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AN: So one thought has always fascinated me. What would happen if Jocelyn got into some serious deep trouble? I'm thinking the kind of trouble that only someone who…well helped save the Federation and the whole damn planet, could get her out of. What would happen if she called McCoy for help? So here are the beginnings to my take on this. I'd love to see anyone else's. Let me know if ya'll are enjoying it, or just like the concept.

Hurt Me Bad, In A Real Good Way

Teris Xenite

"Paging Dr. McCoy, interspace transmission, origin Epsilon 8." Bones felt his body tense. Who on Epsilon 8 would be calling him? Particularly at this time of night? He made sure that he looked pseudo presentable, in that at least all of his bits were covered, and his hair wasn't standing straight up. He accepted the call and almost fell from his chair when he was greeted by Joanna's face. The splotches and puffy eyes told him that she'd been crying.

"Jo, baby what's wrong?" He tried to keep his voice calm, as he'd learned early on that showing how terrified you were just made your child freak out more and become even more incoherent.

"Daddy, they've got mommy, and she's hurt, and they won't let me see her, and they've said they're going to take me away." The sentence was punctuated with sobs and shaking shoulders.

His blood froze in that instant. His baby was stranded on a planet, and someone meant to do her harm. Oh hell no. "Don't worry baby, daddy's coming. Nobody is going to take you anywhere. I'll be there as soon as the ship can get there." I'll be there if Scotty has to push Warp 9. The video started to break up and he heard her hiccup. "Daddy loves you baby, I'm coming I promise. I'm coming to get you."

The screen went dark and after calling her name a few more times he punched the door frame, then he went to roust Jim. He had a feeling that he was going to need all the help he could get.


AN: Let me know if ya'll find this interesting. Also how do you think McCoy would react? Are we thinking southern gentleman or how do you like me now? Also, I'm coming back to writing after a hiatus, so I'll be working on those stories ya'll wanted updated real soon.