pale and dull.

No life at all

Somewhere I am gone

He took a piece of me in that fall

The blow that killed all

Michaela is crying. Screaming his name.

I twist my face in a contort of pain.

My carburetor stops.

Oil doesn't flow.

They pump him of electricity

To get him back

But 2,3 shots

Doesn't do it at all

What can we do with out you?

My dear friend Sam.

You must know you are worth more

Megatron should die, for the way he took you

But I am too frozen to do so

Your parents scream

It grates the ears

You and Prime were the only to save

Only to help

Now you're both gone

What shall we do without you?

Prime can not live, without your magic

You were the only one to save

Yet here you lay

As still as a grave.

I hide my tears

Hoping you'll come alive

Before my eyes

Like as you died

Suddenly you jolt awake

And if I had a heart it would've braked

To see you alive and fully awake

"I love you"

You whisper to Michaela

She smiles

And whispers your name

You are here.

I couldn't be more glad.

My gears start running again

Oil pumps threw my veins

I see you stand on top of Optimus

You shout with your swing

And you bring back everything.

AWWWW!!!!! J Poor Bumblebee! But I want to remind you that this isn't BeexSam. It may sound like it, but they are just friends. Wouldn't you be heartbroken if your best friend died, RIGHT BEFORE YOUR EYES?? But if you want to think that it's Bee & Sam go right on ahead. I just didn't intend it that way.

- Calm-Waters